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Green's Harbour Anglican Cemetery


Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by BETTY WEIR. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
James Mitcham Died Dec. 30 1875 Age 57yrs.
Emma Mitcham  Died Dec. 21 1886  
Caroline Mitcham  Died Nov.18 1889  
Emma Mitcham April 18 1896  
William Mitcham Oct.29 1898 Age 45yrs.
Sarah Mitcham  Dec.29 1907 Age 46yrs.
Albert Mitcham Jan.1 1919 Age 37yrs.
Robert C.Reid  1886--1970 Husband of Bertha
Bertha Reid 1888--1987 Wife of Robert.
Enoch Reid Died Nov. 19 1925 Age 73yrs. Husband of Ada Ann Reid.
Ada Ann Reid Died May 21 1939 Age 86yrs. Wife of Enoch Reid.
Enos Reid  Died Aug.28 1952 Age 73yrs.Husband of Mary Reid.
Mary Reid Died Oct. 19 1924 Age 42yrs.Wife of Enos.
Dorothy L. Mitcham  Jan.8 1919 Age 6yrs.
George E. Mitcham Jan.22 1919 Age 3yrs.
Fred Mitcham Nov.10 1921 Age 33yrs.
Ellen Mitcham Dec.7 1921 Age 9mts.
Philemon Harnum Died Dec.24 1932 Age 79yrs. Husband of Maryann.
Noah Hillier Died Jan.20 1955  Age 74yrs.
Sarah Jane Hillier Died Jan. 25 1967 Age 85yrs.Wife of Noah.
Martin S. Rowe Died Sept.8 1933 Age 74yrs. Husband of Dorcas.
Dorcas Rowe Died May 29 1953 Age 93yrs.6mts. Wife of Martin Rowe Sr.
Chesley Rowe  1920--1920  
Reta Rowe  1939--1939  
Pollyann Harnum Died Mar.4 1926 Age 55yrs. Wife of Eleazer
Harold Eleazer Crocker  1927--2002 Husband of Nita Crocker
Victor Crocker  1909--2001 Husband of Minnie B. Crocker
Minnie B. Crocker 1909--1987  Wife of Victor Crocker
Edward D. Harnum Feb. 7 1914 Age 79yrs. Husband of Hester
Hester Harnum Died Sept.22 1914 Age 69yrs.6mts. Wife of Edward
Baxter B. Crocker Nov.20 1906--July 9 1963  
Annie Crocker Nov 3 1911--Mar.20 2001  
Meriam Harnum  died July 16 1916 age35 yrs.
Henry S. Bryant   1916 --2001  Husband of Lillian V
Stephen George Bennett   died June 25 1914 54 yrs.old  husband of Mary Hannah
Joseph Crocker   died May 4 193281 yrs.old husband of Sarah
Samuel Harnum  died  Feb.4 1952 age 68yrs  husband of Florence
James Harnum  died April 1926 age 57yrs  Father of Walter
Joshua Crocker  1883--1943   husband of Violet
Violet Crocker   1887--1940  wife of Joshua
Lillian Crocker   1919--1935  daughter of Joshua & Violet
Reginald   6mts. of age no date given  Grandson of Joshua & Violet Crocker
Daisy Harnum Born July 16 1903 --Died July 5 1939  
Penniah Rodgers   1881--1868  wife of John Harnum & John Rodgers
John Harnum  Died Nov.15 1922  Age 47yrs  Husband of Penniah (Harnum) Rodgers
Jasper Harnum  Died  March 8 1953  Age 52yrs.Husband of Eliza
Eliza Harnum Born  Sept 7 1906--Died July 12 1984  Wife of Jasper Harnum
Lizzie Bennett Died  June 2 1940 Age -32 yrs  Wife of Raymond Bennett
George W Roberts  1865--1950  
Howard Bennett  Died--July 22 1957 --12 yrs.  
Max Nelson Bennett Died--Nov.22 1955  Age-57 yrs.
Gerald Max Bennett Died--March 21 1941  Age 1 mt. son of Max Nelson Bennett
Mary Hannah Bennett Died--Nov.18 1941 Age 75yrs. Wife of Stephen Bennett
Albert Rowe Sr.   1896--1993  Husband of Winnie
Winnie Rowe  Born April 21 1900-- Died--Nov. 14 1971  Wife of Albert Rowe sr.
Lloyd Rowe  Died--July 15 1976  Age39yrs.7mts.  Father of Shirley Rowe husband of Lorraine
Bradley Wayne Chislett Dec. 11 1982--April 5 1983  
Walter Harnum Dec. 29 1899--March 5 1970  
Harrison Crocker  1914--1971  Husband of Muriel G. Crocker
Stephen Legge Sept 29 1923--Dec. 11 1987.  
saac Crocker  1908--1930 Husband of Myrtle V.Crocker.
R.J. Harnum Oct. 1932--June 1884.  
Mary A. Thorne  July 15 1886--Dec.1958 Mother of Jane.

This is end of partial list. There are many graves in older area marked only with a rock  as a marker.

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