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Transcribed by Betty Weir. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Jerrett Dora Margerie Jacob & Jane May 20,1914 Cavendish June 7,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Rodgers Theodore Walter John & Jessie June 12,1914 Green's Harbour June 17,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Rowe Ida Florence Nath. H. & Mabel June 23,1914 Whiteway July 05,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Pearcey John Ernest Peter & Julia July 08,1914 Hopeall July 16,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Cooper Malcolm Malcolm & Lucy June 21,1914 Green's Harbour June 21,1914 R. Crocker
Cooper Victor Malcolm & Lucy June 21,1914 Green's Harbour June 21,1914 R. Crocker
Pratt Florence Caroline Chas. R & Sarah L. Jan. 06,1914 Whitman,Mass.US July 26,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Dawe Carrie Hortence Jordan & Georgina Mar. 17,1904 Colombia,Maine.US July 29,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Dawe Frances Julia Jordan & Georgina May 22,1910 Colombia,Maine.US July 29,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Brace Eugene Wm. & Priscilla J. July 14,1914 Green's Harbour July 30,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Burgess Hy. Robert ?H. Chas. & Maud July 06,1914 Whitway Aug. 02,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Pearcey Phebe Violet Pearcey & Jacob Newhook of Norman's Cove Aug. 05,1914 Hopeall Aug. 06,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
March ? Dob also july 9 Martha Ellen ? Birth date Mary Ann March &
John Sheppard of Whitborne
Aug.26,1914 Green's Harbour Aug.9 or 29,1914 ? T.W?.Atkinson
Jackson Rosanna Noah & Mary July 19,1914 Cavendish July 19,1914 H. Jackson
Rowe Gordon John C. & Martha July 19,1914 ? Green's Harbour July 19,1914 E.Coish
Smith Claude ?? John Rodgers John & Emma july 21,1914 Green's Harbour Aug. 29,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Newhook ? Meretta Ernest J. & Gertrude Aug. 03,1914 Dildo Sept.06,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Rowe Annie Gillard John & Minnie Jane Aug. 25,1914 Whiteway Sept.13,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Howell Edward Charles Augustus & Rhoda Aug. 01,1914 Green's Harbour Sept.17,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Crocker Hilda John Chas. & Eliza J Sept.14,1914 Green's Harbour Sept.21,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Seward Stephen Alexander Richard & Lavinia Sept.16,1914 Green's Harbour Oct.02,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Cranford Selina Annie Harrison & Maud Aug.21,1914 New Harbour Oct.04,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Legge Clara Wm. Jas. & Patience Sept.26,1914 Whiteway Oct.11,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Hillier Stanley Edmund & Minnie Oct.04,1914 New Harbour Oct.21,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Green Janet George & Mary Jane Sept.30,1914 Green's Harbour Oct.23,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Cranford Robert Edward Francis John & Phebe Oct.05,1914 New Harbour Dec.13,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
Green Selby Joseph & Beatrice Nov.19,1914 Green's Harbour Dec.25,1914 T.W?.Atkinson
White Frederick William Ernest & Dorcas Dec.09,1914 Green's Harbour Jan.14,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Reid Phillip James Samuel & Flossie Dec.22,1914 South Dildo Jan.13,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Reid Samuel Freeman Martin & Lucy Jane Dec.20,1914 South Dildo Jan.13,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Crocker Sarah Melvina Peter & Mary Nov.22,1914 Green's Harbour Jan.14,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Cumby Bessie Maud Leonard & Emma Jan.08,1915 Hopeall Jan.15,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Green Harry Simeon & Elizabeth Dec.19,1914 Green's Harbour Jan.21,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Howell Lizzie Alison & Louisa J Jan.23,1915 Green's Harbour Jan.23,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
March Bertha Aleen Sarah Susanna March & Jan.11,1915 Green's Harbour Feb.23,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
    Stewart Pinsent       T.W?.Atkinson
