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Grieve & Bremner Issues on Credit 1878

Tickle Harbour & Chance Cove, Trinity Bay

The following is a list of account holders with amount due owing to the Grieve & Bremner merchant firm of Trinity Bay, for the above named area and time period. The list of account holders may supplement existing parish register and census-business directories so as to provide a partially representative population of male heads of household for this given time period and area. Note that an x following the given name of each account holder below may denote where the account holder was unable to write his/her name. Source: Grieve & Bremner Issues in Credit 2.01.009 Collection no. 3, Box no. 1 MHA (Maritime History Archives) MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland). Submitted by an anonymous researcher.
Issues on Credit to the 14th of June 1878, inclusive

Tickle Harbour & Chance Cove 1878

Day Richard x 7 16 9
Hilliers1 Robert x 5 19 6
Hefford2 James x 8 4 10
Lynch James & Bros. x 4016 10

26 5 4

John (Jr.)
21 5 4

James (Sr.)
159 15 6

James (Jr.)
22 9 1

23 9 5

6 4 9
McCarthy Owen x 233 13 7
Piddle George (of Geo.)
3 15 7
Pike Joseph3 x 5 10 2
Pretty Jonathan? x 7 1 6
Rowe Benjamin
23 18 1
Smith Wm of Jacob
31 13 7

Wm & Co.
45 6 6

Wm of Jas.
15 4 8

2 5 6
Seward4 Samuel
15 14 8

9 8 6


1 Note an extended group of Helliers (sic.) listed in the Slade Papers Trinity Ledgers for Nov. 11, 1859. The Helliers are listed as a separate group along with Richard Pike, presumably the same John Richard Pike of the extended Tickle Harbour-Piper's Hole clan. Richard Pike is also listed in the Slade Trinity Ledgers as sharing an account with Burthe James (sic.), as reflecting either Barthe James, James Barthe, where Burthe (or Barthe) seems to reflect an abbreviation of Barthalamew (Slade Trinity Ledger 1859:198). Source: Slade Papers, Collection 20, Box 3 MHA: 4.01.001-002.This is the same Richard Pike, hired as a labourer or packer, who deserted along with several company employees, in the Black River Mountains, from Division C of the 1875 NL Reid Co. Railroad survey of the Black River-Piper's Hole watershed areas (JHA 1876:96). In addition to TB South, the family name Hillier is also attested in the various published censuses, business directories and parish registers for the Burin and Fortune Bay areas. A distant family and/or genetic relationship for these widely separated family groups is plausible, reflecting decent from a remote shared common ancestor.

2 The family name Hefford as presented here in this orthographic form appears to be a variant of the contemporary surname Hefferan. It may also be related to the patronym Elford (sic.) as attested in other historical sources. Note a planter by name of Charles Elford as residing at Dildo Cove (South Dildo), near New Harbour, T.B. (Wix 1835:20).

3 In all probability, he Joseph Pike named here may be the same as the Joseph Pyke (or Pike) listed in the KCRC baptismal records fro Trinity Bay as a protestant baptized in 1849, perhaps in Tickle Harbour. This said Joseph Pyke (sic.) may be the same Joseph Pike listed in the Placentia Bay RC Family History Records as married to Elizabeth Lynch. Joseph Pike may be a brother of John (or James-Jacobus) and John Richard (or Richard) Pike of Tickle Harbour, with known connections to New Harbour-South Dildo-Deer Harbour-Trinity in Trinity Bay, and Baker's Cove-Black River-Piper's Hole-Culletons Strait-Red Island, in Placentia Bay.

4 The Sewards listed here may be related to the Sewards as listed in the Placentia RC, Bonavista-Trinity and KCRC parish registers. Note that the family name Seward as attested here is also listed in other sources as Sourds (sic.), as if reflecting a French family name (Le)Sourd. The place name or toponym Sawyers (Sewards) Ledge, a fishing berth near Tickle Harbour (Bellevue), Trinity Bay, presumably derives from a fisherman with this family name. The Sewards were also know according to unpublished local family oral traditions to have resided at Deer Harbour, near Bull Arm, in addition to Little Hearts Ease and Gooseberry Cove, T.B..

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