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Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity North District

Catalina - St. Peters Anglican Marriage Records, 1833 - 1891

Names of persons as written in many returns are very difficult to deciper.
If not sure of persons name -- (?); W -- Widower or Widow.

These records were collected and transcribed by JOSEPH DUFFETT, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Marriage Date Persons Married Place from Married at Witnesses
Oct. 13 1833Henry ClouterCatalinaCatalinaJames Brown

Mary PeachCatalinaCatalinaJames Russell

Oct. 13 1833William AishfordCatalinaCatalinaJames Brown

Rachel DrakeCatalinaCatalinaGarland Courage

Oct. 13 1833Peter DiamondCatalinaCatalinaJames Brown

Catherine GouldCatalinaCatalinaRobert Diamond

Oct. 29 1833Fredrick HiscockCatalinaCatalinaJames Brown

Grace SnelgroveCatalinaCatalinaIsaac Snelgrove

Oct. 29 1833Joseph HiscockCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Matthews

Rosanna StickleyCatalinaCatalinaJames Brown

Sept. 09 1834Thomas HollowayCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Ann WhiteCatalinaCatalinaAlexander Strathie

Nov. 13 1834Samuel ColeridgeCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Margaret ManuelCatalinaCatalinaJohn Gunte ( ? )

Dec. 09 1836William GouldCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Joanna DiamondCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Diamond

Oct. 29 1838Robert PierceBonavistaCatalinaThomas Haynes

Dorothea HiscockCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

The above marriages were performed by Rev.Henry James Fitzgerald

March 10 1841Richard CarpenterBonavistaCatalinaJoseph Stagg

Mary DoyleCatalinaCatalinaMary Carpenter

The above marriage was performed by Rev.Thomas Wood

Oct. 19 1841James StreetCatalinaCatalinaJohn Johnson

Margaret RoseCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

The above marriage was performed by Rev.James Gilcharist

Oct. 26 1841James HaywardCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Marion Hunter (?)(W)CatalinaCatalinaStephen King

Nov. 12 1841James BrineCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Elizabeth HiscockCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Cram

Dec.10 1841Joseph StaggBonavistaCatalinaJames Cram

Mary CarpenterBonavistaCatalina

Dec.23 1841Robert ThompsonScotlandCatalinaJames Cram

Mary Ann Baisley (?)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Mifflin

Mar.09 1842Joseph Hiscock (W)CatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Eva BrownCatalinaCatalinaAnn Haines

Nov.10 1842George HigginsEnglandCatalinaJames Cram

Ann WilshireBonavistaCatalina

May.06 1843Thomas HuntSherbourne,DorsethireCatalinaJames Duffitt

Susannah ShepardCatalinaCatalinaThomas Ady

Nov.02 1843Moses KielBonavistaCatalinaH.Bremner

Elizabeth Diamond (W)CatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Nov.14 1843Stephen AdyCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Butt

Elizabeth DaltonWestern BayCatalinaJames Dalton

May 11 1844James GullageCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Elizabeth WhiteCatalinaCatalinaRobert Blundon

May 12 1844Thomas AdeyCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Ann DuffettCatalinaCaralinaJames Clark

The above marriages were performed by Rev. Thomas Wood

Oct.30 1844Henry PardyBonavistaCatalinaJames Cram

Mary BlundonCatalinaCatalinaMary Ann Manuel

The above marriage was performed by Rev William Netten

Dec.11 1844Robert BlundonCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Gould

Elizabeth GouldCatalinaCatalinaJohn Blundon

The above marriage was performed by Rev.Thomas Wood

Oct 12 1845George RaymondCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Elizabeth RiderBonavistaCatalinaIsabel Bremner

The above marriage was performed by Rev.William Netten

May.12 1846George ClouterCatalinaCatalinaRichard Weeks

Mary Ann HicksBonavistaCatalinaJohn Butt

The above marriage was performed by Rev.Thomas Wood

Nov.02 1846Joseph ShepherdCatalinaCatalinaMary Ann Manuel

Mary RoseBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaRobert House

Nov.10 1846Stephen WhiteCatalinaCatalinaJohn White

Susannah DuffettCatalinaCatalinaElizabeth Manuel

Feb.21 1847George CramCatalinaCatalinaSamuel Coleridge

Elizabeth ChaulkBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaJohn Manuel

May 11 1847Charles HinesCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Eve HiscockTroutyCatalinaWilliam Jeans

The above marriages were performed by Rev.William Netten

Nov.11 1847John WhiteCatalinaCatalinaD.Bremner

Mary GullidgeCatalinaCatalinaJ.O.Barker

The above marriage was performed by Rev.Thomas Wood

Nov 30 1847James DuffettCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Jeans