Brace Reta Minnie Samuel & Cecilia Jan.26,1915 Green's Harbour Mar.09,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Simmons Isabel James E. & Annie Mar.18,1915 Green's Harbour Mar.19,1915 M.A. Simmons
Newhook Hayward Stanley Gilbert ? & Mariam Mar.17,1915 New Harbour Mar.28,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Pearcey Bertha Lizzie Stephen J. & Leah Jan.17,1915 Hopeall Mar.29,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
March Cyril Maxwell Esau & Jessie Mar.15,1915 Green's Harbour May 01,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Rowe Harold Leslie Orestes & Lucy Jane Apr.07,1915 Green's Harbour May 11.1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Smith Lizzie Florence Leonard & Gertrude Mar.16,1915 Dildo May 16,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
Newhook Thresa Muriel Charles L & L June 14,1915 New Harbour July 11,1915 T.W?.Atkinson
March John Edward Stephen & Gertrude June 02,1915 Green's Harbour July 25,1915 Robert S. Smith
Rowe Edward Carson Martin & Martha July 18 1915 Green's Harbour July 29,1915 Robert S. Smith
Pitcher Joseph Henry Lily Pitcher & Wm.Corbett June 03,1915 Hopeall Aug.01,1915 Robert S. Smith
Cumby Arthur Lemuel & Sarah July 18 1915 Hopeall Aug.05,1915 Robert S. Smith
Piercey Sarah Elizabeth Jehu & Alice July 29,1915 Hopeall Aug.05,1915 Robert S. Smith
Simmons Mary Ellen Charles & Mary Aug.11,1915 Green's Harbour Sept.10,1915 Robert S. Smith
Jackson Clara Frederick & Hannah July 17,1915 Cavendish Aug.08,1915 Robert S. Smith
Gilbert Thomas Maxwell George & Sarah Sept.27,1915 Hopeall Dec.05,1915 Robert S. Smith
Brace Bertha Mildred Eliza May 01,1915 Green's Harbour Dec.07,1915 Robert S. Smith
Reid Walter James William H.& Tryphena Oct.29,1915 Green's Harbour Dec.29,1915 Robert S. Smith
Brookings Elsie Herbert James & Tryphena Aug.02,1915 Green's Harbour Sept.04,1915 Robert S. Smith
Penney Druscilla Ebenezer & Leah Sept.04,1915 Green's Harbour Nov.20,1915 Robert S. Smith
Jerrett Chas. Henry Wm. Henry & Ruth Oct.07,1915 Cavendish Nov.07,1915 Robert S. Smith
Reid Julia Helen Richard & Mary Grace Nov.20,1915 Old Shop Nov.27,1915 Robert S. Smith
Newhook ? Boyne Day Ernest John & Gertrude Oct.12,1915 Dildo Cove Dec.06,1915 Robert S. Smith
Legge James Corbett & Annie Oct.25,1915 Cavendish Oct.27,1915 Mrs. James Jackson
Smith Herbert Fred. Asquith? Robert S. & Dora P. Oct.17,1915 Green's Harbour
Rev.A. A. Holmes
March Ralph Wilson & Bertha Aug.06,1915 Green's Harbour Sept.17,1915 Robert S. Smith
Pottle Harold Joseph & Harriet Jan.29,1916 Whiteway Feb. ,1915 ? Robert S. Smith

Reid John William J & Tryphena Dec.02,1915 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Jan.21,1916
March Clara Isabella William H. & mary Jan.04,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Feb.28,1916
Hefford Arthur Thomas Wm. Joseph & Susanna Jan.18,1916 New Harbour Robert S. Smith Mar.01,1916
Cumby Henrietta Thomas & Dora Mar.12,1916 Hopeall Robert S. Smith Mar.20,1916
Rodgers James Henry Theophilis & Lucy Jane Mar.08,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Mar.20,1916
Critch Flossie Gladys Jacob & Eunice Feb.13,1916 Cavendish Robert S. Smith Mar.26,1916
Brace Llewellyn Wm.James & Priscilla J. Mar.01,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Apr.05,1916
Howell Gordon Nathaniel D. & Louisa Mar.04,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Apr.06.1916
Green Kenneth James & Jane Feb.23,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Apr.10,1916
Brace George Duncan Obadiah & Sarah Dec.25,1915 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Mar.11,1916
Brace Caroline John Chas. & E. Caroline May 25,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith June 5,1916
Rowe Myrtle Winnifred John Chas, & Martha Eliza May 25,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith July 12,1916
Burgess Sarah Florence Richard & Jane June 29,1916 Whiteway Robert S. Smith July 16,1916
Jerrett Edith Mildred Jacob & Jane June 02,1916 Cavendish Robert S. Smith July 16,1916
Rodgers Mabel John & Jessie July 15,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith July 24,1916
Green Stanley George & Mary Jane July 19,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Aug.05,1916
Burgess Llewellyn Charles & Maud June 29,1916 Whiteway Robert S. Smith July 30,1916
Rowe Elsie Nathan & Mabel July 31,1916 Whiteway Robert S. Smith Aug.27,1916
George Frank Verdun Moses & Elizabeth Aug.25,1916 Whiteway Robert S. Smith Sept.24,1916
