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Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity North District

Ship Cove

The information in this Directory was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE GEROW, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Bailey Absalom,fisherman
Bailey John,fisherman
Bailey John, fisherman
Bailey Thomas, fisherman
Bailey Peter, fisherman
Bailey Absalom, fisherman
Bailey Benjamin, fisherman
Bailey Isaac, fisherman
Bailey William, fisherman
Bailey Joseph, fisherman
Bailey John, fisherman
Bailey William, fisherman
Barber John, fisherman
Banister John, planter
Banister John, fisherman
Banister John, fisherman
Banister Charles, fisherman
Banister Herber, planter
Banister Richard, planter
Brennick Joseph, fisherman
Brennick Francis, fisherman
Brennick William, fisherman
Christopher John, fisherman
Christopher Charles, fisherman
Cook Richard, fisherman
Cook John, fisherman
Cook Daniel, fisherman
Guppy George, fisherman
Hanlan Patrick, planter
Hanlan Michael, planter
Johnson Noah, planter
Lander Arthur, fisherman
Lander William Charles, fisherman
Ploughman Joseph, planter
Ploughman William, planter
Ploughman Joseph, planter
Ploughman Alexander, planter
Ploughman Mark, fisherman
Ploughman John, fisherman
Ploughman Hezekiah, fisherman
Ryan Jeremiah, fisherman
Ryan William, fisherman
Ryan Thomas, fisherman
Ryan Eli, fisherman
Ryan John, fisherman
Ryan Edward, fisherman
Ryan William, fisherman
Rendell Isaac Robert, fisherman
Rendell John, fisherman
Rendell William, fisherman
Rendell John, fisherman
Rendell Isaac, fisherman
Rendell Robert, fisherman
Rendell Abraham, planter
Rendell John, planter
Rendell Robert, planter
Rendell Henry James, fisherman
Rendell Richard, fisherman
Rendell Adam, fisherman
Rendell Peter, fisherman
Rex George, fisherman
Rex William, fisherman
Rex John, fisherman
Rex George, fisherman
Vivian Eli, planter
White William, planter

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Trinity North District