Elizabeth NewmanCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Jan 15 1848John EadyCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Ann BrightBonavistaCatalinaThomas Eady

Feb.20 1848John ManuelCatalinaCatalinaJames Cram

Amelia SnelgroveCatalinaCatalinaJ.O.Barker

The above marriages were performed by Rev.William Netten

Arr.29 1848Charles DuffettCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Duffett

Hannah PorterBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaStephen White

The above marriage was performed by Rev.Thomas Wood

May 31 1849James HollowayBarrow HarbourCatalina(?) Kiel

Susannah WhiteBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaWilliam Holloway

June 17 1849James ShephardCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Matthews

Mary ChalkBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaThomas Gould

Nov 29 1849Thomas ClouterCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Johnson

Mary Ann MintyBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaHenry Clouter

Apr.29 1850George Brushett (W)BonavistaCatalinaThomas Pearce

Ann RomaineBonavistaCatalinaNoah Diamond

Nov 09 1850Samuel TillerSwains Is.CatalinaJohn Diamond

Elizabeth ManuelCatalinaCatalinaIsabel Bremner

Dec.01 1850William NewhookTrinityCatalinaStephen Guy

Mary Ann JeansCatalinaCatalinaD.Bremner

Dec 11 1850William EadyCatalinaCatalinaThomas Gould

Elizabeth ShepherdCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Day

Dec 11 1850Thomas Stagg (W)Little CatalinaCatalinaMatthew Dalton

Mary Kennedy (W)Little CatalinaCatalinaGeorge Cram

Dec 27 1850John SweetCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Raymond

Fanny GoodlandCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Duffitt

May 13 1851John HaynesCatalinaCatalinaHenry Clouter

Ann ChaulkBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaJames Haynes

May 27 1851George BakerBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaJohn Baker

Mary Ann FlinnBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaWilliam Steeds

Nov 12 1851John ClouterLittle CatalinaCatalinaMatthew Dalton

Elizabeth ChalkLittle CatalinaCatalinaJoseph Reed

Nov 13 1851John Hiscock (W)CatalinaCatalinaRobert Pearce

Sarah Pardy (W)BonavistaCatalinaPeter Martin

Nov 20 1851John Reed (REID)Little CatalinaLittle Catalina

Sarah DuffettCatalinaCatalina

Nov 28 1851Thomas DrakeCatalinaCatalinaStephen Jeans

Sarah GibbsBonavistaCatalinaWilliam Carwan

Dec 03 1851Stephen ClouterCatalinaCatalinaHenry Clouter

Hannah HicksBonavistaCatalinaJohn Hicks

Oct 30 1852John DuffittCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Hampton

Elizabeth ClarkBonavistaCatalinaJoseph Duffitt

Nov 13 1852John Drake (W)CatalinaCatalinaFredrick Hiscock

Ann Pye (W)CatalinaCatalinaHenry Powell

Dec 09 1852Thomas StoneLittle CatalinaCatalinaJames King

Emma AbbottBonavista
William Reed

Dec 27 1852John BurseyCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Barkey

Sarah WhiteBonavistaCatalinaGeorge Matthews

May 26 1853Ebenezer HuntBonavistaCatalinaJoseph O Barker

Sarah WellsCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Short

May 28 1853George Clouter (W)CatalinaCatalinaHenry Clouter

Sarah MinchenBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaRobert Diamond

July 09 1853Joseph DuffittCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Duffitt

Ann NewmanCatalinaCatalinaJames Raymond

The above marriages were performed by Rev.William Netten

May 13 1854William DuffittCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullidge

Sarah GullageCatalinaCatalinaJohn White

NOV 07 1854Simon BakerBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaRobert Pearce

Susanna MilesBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaPeter Martin

June 03 1855Nathanael ButtCatalinaCatalinaJohn Butt

Mary LodgeCatalinaCatalinaMaria Jeans

Nov 16 1855Samuel AnthonySeldom-Com-ByCatalinaSoloman Dawe

Naomi TurnerSeldom-Com-ByCatalinaNathanall Dawe

May 25 1856John HicksBonavistaCatalinaJohn Butt

Emily EdmundsCatalinaCatalinaMary Hiscock

July 31 1856William Day (W)CatalinaCatalinaDugald Bremner

Ellen ManuelCatalinaCatalinaJoseph O Barter

Oct 12 1856Newman AveryGrates CoveCatalinaJohn Janes

Maria JanesCatalinaCatalinaEllen Janes

Nov 18 1856Thomas RoweBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaThomas Eady