Rowe Minnie Martin & Martha Aug.13,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Sept.18,1916
Penney Violet Evelyn Silas & Lavinia July 29,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Oct.21,1916
Hillier Allan Gordon Edmund & Minnie Sept.28,1916 New Harbour Robert S. Smith Oct.29,1916
March Emma Elizabeth Ebenezer & Frances July 08,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Aug.12,1916
Butt Emma Sarah George & Flora Aug.22,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S. Smith Sept.01,1916
Rowe Wilfred Gordon John & Minnie Jane Aug.17,1916 Whiteway Robert S. Smith Sept.24,1916
Jackson Lavinia Jane James & Eliza Ann July 14,1916 Whiteway Robert S. Smith Aug.27,1916
Sooley Joseph John & Sarah Jane Oct.28,1916 Whiteway Robert S.Smith Nov.16,1916
March Edward Stephen & Gertrude Nov.23,1916 Green's Harbour Mrs. Simmons Nov.23,1916
Howell Rhoda June Walter George & Jael Aug.06,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S.Smith Aug.25,1916
Cooper Elstone Graham Malcolm & Lucy Sept.22,1916 Green's Harbour Robert S.Smith Oct.04,1916
Pottle William Alfred Joseph & Harriet Dec.06,1916 Whiteway Robert S.Smith Dec.30,1916
Simmons Morgan John Daniel & Janet Nov.16,1919 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith Nov.30,1919
March Edgar Henry Wilson & Bertha Nov.29,1919 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith Nov.30,1919
Miller Ethel Maud Jacob & Susanna June 30,1918 Millertown Junction John Kirby not entered
Miller Minnie Marion Jacob & Susanna July 31,1919 Millertown Junction John Kirby not entered
Simmons Agnes William John & Margaret ? Sept.13,1919 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith Nov.01,1919
Brookings John Alfred Herbert James & Tryphena Dec.13,1919 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith Feb.20,1920
Howell Selby Walter & Jael Jan.17,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith Feb.03,1920
Jackson Hubert Angus Jethro & Ethel May Dec.29,1919 Cavendish R.S.Smith Feb.29,1920
Crocker Alex Charles & Eliza Jane Feb.26,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith Feb.27,1920
Crocker Gladys Charles & Eliza Jane Feb.26,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith Feb.27,1920
Cranford Lucy Harrison & Maud Nov.18,1919 New Harbour R.S.Smith Mar.18,1920
Smith Kenneth Berkerley John Charles & Priscilla Feb.19,1920 Dildo R.S.Smith Feb.27,1920
Garland Sarah Ann Chesley & Mary Mar.14,1920 New Harbour R.S.Smith April 04,1920
Piercey Hedley Charles Isaac & Ida Mar.21,1920 Hopeall R.S.Smith April 01,1920
Chislett Isabelle Gladys Eliol? Loyal ?& Annie Apr.06,1920 Cavendish R.S.Smith May 09,1920
Penney Walter Reid Violet Mar.02,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith April 26,1920
Rowe William James Ralph Douglas & Gladys Mar.31,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith April 11.1920
Rowe Ellis James Martin & Martha Apr.15,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith May 20,1920
Reid Jessie William & Tryphena Mar.11,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith May 29,1920
Rowe James Nelson John A. & Jessie D. Apr.27,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith May 31,1920
Critch Jessie Ann Jacob & Eunice May 01,1920 Cavendish R.S.Smith June 06,1920
Jackson William Henry Nicholas & Ellen June 01,1920 Whiteway R.S.Smith June 06,1920
March Harold William Berthram & Elizabeth Ann May 24,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith June 09,1920
Chislett Stillborn Jessie & Edna May 20,1920 Cavendish

Piercey Albert Jehu & Alice July 03,1919 Hopeall Mrs.Wm. Piercey June 09,1919
Newhook Marjorie,Susanna, Marion Gilbert R. & Marion Apr.26,1920 New Harbour R.S.Smith April 28,1920
Brace Elsie Violet Hayward & Priscilla Apr.15,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith May 09,1920
Penney Mabel Ebenezer & Leah Dec.20,1919 Green's Harbour Silas Penney Jan.28,1920
Burt Hubert Stanley Rosella Oct.09,1918 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith Dec.29,1920
White John Charles Ernest & Dorcas Jane Mar.17,1920 Green's Harbour R.S.Smith April 18,1920
Brace Catherine Pearley Ebenezer & Agnes June 18,1920 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French July 24,1920
Cumby Cecil Thomas & Dora May 22,1920 Hopeall Rev.Isaac French Aug.08,1920
Cumby Caroline Alfred & Alice June 29,1920 Hopeall Rev.Isaac French Aug.08,1920
