Transcribed by Judy Benson & Ivy Benoit. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Newfoundland will books volume 3 page 513 probate year 1876.

Will of Sarah Smith


Chance Cove TrInIty Bay West In the name of God Amen I Sarah SmIth of Chance Cove though weak In body Is of sound sense and reason of mInd do now make my last wIll and testament

First I commend my soul to God trustIng In the merIts of my dear Redeemer and lookIng for after death a joyfull resurrection at the last Day I gIve and bequeath to my two grand Sons In law Thomas SmIth & George Brace my Part of the boat and also all the fIshIng Craft to be equaly shared or used between them As usual or has been ever Since the death of the late Jacob SmIth I gIve to ProvIdence SmIth a large trunk that Is covered wIth counter canvas and also a large box I gIve to ElIzabeth HutchIngs my chest of drawers and the lookIng glass that Is over them I also gIve to my grand daughter ProvIdence SmIth a chest of drawers that Is In the parlour And also a Straw chaIr and a Mahogany one and Also three ChIna plates and three Cups and Sausers And my bonnet and large Shawl and a Black dress I gIve to my great grand son Jacob SmIth My Bed and bedIng I gIve my sIlk cape to Sarah Gosney and I gIve to Mary Brace the Clock and round table that Is In the parlour and Three ChIna plates and three Cups & saucers the remaInder of my Crockery ware and knIves & Forks I gIve to my grand daughter ElIzabeth HutchIngs and also she Is to stay In the parlour untIl she Is marIed and take my money to Buy provIsIons when she wants It but as soon as she gets marIed the parlour belongs to Mary Brace and what money Is left after ElIzabeth Is marIed Is to be equaly shared between ProvIdence SmIth Sarah Gosney & Mary Brace I gIve to my grand daughter ElIzabeth HutchIngs one heIfer calf that I got now And one of the old ewe sheep and the other to Mary Brace all other small trInkets That Is In the House Is to be left In the house For Mary Brace The Calfs pen I gIve to Sarah Gosney and also the Garden at the back of the house If ever they should want It To these presents I set my hand and seal ThIs tenth day of January one thousand eIght hundred and seventy four and declare ThIs to be my last wIll and testament.

Sarah her X mark SmIth (LS) her mark and seal And also I bequeath to my grand daughter ProvIdence SmIth one Umbrella and to Mary Brace one Umbrella And also to Sarah Gosney one Umbrella wIth a case on It Witness James R. Moore (LS) and James his X mark Bryant (LS) SIgned and sealed In the presence of James R. Moore & James Bryant.

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D. M. Browning

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