Louisa ShepherdCatalinaCatalinaThomas Gould

Dec 29 1856Joseph GibbsBonavistaCatalinaGeorge Carpenter

Mary Ann CarpenterCatalinaCatalinaAlexander Strathie

May 30 1857Thomas HobbsBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaRobert Crew

Mary Ann CrewBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaLena Hobbs

Aug 15 1857George GullageCatalinaCatalinaJohn White

Jane SweetCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Gullage

Sept 15 1857Robert BurseyCatalinaCatalinaDugald Bremner

Louisa DiamondCatalinaCatalinaMoses Kiel

Nov 03 1857Thomas GouldCatalinaCatalinaJames Duffitt

Sarah PowellBonavistaCatalinaJohn Gullage

Nov 19 1857John WhiteCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Raymond

Elizabeth ChalkBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaPeter Martin

Dec 11 1857Thomas Frampton (W)Little CatalinaCatalinaThomas Stone

Louisa ButtCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Reed

July 11 1858Samuel EdmundsCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Raymond

Ellen RussellBonavistaCatalinaGeorge Russell

Oct 31 1858George RussellCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Carpenter

Susanna CarpenterCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Rogers

Non 06 1858William RoweBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaMoses Butler Keel

Esther Stickley(?)CatalinaHenry Rowe

May 14 1859William IvanyNew BonaventureCatalinaRobert House

Maria HouseCatalinaCatalinaRobert Diamond

Oct 26 1859Dugald BremnerCatalinaCatalinaRobert Bremner

Ann HiscockCatalinaCatalinaBenjamin Snelgrove

Nov 17 1859Henry FaceyCatalinaCatalinaHenry Clouter

Louisa DiamondCatalinaCatalinaNicholas Facey

Nov 24 1859Levi WhiteCatalinaCatalinaJohn White

Joanna HuxterCatalinaCatalinaNathaniel Huxter

Dec 07 1859Nathaniel HuxterCatalinaCatalinaRichard Lodge

Mary Ann Lodge (W)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Diamond

Dec 08 1859Joseph RogersCatalinaCatalinaJohn Hiscock

Mary Ann BlundonCatalinaCatalinaJohn Bremner

Jan 03 1860John JeansCatalinaCatalinaFredrick Hiscock

Flora CourageCatalinaCatalinaThomas Martin

May 15 1860Robert StoneLittle CatalinaCatalinaJoseph Reed

Mary Ann ReedLittle CatalinaCatalinaJosiah Stone

Nov 08 1860John GullageCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Gullage

Sarah BrightCatalinaCatalinaJohn Bright

Dec 12 1860Peter MartinCatalinaCatalinaFredrick Russell

Sabary JeansCatalinaCatalinaEllen Jeans

Dec 16 1860Henry RoweCatalinaCatalinaJohn Mifflin

Elizabeth StickleyCatalinaCatalinaJohn Hiscock

Oct 19 1861William KeelCatalinaCatalinaJohn Bright

Susanna BrightCatalinaCatalinaMoses Bright

Jan 01 1862Charles GrangerTrinityCatalinaFredrick Hiscock

Sarah GuyCatalinaCatalinaEdward Guy

Jan 22 1862George ManuelCatalinaCatalinaMoses Keel

Rachel MorrisCuckold's Cv.CatalinaJohn Bremner

July 26 1862Gilbert Humphrey ColeTrinityCatalinaWilliam Sweetland

Isabel BremnerCatalinaCatalinaRonald Bremner

Nov 30 1862Joseph GullageCatalinaCatalinaJohn White

Martha DuffettCatalinaCatalinaAlexander White

Apr 04 1863John HiscockCatalinaCatalinaJohn Manuel

Driscilla ManuelCatalinaCatalinaSarah Manuel

May 02 1863Thomas MartinCatalinaCatalinaJohn Jeans

Ellen JeansCatalinaCatalinaElizabeth S Netten

May 28 1863William BrownCatalinaCatalinaThomas Brown

Mary FaulknerBonavistaCatalinaWilliam Haynes

June 17 1863Aaron StoneLittle CatalinaCatalinaThomas Frampton

Patience Butt(?)CatalinaPeter Sutton

Oct 16 1863William PenneyWestern BayCatalinaJohn Penney

Emma HaynesCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Haynes

Nov 14 1863John Norman (W)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Diamond

