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Grieve & Bremner Issues on Credit 1875

Tickle Harbour & Chance Cove, Trinity Bay

The following is a list of account holders with amount due owing to the Grieve & Bremner merchant firm of Trinity Bay, for the above named area and time period. Source: Grieve & Bremner 2.01.007 Issues on Credit Collection no. 3 Box no. 1 Maritime History Archive (MHA) Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). Submitted by an anonymous researcher.
Issues on Credit to the 19th of June 1875, inclusive

Tickle Harbour & Chance Cove 1875

Jas. Bryant 15 14 9
George Brace 41 12 0
James Hollett 1 4 18 11
Solomon Hutchings 54 8 11
do   do   &   Co. 2 8 5
do   do   Boat of c. 3 27
John Lynch Snr. 77 0 3
Thomas Lynch (Jno.) 19 8 1
John Lynch Junior 23 12 1
John Murphy    TH 2 2 6 6
Owen McCarthy 3 152 18 6
John Pike 4 23 1 7
Geo. Piddle (Geo.) 8 19 6
James Pinsent 20 17 9
Richd Seward 3 9 2
John Pinsent [crossed out] 5 36 5 10 [crossed out]
Berry Rowe 32 15 11
Thomas Smith 50 15 11
Wm. Smith (Wm.) 49 179
Moses Smith 10 16 11
Smith & Brace 9 0 6
Stephen Smith 27 7 8
Thos. Smith & Co. 3 9 6
Abram Smith (Manuel) 17 18 8
Thomas Warren 8 13 9


less Piercy   36.5.10


Transcriber notes:

1 This may be the same James (Jas.) Hollett, a planter and trader of Sound Island and Pipers Hole, Placentia Bay. The Hollett family of Chance Cove, and Rantem,Trinity Bay are known to derive from Harbour Buffet and Spencer`s Cove, P.B. with known connections to Sound Island, Piper`s Hole, and Arnold`s Cove.

2 The abbreviation TH here seems to denote Tickle Harbour, abbreviated in other sources as T. Hr.. This may be the same John Murphy, a planter and fisherman of Tickle Harbour (Bellevue) as listed in Lovell`s 1871 Directory. The place name Murphys Beach in Tickle Harbour (Bellevue) is named after this family.

3 This may be the son of Owen McCarthy Sr. as listed in the Slade Trinity Bay Ledgers residing in Tickle Harbour during the period 1809-1810, as owner of a schooner. The larger account debt for this said planter may reflect his status as a merchant middleman or trader in the area, in keeping with the costs of maintaining a schooner and crew, as well as purchasing supplies from neighbouring local merchants required to operate the inshore and Labrador coastal fishery. This is also consistent with McCarthy family oral traditions which state that the McCarthy were renown schooner owners and captains which fished out of the Labrador seasonally.

4 This may be the same John Pike (or James-Jacob) Pike listed in the various parish registers and merchant ledgers-barter books for this time period. This is presumably the same John Pike for which the place name John Pike`s Mash , near Pike Pond, in the Black River Mountains, Black River-Piper`s Hole, P.B..

5 The name and amount of this said account holder is crossed out indicating that the account may have been nullified or cancelled, perhaps due to a recent death, or payment in full, although the former explanation is more plausible.

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