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Will of Ezra Weedon from Newfoundland will books volume 4 pages 339-340 probate year 1884
Transcriber's Note:This will refers to seven clauses, and lists them by number, but there was no number 6 clause in the will book.

In re
          Ezra Weedon deceased.

I Ezra Weedon of Hearts Content, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, being of sound mind do hereby cancel all former wills made by me and do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament-
1. I appoint as my executors (with their consent) the Revd Edward Golley of Topsail, Conception Bay, and the Hon. A.M. Mackay of St. John’s and I wish them to take immediate action on this my will to realize the amount due on four Life Policies and to pay all legitimate claims on me as soon as possible giving G.E. Charlton Esqre and the Hon. A.M. Mackay preferential claims for whatever may be due them as per statement which will be under the same cover as this-
2. I wish my dear wife to undertake the personal guardianship of all my children (this being also her own wish) and to bring them up in the Church of England religion-
3. As it may take some time to realize on the Life Policies I hereby request my friend (and executor) A.M. Mackay to provide my dear wife with funds required for current expences for herself and children, paying himself when opportunity offers.
4. When all assets are realized and all claims paid and the balance is known I wish my executors to consult together as what is best to be done with it for the good of my dear wife and children. If they decide to invest it and the interest is not sufficient for the requirements of my family I leave it to my executors to decide how much shall be drawn from the principal yearly and up to what year such sum shall continue to be drawn. When I say “requirements” I mean a Home together with food, clothing and education-
5. When my youngest child reaches the age of eighteen and my dear wife is still single, I wish my executors to hand over all papers to her (my dear wife to be from thenceforth under her absolute control; but should my dear wife have married again then I wish my executors to divide what is left as under viz one third to my dear wife and two thirds equally between my surviving children but should only one child be then living then mother and child to have half each- As an addition to clause 2 I wish my dear wife to take charge of all my children even should she marry again-
7. All my personal effects in the way of furniture and other things I bequeath to my dear wife to be hers absolutely and not to be considered as part of my estate-     In the above 7 clauses I have endeavoured to make everything secure for my family May God grant that I have succeeded and no legal quibble may come in the way to frustrate my object- As it may be thought strange that this will is dated over four years after I was stricken down with a lasting sickness I will explain that my beloved and only son died a few days ago which in a manner made a fresh will necessary-     Signed this twenty sixth day of May eighteen hundred and eighty four-     Ezra Weedon.

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D. M. Browning

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