Elizabeth HiscockCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Hiscock

Nov 24 1863Edward BiddlecombeCatalinaCatalinaLevi White

Ester HaynesCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Manuel

Nov 25 1863Henry EadyCatalinaCatalinaStephen Eady

(?)BrightCatalinaMoses Bright

Dec 17 1863John BrightCatalinaCatalinaJames Gullage

Jane GullageCatalinaCatalinaJohn Bremner

Jan 13 1864George ClouterCatalinaCatalinaJohn Bremner

Isabella RollsBonavistaCatalinaIsabella Alexander

Nov 30 1864William AshfordCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Perry

Emma ManuelCatalinaCatalinaEdward Hiscock

Dec 03 1864Thomas Stone (W)Little CatalinaCatalinaEdward Guy

Ann Bremner (W)CatalinaCatalinaMary H Netten

Dec 03 1864Thomas RussellCatalinaCatalinaJames Lodge

Ellen LodgeCatalinaCatalinaRobert Diamond

Dec 22 1864Antonio LopusFarrol, SpainCatalinaAaron Stone

Mary Ann SinclairLittle CatalinaCatalinaJohn Brown

Nov 19 1865Stephen Clouter (W)CatalinaCatalinaJames Strathie

Letitia WhelanCatalinaCatalinajonathan Edwards

Nov 22 1865James BurseyCatalinaCatalinaJames Brine

Mary HiscockCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Bursey

Dec 19 1865Joseph Randell MifflinBonavistaCatalinaWilliam Mifflin

Emma ManuelCatalinaCatalinaSamuel Miles

Jan 13 1866Nathanial ButtCatalina

Elizabeth DuffettCatalinaCatalina

May 19 1866Jonathan EdwardsCatalinaCatalinaJohn Butt

Caroline BrineCatalinaCatalinaThomas Clouter

May 26 1866Samuel HigginsCatalinaCatalinaJames Collins

Amelia KeelCatalinaCatalinaSamuel Keel

June 02 1866Simeon ReedLittle CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Reed

Elizabeth DominyBonavistaCatalinaSimeon Simmons

The above marriages were performed by Rev. William Netten

June 21 1866John Levi SkeltonBonavistaCatalinaWilliam Netten

Mary Hannah NettenCatalinaCatalinaRonald Bremner

The above marriage was performed by A.R.C. Bayley

Nov 01 1866George PrinceTickle Cv. B.BAYCatalinaPeter Martin

Sarah RussellCatalinaCatalinaSamuel Prince

Dec 01 1866Moses BrightCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Bright

Selina FlinnBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaWilliam Flinn

Dec 08 1866Peter SuttonLiverpool,EnglandCatalinaThephilus Stead

Mary Marie DaltonCatalinaCatalinaRichard Butt

Dec 26 1866William DuffettCatalinaCatalinaThomas Chalk

Hannah ChalkLittle CatalinaCatalinaWilliam White

Dec 30 1866John BremnerCatalinaCatalinaA.W.Bremner

Emily ShearsBonavistaCatalinaElizabeth Sarah Netten

May 04 1867Joseph ManuelCatalinaCatalinaJ.William Diamond

Mary Jane DiamondCatalinaCatalinaJonathan Diamond

Jan 18 1868Philip SweetCatalinaCatalinaJames House

Sarah Ann HouseCatalinaCatalinaAbraham Miller

May 30 1868Henry PowellCatalinaCatalinaStephen Jeans

Mary WhiteCatalinaCatalinaCaroline Jeans

Nov 07 1868Thomas Russell (W)CatalinaCatalinaPeter Martin

Maria PieCatalinaCatalinaJohn Drake

Nov 14 1868Benjamin DaySalmon CoveCatalinaJohn Beston

Charlotte StickleyCatalinaCatalinaStephen Stickley

Dec 04 1868Nathaniel Lefirage (?)CatalinaCatalinaPhilip Diamond

Rezia (?) PickeringCatalinaCatalinaPeter Martin

May 20 1869John Sanger (W)Bd.Is.Cv.CatalinaJames Brine

Elizabeth BrineCatalinaCatalinaSarah Manuel

June 16 1869William BrushettCatalinaCatalinaJohn Driscoll

Elizabeth PuddisherNorthern BayCatalinaGeorge Raymond

Nov 18 1869George BaileyCatalinaCatalinaElias Willis

Elizabeth CarpenterCatalinaCatalinaSarah Carpenter

Dec 09 1869Thomas DrakeCatalinaCatalinaPeter Martin

Ann BraggGreenspondCatalinaJemima Jeans

Dec 10 1869Alfred BlundenCatalinaCatalina

Martha DuffettCatalinaCatalina

Dec 11 1869James (?)CatalinaCatalinaFredrick Hiscock

Elizabeth BrineCatalinaCatalinaJohn Russell

Jan 05 1870Edward GuyCatalinaCatalinaCharles Granger

Elizabeth Norman (w)CatalinaCatalinaAmelia Guy

Feb 24 1870Josiah StoneLittle CatalinaCatalinaRobert Bursey

Ann BurseyCatalinaCatalinaJames Strathie

May 11 1870John ManuelCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Manuel