Reid Gertie Jane Martin & Lucy Jane May 24,1920 Dildo South Rev.Isaac French Aug.04,1920
Simmons Cyril Wilfred Charles & Mary June 21,1920 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Aug.11,1920
Howell Laura Nathaniel & Louisa Aug.26,1920 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Sept.06,1920
March ?? Lossy Myra William H. & Mary Oct.08,1920 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Nov.28,1920
Simmons Theodore William John & Margaret Oct,16,1920 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Dec.02,1920
Coish William Ralph Frederick & Violet June 26,1920 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Oct.30,1920
Hefford Clarence Samuel William & Susannah Oct.06,1920 New Harbour Rev.Isaac French Nov.08,1920
Worthman Kenneth Lillian Worthman,Ken Hall Dec.21,1920 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Dec.30,1920
Pitcher Emily William C. & Lillian Nov.10,1920 Hopeall Rev.Isaac French Dec.23,1920
Pottle Alfred Joseph & Harriet Dec.13,1920 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Dec.24,1920
Baker Leonard Ernest & Mary Aug.10,1920 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Oct.10,1920
Cranford Geneva Elizabeth George & Lucy Jan.19,1921 New Harbour Rev.Isaac French Feb.19,1921
Rowe Edna Adelaide John Charles & Martha Jan.25,1921 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Feb.25,1921
Legge Aubrey Duncan William Jas. & Patience Feb.02,1921 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Mar.21,1921
George Sarah Elizabeth Moses & Elizabeth Dec.29,1920 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Jan.15,1921
Howell Esther Allison & Louisa Aug.28,1920 Green's Harbour Nurse Crocker Aug.28,1920
Burgess Pleamon Charles & Maud Feb.28,1921 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French May 01,1921
Simmons Mehetable Jane Daniel John & Janet Nov.16,1921 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Dec.??,1921
March Ernest Hedley Robert & Elizabeth April 19,1888 Green's Harbour Henry Scott Sept.20,1888
Bishop Fanny Elizabeth John & Fanny June 11,1921 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French July 13,1921
Harnum Myrtice Jethro & Catherine July 15,1921 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Aug.05,1921
Rowe Theodore Martin & Martha Aug.12,1921 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Sept.29,1921
Piercey Emily Stephen & Leah Sept.26,1921 Hopeall Rev.Isaac French Oct.26,1921
March Muriel Gertrude Stephen & Gertrude Aug.27,1921 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Oct.31,1921
Pinsent Ralph John Ralph & Lavinia Aug.26,1921 Dildo Rev.Isaac French Nov.08,1921
Critch Sarah Mildred John & Leah Oct.05,1921 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French Nov.27,1921
Rodgers Mildred Theophilos & Lillian Nov.11,1921 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Nov.28,1921
Jerrett Cyril John Cecil Jacob & Jane Nov.07,1921 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French Dec.11,1921
Newhook Ernest Roy Ernest John & Gertrude Aug.07,1921 Dildo Rev.Isaac French Oct.16,1921
Jackson Stella Maud Jethro & Ethel July 23,1921 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French Aug.26,1921
Baker James Archibald Ernest & Mary Jan.09,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Feb.10,1922
Cooper Elstone Graham James & Laura Feb.05,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Feb.18,1922
March Ethel Evelina Berkley & Elizabeth Ann Feb.09,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Feb.25,1922
March Effie Ebenezer & Frances Feb.09,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Feb.27,1922
Rowe Allan Nathan & Mabel July 06,1921 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Aug.08,1921
Rowe Robert John Alfred John & Jessie Feb.14,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Mar.20,1922
Reid Fanny Mary Robert & Martha Ann Feb.09,1922 South Dildo Rev.Isaac French Mar.13,1922
Crocker Delilah Miriam Peter & Martha Mary Feb.28,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Mar.18,1922
Green Ellwood James James & Jane July 05,1921 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Aug.06,1921
Penney Maxwell Lewis Hannah (illegitimate) Feb.09,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French April 09,1922
Piercey Stella Catherine Jehu & Alice Mar.24,1922 Hopeall Rev.Isaac French April 06,1922
