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Kings Cove Roman Catholic (KCRC) Parish Registers
Selected records.

Submitted by an anonymous researcher. The collection currently housed at PANL-The Rooms consists of three boxes containing the following:

Box 1:
Baptisms (1815-1888)
Baptisms-Trinity District (1838-1843, 1857)
Transcripts of Original Records (1887-1888)
Box 2:
Baptisms (1888-1909)

Box 3:
Marriages (1815-1909)
Marriages-Trinity District (1838-1842)
Marriages to the Northwards (1802-1803)
Misc. List of Names (1856)

Baptisms (1815-1888)
Box 1

Trinity Bay

September 28

Bapt. Anne of James Lynch & Virtue Warren
Sps. John Pyke & Mary Brine
J. Waldron

September 28

Joseph Pyke Protestant 21 years
J. Waldron

Sept 22

Bapt. Mary of John Pique, of Catherine Lynch
Sps. James Lynch & Virtue Warren
J. Waldron

Aug 17th

Bapt. Anne of John Pike and Catherine Lynch
Spons = Jhonas [sic.] (Johannes/John) Lynch & Ellen Connolly
U. Scanlan
(Tickle Harbour)
Aug 20th

Bapt. Mathias of Robert Seward & Mary Emly [sic.] (Emberly?)
Spons John Pike & Elizabeth Brine
U. Scanlan
(Hearts Ease)

August 4th

Baptized Emma Pike (convert)
F H. Carafaginini

August 4th

Baptized Victoria M. Pike of John & Susanna Pike
Sps. Thomas & Frances Cave?
T. H. Carafaginini

Apr. 6th
01 Bapt. Frances of Francis Pike & Anne Furlong?
Sps. Marie Butt & Catherine April Foley?
Cat Harbour

November 16th

74 Bapt. Samuel Joseph Pike (converses of secta Anglicana)
Adult of George Pike & Hannah Fifield
Witness: Daniel Turner (Collett's Island)
Wm Veitch

There are no Pike entries in these volumes.
Baptisms-Trinity District (1838-1843, 1857) Box 1.
Transcripts of Original Records Box 1.
Baptisms (1888-1909) Box 2

May 2nd

Bap. at King's Cove Mary Margaret of William Carew & Bridget Bridgeman?
Sps. ?Pike Harty & Mary Anne Ryan
Born May 1st 1897
T. E. Lynch

June 26th

Bapt at British Harbour TB Elizabeth Anastatia
(married June 17/13 Patr. Seward Gooseberry Cove)
of Richard Leonard & Anne Pike
Sps. William Leonard & Mary Leonard
T. E. Lynch

Marriages (1815-1909)
Box 3

May 31st

Married John Newton & Anne Pike
Witnesses: John Lynch & Margaret Seward
Wm Veitch
(Hearts Ease)

Oct. 21st

Married Richard Leonard & Anne Pike
Witnesses: Edward Leonard & Honora Murphy
(British Harbour)

There are no Pike marriage entries listed in the following:
Marriages-Trinity District (1838-1842) Box 3
Marriages-to the Northwards (1802-1803) Box 3
Transcripts of Original Records Box 3
Deaths: There are no death register entries listed in the collection, as they are presumed either lost, or destroyed in a fire.

Trinity Bay