Elizabeth HiscockTrinityCatalinaJoanna Hiscock

June 11 1870Stephen StickleyCatalinaCatalinaJohn Stickley

Elizabeth DaySalmon CoveCatalinaWilliam Shepherd

July 09 1870Henry Rowe (W)CatalinaCatalinaNewman Avery

Grace HodderIreland's EyeCatalinaCaroline Jeans

Nov 15 1870Robert HiscockCatalinaCatalinaPeter Martin

Elizabeth Reed (W)Little CatalinaCatalinaJohn Peirce

Nov 20 1870James StrathieCatalinaCatalinaJohn Manuel

Ann BrownBonavistaCatalina

Nov 22 1870William ManuelCatalinaCatalinaStephen White

Ann Duffett (W)CatalinaCatalinaLillian White

Dec 22 1870John DrakeCatalinaCatalinaFredrick Hiscock

Virture Ann WillisCatalinaCatalinaJohn Russell

Dec 24 1870William Keel (W)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Sweet

Elizabeth GoodlandCatalinaCatalinaJohn Keel

jan 15 1871William WhiteCatalinaCatalinaJohn Hicks

Mary Ann HowellCatalinaCatalinaBenjamin White

Apr 19 1871George ManuelCatalinaCatalinaStephen White

Elizabeth HalesBonavistaCatalinaAlexander Manuel

Aug 19 1871John EadyCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Elizabeth ShepherdCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Shepherd

Nov 12 1871Francis BowerJackson's Hr.CatalinaJohn Hiscock

Maria BlundonCatalinaCatalinaPricilla Blundon

Nov 14 1871William TaylorMiddle BightCatalinaJacob Taylor

Ann Collins(?)CatalinaAbram Taylor

Dec 04 1871Hugh Jean DaltonSmith's SoundCatalinaAbel Stone

Pansey StoneSmith's SoundCatalinaJoseph Reed

May 16 1872Peter Sutton (w)Little CatalinaCatalinaGeorge Reed

Sarah Jane ButtLittle CatalinaCatalinaDouglas Kennedy

June 29 1872Thomas Stone (W)Little CatalinaCatalinaAbel House

Leonara Trapnell (W)Little CatalinaCatalinaCharles Granger

Nov 16 1872James RaymondCatalinaCatalinaJames Goodyear

Eliza GoodyearLittle CatalinaCatalinaAgnes Raymond

Nov 19 1872Frederick GullageCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Elizabeth BurtonCatalinaCatalinaMartha White

Nov 25 1872Thomas Drake (W)CatalinaCatalinaPeter Martin

Ann EadyCatalinaCatalinaCharlotte Gullage

Nov 23 1872Joseph GuyCatalinaCatalinaCharles Granger

Juliann GouldCarbonearCatalinaMark Guy

Dec 04 1872James OldfordGoose BayCatalinaThomas Duffett

Mary DuffettCatalinaCatalinaPeter Gould

Dec 05 1872Reuben CarpenterLittle CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Guy

Louisa WhelanLittle CatalinaCatalinaJames Chalk

Dec 07 1872John KeelCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Ann WhiteCatalinaCatalinaCharlotte Gullage

Dec 28 1872William ManuelCatalinaCatalinaStephen White

Ester GullageCatalinaCatalinaEllen Manuel

Feb 01 1873Alfred ClouterCatalinaCatalinaJames Howell

Louisa KennedyLittle CatalinaCatalinaSelina Kennedy

June 02 1873Richard WellsCatalinaCatalinaLevi White

Amelia Ann HouseCatalinaCatalinaMark Guy

Sept 11 1873Richard DrakeCatalinaCatalinaThomas Stone

Sarah ManuelCatalinaCatalinaJames Mifflin

Nov 18 1873James MifflinBonavistaCatalinaJohn Manuel

Elizabeth Jane ManuelCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Manuel

Dec 03 1873John StickleyCatalinaCatalinaJames Howell

Eliza BurseyCatalinaCatalinaCharlotte Gullage

Dec 18 1873William GullageCatalinaCatalinaJames Howell

Ellen CarpenterCatalinaCatalinaStephen Gullage

Dec 20 1873Thomas HiscockCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Manuel