Burgess Henry Charles Richard & Jane April 22,1922 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French April 23,1922
Legge Laura Phyllis Corbett & Annie Mar.29,1922 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French May 21,1922
Jackson Wallace Donald Bertram & Sarah Mar.31,1922 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French May 21,1922
Penney Silas Roy Ebenezer & Leah April 15,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French May 22,1922
Reid Reginald ?????? Richard & Evelina June 14,1922 Old Shop Rev.Isaac French July 18,1922
Howell George Nathaniel & Louisa Aug.06,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Aug.23,1922
Brace Heber Samuel & Lillian Aug.08,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Aug.23,1922
Brace Matilda Annie Priscilla & Hayward Aug.09,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Aug.24,1922
Green Stewart Maxwell George & Mary Jane May 30,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French June 16?,1922
Critch John Charles Jacob & Eunice Aug.25,1922 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French Oct.01,1922
Reid Ellwood George & Violet Aug.19,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Oct.05,1922
Rowe Bessie Pearline Charles & Sarah Jane Aug.02?,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Oct.01,1922
Jackson Gladys James & Eliza Ann June 06,1922 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Aug.06,1922
Jackson Caroline Alexander & Minnie Sept.13,1922 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French Oct.12,1922
White Rosie Jane Ernest & Dorcas Sept.08,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Sept.27,1922
Cumby Lemuel Stanley Lemuel & Sarah July 03,1922 Hopeall Rev.Isaac French Oct.03,1922
Cumby Chesley Leonard Leonard & Emma Oct.02,1922 Hopeall Rev.Isaac French Oct.30,1922
Cranford Gilbert Lewis Harrison & Maud Sept.24,1922 New Harbour Rev.Isaac French Nov.17,1922
Cranford Olive Rose John & Phoebe Sept.30,1922 New Harbour Rev.Isaac French Nov.17,1922
Coish Ellwood Roland Frederick & Violet Jan.07,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Feb.19,1922
Hellyer George William William & Sarah Mar.23,1922 Dildo Rev.Isaac French Sept.15,1920
Green Bertha Jane Cephas & Sarah Elizabeth Sept.20,1922 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Nov.30,1922
Pottle Olive Joseph & Harriet Nov.10,1922 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Jan.01,1923
Burgess Ellen Charles & Maud Feb.14,1923 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Mar.18,1923
Crocker Albert Leslie Heber & Jessie Jan.15,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Mar.22,1923

Rev. Isaac French
Baker Joseph Ernest & Mary April 03,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French April 18,1923
Reid Harry Ellwood William & Tryphena Sept.19,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French April 26,1923
Simmons Stanley James William & Margaret Feb.25,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French May 08,1923
Rowe Raymond Clayton John & Minnie April 08,1923 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French May 06,1923
March Susannah Newman John & Sarah Jane May 24,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French May 26,1923
Critch Emily Albert & Sarah Belle Dec.04,1922 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French Jan.07,1923
Simmons Harry Charles & Mary May 31,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French June 02,1923
Simmons Veronica Agnes Charles & Mary May 31,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French June 02,1923
Rowe Ernest Martin & Martha Mar.25,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French June 13,1923
Smith Selby Herbert John Charles & Priscilla May 10,1923 Dildo cove Rev.Isaac French June 14,1923
George or Whiteway Alma Gwendolyn Amaziah G;& Lillian B. Whiteway May 09,1923 Dildo Rev.Isaac French July 19,1923
Hopkins William John Albert & Agnes June 29,1923 Green's Harbour Rev.Isaac French Aug.01,1923
Butt Mary Louise Samuel & Jane June 17,1923 New Harbour Rev.Isaac French Aug.02,1923
Legge Sarah Mildred William James & Patience July 13,1923 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Sept.01,1923
Jackson John Charles Noah & Mary Aug.04,1923 Cavendish Rev.Isaac French Sept.02,1923
Bishop Elias William John & Fanny Aug.04,1923 Whiteway Rev.Isaac French Sept.02,1923

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