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Will of Johanna Spence from Newfoundland will books volume 10 pages 250-251 probate year 1914

In re     JOHANNA SPENCE deceased

    Trinity march 9th /14.     This is Mrs. Spenceís wish for me to write. My money first $50 to be paid for Masses for myself my mother Mrs Doherty 1 small head stone for myself.     $10.00 each for Mrs. Meaney Mrs. Sheehan Mrs. Neskins for lending on me and after all this and other expenses is paid the balance of money if any to be equally divided between Leonardís Bros also my part of property to be equally divided between the Leonard Brothers Peter, Tom & George 1 feather bed & bedstead & bedding for each brother Leonardís particularly mentioning the one in My Ryans room for Peter including carpet & chest of drawers the chest of drawers in the back room belonging to my mother to Mr. E.J. Ryan A bed & bedstead and bedding to Judy Hoskins The set of Lustre Vases on the dining room mantle piece to mother Meaney A round table in this room for Mother Tarahan 1 large writing desk for George Hoskins A dressing glass for Miss Prescilla Bartlett Also china vases on Mantle piece A set of large pictures in this room for Rosie Hoskins my godchild one set of small pictures in this room also glass in the room off Mr. Ryans for Mrs. Fahey     1 picture in the same room for Peter Connolly my god child And to Mollie Spence a work box on dining room table Mrs. Meaney to buy and pay $2.00 for bedroom set     Mrs. Fahey to buy bedroom set and washstand in this room for $3.00     Mrs. Hoskins to buy cruit stand in dining room for $2.00     Johanna her X mark Spence     Witness Katie Meaney Priscilla Bartlett

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
June 10/14
Emerson J.
Admn c.t.a.
Emerson J.
July 11/14
granted to
Simon Butler
Estate sworn
at $1010.00

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