Ellen ManuelCatalinaCatalinaElizabeth S Coleridge

Feb 07 1874Stephen JeansCatalinaCatalinaWilliam J Jeans

Jemima BrineCatalinaCatalinaTryphina Margaret Jeans

June 06 1874James JohnsonLittle CatalinaCatalinaWilliam King

Rachel KingLittle CatalinaCatalinaJoseph Johnson

June 06 1874William ShepherdCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Naomi EadyCatalinaCatalinaAlexander Manuel

June 11 1874John KingLittle CatalinaCatalinaThomas King

Susanna Whalen(?)CatalinaMark Dalton

Nov 07 1874Henry Facey (W)CatalinaCatalinaNicholas Facey

Sarah ElsworthSeldom-Come-ByCatalinaJohn Pomoroy

Dec 05 1874Aaron PiercyLittle CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Way

Susanna FloodCatalinaCatalinaRobert Piercy

Dec 19 1874John PardyCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Robins

Elizabeth WellsGoose BayCatalinaMark Hunt

Dec 24 1874Alfred KeelCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Elizabeth HobbsBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaBenjamin White

The above marriages were performed by Rev. William Netten

Jan 05 1875Caleb DiamondCatalinaCatalinaThomas Stone

Elizabeth Sarah ColeridgeCatalinaCatalinaChristina Guy

Jan 23 1875John RussellCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Russell

Elizabeth HaynesCatalinaCatalinaJohn Haynes

Feb 06 1875Alexander ClouterCatalinaCatalinaJonathan Edwards

Francis ShortCatalinaCatalinaElsie Jane Minty

May 02 1875William Coleridge (W)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Mifflin

Priseilla Fifield (W)TrinityCatalinaJames House

My 15 1875Joseph WhiteCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Hannah ShepherdCatalinaCatalinaStephen Gullage

May 22 1875Samuel ManuelCatalinaCatalinaJoseph Manuel

Mary Jane SteadSalvageCatalinaElizabeth Day

Nov 21 1875Thomas PierceNorthern BightCatalinaWilliam Newhook

Eliz PierceCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Pierce

Dec 08 1875Henry LofmanTwillingateCatalinaJames Howell

Sarah DuffettCatalinaCatalinaMary Duffett

Dec 16 1875James CollinsCatalinaCatalinaJohn Manuel

Elizabeth DayCatalinaCatalinaMark Guy

Dec 18 1875William JeansCatalinaCatalinaThomas Brown

Martha BrownCatalinaCatalinaMary Hannah Brown

Dec 24 1875Henry WeeksLittle CatalinaCatalinaJames Reed

Cecilia ButtLittle CatalinaCatalinaSoloman Reed

Dec 24 1875William HigginsCatalinaCatalinaJohn Hiscock

Hannah HaywardBonavistaCatalinaMary Ann Clouter

Feb 04 1876Robert Bursey (W)CatalinaCatalinaJames Bursey

Priseilla BlundonCatalinaCatalinaEliz Brushett

Mar 18 1876William EadyLittle CatalinaCatalinaJohn Way

Amelia Chalk (w)Little CatalinaCatalinaThomas Stagg

May 13 1876Alfred Clouter (W)CatalinaCatalinaJames Howell

Jane HuntCatalinaCatalinaMary Ann Clouter

Nov 10 1876George Russell (W)CatalinaCatalinaGeorge Bailey

Martha BrushettCatalinaCatalinaJane Brushett

Nov 16 1876Samuel CoolNewman's CoveCatalinaGeorge Clouter

Mary Ann ClouterCatalinaCatalinaStephen Cool

The above marriages were performed by Rev. William Netten

Nov 16 1876John Roche McCowanKilkee, County CloneCatalinaWilliam Netten

Elizabeth Sarah Netten(?)CatalinaFanny Bailey

The above marriage was performed by A.R.C. Bailey

Nov 28 1876George PierceCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Knight

Lucretia Anna NewhookCatalinaCatalinaTryphena Margaret Jeans

Dec 16 1876William LodgeCatalinaCatalinaAwazrish Norman

Deborah BrineCatalinaCatalinaThomas Loyal Lodge

DEC 23 1876francis SweetCatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Charlotte GullageCatalinaCatalinaSusanna White

DEC 23 1876John Bannister Haynes (W)(?)CatalinaJames Tippett

Elizabeth Lamble (W)(?)CatalinaJosiah House

Jan 10 1877Eli JeansCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Jeans

Isabella BrownCatalinaCatalinaMary Hannah Brown

Feb 24 1877Stephen Stickley (W)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Rowe

