Transcribed by Judy Benson & Ivy Benoit. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Newfoundland will books volume 3 pages 598-599 probate year 1878. The second item 2 in this will is obviously a clerical error, and is referred to as item 3 later in the will. This name is spelled Bremner in the will and Bremmer in the will index.

Will of Alexander Bremmer


Catalina Newfoundland. I Alexander Bremner of and for long past resident in Catalina being now in the 80th year of my age think it fit right & proper with my own hand to make this instrument of writing with intent & purpose that it serve as and be my last will & testament. To that end

(1) I declare null and void all or any other wills or testaments I may have made previous to this.

(2) I give and bequeath to my oldest son William my house & land in London Toronto or Canada West at this time occupied by him and his family and I declare this as intended my sole and only bequest to him.

(2) I give and bequeath to my three sons Alexander Warren, Robert and John four hundred pounds currency each (two hundred pounds my son John has on loan from me to form part & be half of this bequest to him) and to my two daughters Isobel (Mrs. G. H. Cole) and Annie the same, four hundred pounds each.

(4) I give and bequeath to my wife two hundred & fifty pounds, also all my furniture clothing & what may be called my Kit with for her life, use or interest of dwelling house & garden also for her life the annual interest of two thousand pounds invested or to be invested in Bank Government or other good security for this purpose; and on her decease this principal of two thousand pounds to be divided equally between my three sons and two daughters as under article 3d

(5) My houses and lands in Catalina these are known by name of “Slades” in N. E. Arm, “Balmoral” “Bremner’s Marsh” &c. at & about Salt Water Pond I give & bequeath these to my three sons Alexander Wn, Robert and John to dispose of divide and appropriate among themselves as they may agree on.

(6) My funeral if here in catalina I desire to be plain and unexpensive I may be entered in the same plot of ground with my two deceased sons Dugald & Ronald my name & age at time of decease marked & cut on either or both of their monumental stones.

(7) For executors of this my last will & testament I name and appoint my two sons Alexander Warren and Robert together with their mother who I also name as residuary legatees if their be any residue. Done at or in Catalina this twentyeth day of June A.D. one thousand eight hundred & seventy three (1873)

Alexander Bremner. We were present and in the presence of each other did see Alexander Bremner sign this writing with his name and declare it to be his last will & testament, Thomas McCormick, Thomas Stone.

Codicil first. 8th July ‘77. With regard to securing life annuity to my wife after my decease this will be best attained in my opinion by continuing the £1500 Government Debentures as thus invested; the interest thence accruing forming my wife’s life annuity about £75..0..0 and thus augmenting the annuity as also the bequests to legatees.

Alex. Bremner. The state of my estate and affairs at this time (June 1873) in making this will may be proximately correctly stated thus

To devised to sons & daughters Alexr W. Robert John and wife
Isobel 4c 4c 4c 2 ½ c and Annie 40£

£2050. 0 .0
By Deposited in Union Bank £36c including Woods mortgage £2c £3600.0.0

&Governmt Debenture £5c 500.0.0
“ £2000 to be securely invested so that my wife may receive the
interest for life, on her death the principal to be divided equally
between the above five legatees)
2000. 0. 0 “House and land in London Toronto, devised to son William
£21/2c 000.0.0 “Household stuff, kit &c. devised to wife 000.0.0
“Probable residue falling to residuary legatees
“ Landwash lands House)
store &c. in Catalina,)
I know not present or)
future values of, but
for present purposes)
suppose ) 250.0.0

£4350. 0. 0

Certified correct,
D. M. Browning

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