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Samuel  Rowe
The petition of Thomas Malcolm Smith of Chance Cove in the electoral district of Trinity, a Justice of the Peace.
Humbly sheweth as follows: 

1. Samuel Rowe, late of Chance Cove, planter, died at that place on the twelfth day of January 1928.

2. The said deceased before his death made and executed his last will and testament, which is hereto annexed marked A.

3. In and by his said last will and testament the said deceased appointed your petitioner the sole executor thereof.

4. The said deceased died possessed of property within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court of the probable value not exceeding $2200.00 as will more fully appear by reference to the inventory hereto annexed marked B.

No probate of any will or Letters of Administration of the estate of the said deceased have been applied for by or granted to any other person.
Your petitioner therefore prays that Letters of Probate of the said last will and testament of the said deceased may be granted to him.
Dated, Chance Cove, this 29th day of March 1928.

Last will and testament of Samuel Rowe of Chance Cove (west) District of Trinity, Newfoundland.

I, Samuel Rowe, being of sound mind, memory and understanding, do make my last will and testament in manner and form following:

1. My house and belongings to my wife Amelia & daughter Lizzie but Samuel Rowe Jr. to live in said house as long as he wishes or until he gets a home built, and my wife (Amelia) to see that Samuel Jr. gets his share of furniture.

2. My fishing gear, etc. to go to Samuel Jr. but the said person to give a share to my wife or daughter Lizzie.

3. Land and all fenced gardens to be equally divided between my said wife Amelia and adopted son Samuel B. Rowe Jr.   Stable & one half the flake to be also equally divided between my wife and Samuel B. Rowe Jr.

4. My house and all belongings 7 cattle to go to Samuel B. Rowe and the said Samuel to guard & take care of my wife & daughter.

5. My business to be be controlled by Samuel B. and one third of the profit proceeds to go to my wife or daughter.

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