Mary MasonCatalinaCatalinaRobert Wm Stickley

May 30 1877Peter HouseCatalinaCatalinaJames Raymond

Rosanna ElliottLong Is, B.BayCatalinaAgnes Raymond

June 02 1877William Thomas JeansCatalinaCatalinaThomas Martin

Mary RyanBirchy Cv B.BayCatalinaTryphena M Jeans

Oct 29 1877George Goslin (W)BonavistaCatalinaElias Oldford

Elizabeth Oldford (W)Bd.Is.Cv.CatalinaSarah Chalk

Nov 09 1877Thomas ManuelCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Manuel

Elizabeth MillerTrinityCatalinaAlexander Manuel

Nov 27 1877Alexander PierceNorthern BightCatalinaJames Howell

Isabella FlinnBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaElizabeth Jane Duffett

Nov 29 1877John EadyLittle CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Reed

Elizabeth DayLittle CatalinaCatalinaGeorge Butt

Dec 21 1877William Hayes (Haines)CatalinaCatalina

Elizabeth DuffettCatalinaCatalina

Dec 28 1877Joseph Gibbs (W)CatalinaCatalinaHenry King

Emily SpurellCuchold's Cv W.BayCatalinaAnnie Brushett

Dec 22 1877William Henry ClouterCatalinaCatalinaJames Howell

Mary Ann DuffettCatalinaCatalinaNaomi Stone

Mar 06 1878William HouseCatalinaCatalinaJames House

Maria BlundonCatalinaCatalinaMaria Rogers

Aug 22 1878John ShepherdCatalinaCatalinaJohn Keel

Ellen KeelCatalinaCatalina(?) Jane Maly

Sept 07 1878William HaynesCatalinaCatalinaPeter House

Jane BrushettCatalinaCatalinaJessie Brushett

Nov 02 1878George Gullage (W)CatalinaCatalinaCharlotte Sweet

Mary Ann HicksBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaFrancis Sweet

Nov 26 1878Mark Charles GuyCatalinaCatalinaThomas Stone

Elizabeth Jane PierceSeal Cv. B.BayCatalinaLevi Pierce

Dec 05 1878Joseph ColeridgeCatalinaCatalinaMark C Guy

Christiana GuyCatalinaCatalinaElizabeth Jane Guy

Dec 07 1878Moses Bright (W)CatalinaCatalinaThomas Clouter

Elizabeth Keel (W)CatalinaCatalinaNaomi Stone

Dec 10 1878John HaynesCatalinaCatalinaJohn Russell

Maria Ann HouseCatalinaCatalinaCecilia Ellen House

June 01 1879Robert William StickleyCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Rowe

Elizabeth Rachel DrakeCatalinaCatalinaCatherine Jane Eady

The above marriages were performed by Rev. William Netten

Aug 09 1879Ronald BurseyCatalinaCatalinaJames Collins

Charlotte HicksCatalinaCatalinaTryphena Bursey

Nov 15 1879Robert PierceCatalinaCatalinaJohn Hiscock

Martha RyanCatalinaCatalinaJohn Stagg

Nov 27 1879James Haynes (25)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Hiscock

Cecilia House (22)CatalinaCatalinaJames House

Nov 29 1879George Edmund Russell (22)CatalinaCatalinaNewman Avery

Susana Pardy (23)BonavistaCatalinaFredrick Russell

Jan 17 1880Moses Bright (w)CatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Elizabeth PorterBd.Is.Cv.CatalinaElizabeth Jane Duffett

Mar 04 1880Abel Pomroy (23)CatalinaCatalinaJob Alexander King

Susanna White (20)CatalinaCatalinaMaria White

Oct 18 1880Thomas Higgins (21)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Bannister Haynes

Sarah Jane Tippett (23)CatalinaCatalinaRobert John Moore

Dec 11 1880James Morgan (33)CatalinaCatalinaEdward Biddlecombe

Sarah Lawbo (?) (20)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Haynes

May 21 1881James Gullage (25)CatalinaCatalinaJames Howell

Susana Eady (22)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Bailey

Oct 25 1881Charles Haynes (23)CatalinaCatalinaJames Strathie

Francis Durdell (19)BonavistaCatalinaArthur James Gibbs

Nov 14 1881John Chipman (29)Spaniard's BayCatalinaThomas Drake

Catherine Eady (23)CatalinaCatalinaAlexander Manuel

Dec 15 1881William Shepherd (W)(34)CatalinaCatalinaHenry Rowe

Ann Diamond (29)CatalinaCatalinaArthur Wm Rowe

Oct 31 1882John Wheeler (25)James Cv. B.BayCatalinaJacob Taylor

Elizabeth Ann Wells (23)CatalinaCatalinaTitus Taylor

Dec 30 1882Stephen Stickley (W) (44)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Keel

