List of Vessels Insured in the Twillingate Mutal Insurance Club for 1880

From The Twillingate Sun, August 12, 1880

NumberVesselOwner or AgentTonsInsured ()
1Queen of the NorthEdwin DUDER45410
2GaspereauEdwin DUDER66600
3Phoebe JaneEdwin DUDER75280
4RabbiEdwin DUDER55170
5SulieanEdwin DUDER64430
6W.J. VickersonEdwin DUDER66400
7CyprusEdwin DUDER64580
8AbyssiniaEdwin DUDER49170
9RansomEdwin DUDER52210
10Lady GloverEdwin DUDER56515
11PorcupineEdwin DUDER60400
12VolunteerEdwin DUDER44260
13GreyhoundEdwin DUDER50450
14SearchEdwin DUDER77700
15GuerillaEdwin DUDER67615
16Lilly of the WaveEdwin DUDER40300
17BrothersEdwin DUDER49450
18William JohnEdwin DUDER31280
19LoyaltyEdwin DUDER47370
20TurtleEdwin DUDER44410
21Harriet AnneEdwin DUDER23110
22FlowerEdwin DUDER51460
23BillowEdwin DUDER16125
24AlmaEdwin DUDER26225
25HawkEdwin DUDER58240
26RoseannahEdwin DUDER21180
27SquirrelEdwin DUDER18100
28OrangeEdwin DUDER36290
29EmilyEdwin DUDER54400
30TrialEdwin DUDER19140
31RemnantEdwin DUDER34290
32LeaderEdwin DUDER37330
33Lilly JaneEdwin DUDER38300
34BraveEdwin DUDER28220
35Annie JaneEdwin DUDER34310
36DoveEdwin DUDER19120
37Wild RoverEdwin DUDER48430
38VictoryEdwin DUDER47320
39Mary JaneEdwin DUDER31200
40RestlessEdwin DUDER34300
41FlingEdwin DUDER35200
42IsabelEdwin DUDER33300
43LucyEdwin DUDER48430
44StarlightEdwin DUDER30275
45GlanceEdwin DUDER46420
46Sea SlipperEdwin DUDER33300
47MagnoliaEdwin DUDER21170
48Water LilyEdwin DUDER24216
49SunbeamEdwin DUDER35300
50OstrichEdwin DUDER33300
51Elfrida JaneEdwin DUDER22200
52NapierEdwin DUDER18120
53AnnabelEdwin DUDER36330
54SovereignEdwin DUDER29150
55DeltaEdwin DUDER33300
56LouisaEdwin DUDER17150
57British QueenEdwin DUDER48450
58Sea SlipperEdwin DUDER55500
59RangerEdwin DUDER69325
60PloverEdwin DUDER42350
61FloraEdwin DUDER59300
62GlideEdwin DUDER28260
63PrimroseEdwin DUDER33300
64BrothersEdwin DUDER48140
65SusannahEdwin DUDER24120
66Mary AnneEdwin DUDER36175
67Path FinderEdwin DUDER34310
68Nil DesperandumEdwin DUDER28250
69RoseEdwin DUDER22135
70Ocean TravellerEdwin DUDER28200
71Sir J. FranklinEdwin DUDER28170
72ErebusEdwin DUDER30250
73A.D.O.OWEN & EARLE49440
74RegentOWEN & EARLE36275
75Blooming QueenOWEN & EARLE55500
76IsabelOWEN & EARLE72600
77L.P. PondOWEN & EARLE50450
78Silver StreamJames BYRNE49450
79JesamineJames BYRNE63470
80PioneerMark OSMOND51560
81Brothers HopeMark OSMOND33300
82BrothersMark OSMOND2380
83PrinceMark OSMOND33300
84PrestoMark OSMOND44410
85Carrie AnnieMark OSMOND40330
86Spring BirdMark OSMOND38340
87Seven BrothersJosiah MANUEL48450
88BillowJosiah MANUEL65550
89BrothersJosiah MANUEL48420
90HenriettaJosiah MANUEL55510
91RoseJosiah MANUEL38360
92GladiatorJosiah MANUEL33300
93PerthJosiah MANUEL32300
94Wild RoverJoseph STRONG38345
95MinnieJoseph STRONG60550
96GeorgeJoseph STRONG49120
97CharlotteJoseph STRONG16100
98FortunateJoseph STRONG27250
99UnionJoseph STRONG37335
100AgnesJoseph STRONG20180
101TrialJoseph STRONG19150
102Ocean BrideJoseph STRONG28260
103ExperimentWilliam MURCELL26240
104W. MurcellWilliam MURCELL49300
105PrimaAYRE & MARSHALL52390
106BlossomAYRE & MARSHALL29250
107Lady BlandfordEsau BLANDFORD43400
108Royal ArchEsau BLANDFORD27190
109FortunaA. & J. BLACKLER39360
110Minnot LightHenry MOORES71640
111HiberniaN. CANTWELL Bros.32290
112NautilusW. GRIEVE & Co., 41350
113SistersBOWRING Brothers47400
114Light of the WestBOWRING Brothers50450
115Annie LauraJ. COLBOURNE39240
116LassieRobert SCOTT65600
117Guiding StarRobert SCOTT38350
118DoveRobert SCOTT24100
119CarolineB. SNELGROVE & Sons40370
120AimeB. SNELGROVE & Sons42390
121SistersB. SNELGROVE & Sons38200
122Jolly TarB. SNELGROVE & Sons26220
123AnnieB. SNELGROVE & Sons35320
124FavouriteB. SNELGROVE & Sons24225
125LibertyB. SNELGROVE & Sons39360
126Hannah AnnieB. SNELGROVE & Sons43300

Signed: William LETHBRIDGE, Secretary.