St. Barbe North
Anchor Point
Barr'd Harbour
Bartlett's Harbor
Bear Cove
Bird Cove
Black Duck Cove
Blue Cove
Brig Bay
Castor River
Chalker's Cove
Current Island
Doctor's Brook
Dog Penninsula
Eddie's Cove
Eddy's Cove
Flower's Cove
Forrester's Point
French Island Brook
French Island or Harbour
Gooseberry Island
Green Island Brook
Green Island Cove
Keppel Island
King's Cove
Lower Cove
Mistaken Cove
Nameless Cove
New Ferrole
Old Ferrole
Pidgeon's Cove
Point Riche
Pond Cove
Ponds River
Port aux Choix
Port Saunders
Poverty Cove or Sandy Bay
River of Ponds
Royne's Cove
Sandy Cove
Savage Cove
Seal Cove and Fish Island
Seal Island
Ship Cove
Shoal Cove
Spirity Cove
St. Barbe
St. Barbe Islands
St. Barbe's Black Duck Cove
St. John's Island
St. Margaret's Bay

We've attempted to include as many towns in the district as possible,
however it's inevitable that some communities will be omitted.

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