Johanna Humby (35)CatalinaCatalinaN.O.Cragg

Dec 31 1882John Manuel (W) (53)CatalinaCatalinaIsac Russell

Harriet Russell (37)CatalinaCatalinaIsac Manuel

Jan 06 1883Alexander White (27)CatalinaCatalinaAbel Pomeroy

(?) Mason (26)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Mason

Jan 13 1883George Miles (27)BonavistaCatalinaSampson Mifflin

Emily Hicks (21)CatalinaCatalinaAaron Bugden

May 26 1883John Bursey (27)CatalinaCatalinaRonald Bursey

Emily Edwards (20)CatalinaCatalinaThomas Edwards

May 27 1883Edward Miles (24)BonavistaCatalinaJames Raymond

Susanna Abbott (24)BonavistaCatalinaAllan Ryder

May 30 1883Joseph Duffett (22)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Manuel

Louisa Godger (22)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Mason

Nov 20 1883Arthur Bursey (26)CatalinaCatalinaRichard Hicks

Maria White (21)CatalinaCatalinaTryphena Bursey

Nov 23 1883Henry Shepherd (26)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Shepherd

Elizabeth (?) (25)CatalinaCatalinaArthur Wm Rowe

Nov 25 1883William Blundon (30)CatalinaCatalinaAlexander White

Mary Ellen Keel (21)CatalinaCatalinaThomas Shepherd

Apr 12 1884John Raymond (28)CatalinaCatalinaJames Raymond

Emily Miles (32)CatalinaCatalinaAmelia Ann Johnson

May 03 1884Theophilus Shepherd (27)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Blundon

Mary Ann Bursey (19)CatalinaCatalinaAlfred Shepherd

June 12 1884Mark Hunt (36)CatalinaCatalinaJames Raymond

Sarah Mason (25)CatalinaCatalinaSarah Jane Buddlecombe

Nov 06 1884John Frampton (28)Smith SoundCatalinaAlexander Cullimore

Henrietta Johnson (20)Little CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Frampton

Nov 15 1884Robert Gullage (33)CatalinaCatalinaGeorge Gullage

Ann Duffett (29)CatalinaCatalinaRobert Brine

Nov 19 1884Stephen Gullage (30)CatalinaCatalinaJames Howell

Joanna Lane (28)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Blundon

Nov 19 1884Robert Brine (25)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Bursey

Mary Edwards (23)CatalinaCatalinaThomas Edwards

Nov 20 1884John Mason (44)Peachs CvCatalinaJoseph Coleridge

Mary Short (27)Peachs CvCatalinaPeter Coleridge

June 20 1885Isaac Manuel (28)CatalinaCatalinaJames Collins

Elizabeth Eady (29)CatalinaCatalinaJoanna Rogers

July 22 1885George Thomas Shepherd (24)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Shepherd

Mary Hannah Edgecombe (20)CatalinaCatalinaSimeon Shepherd

Sept 07 1885Richard George (W)

Mary Ann DuffettCatalinaCatalina

Dec 02 1885James Duffett (27)CatalinaCatalinaStephen White

Rebecca Holohan (20)CatalinaCatalinaRobert Duffett

June 05 1886Richard Jones (29)WalesCatalinaGeorge Courage

Marion Mifflin (24)CatalinaCatalinaChristina Mifflin

June 19 1886Samuel Rolls (27)BonavistaCatalinaThomas Clouter

Mary Jane Harris (24)St. John'sCatalinaMark Brown

Jan 22 1887Arthur William Rowe (25)CatalinaCatalinaHenry Shepherd

Olivia Diamond (25)CatalinaCatalinaMary Jane Rowe

Jan 29 1887Thomas Herbert Edwards (28)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Bursey

Jessie Elizabeth Bursey(21)CatalinaCatalinaRachel Edwards

Dec 06 1887William George Cooper (25)Smith's SoundCatalinaWilliam Frampton

Sarah Jane Reid (23)Little CatalinaCatalinaThomas Reid

Dec 10 1887Albert Esau Gibbs (28)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Smith

Elizabeth Marie (?) (29)CatalinaCatalinaRobert Russell

Dec 29 1887Thomas Haynes (22)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Brushett

Caroline Gibbs (W) (24)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam James Hiscock

Jan 07 1888William Rogers (24)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Hampton

Rosanna Hiscock (21)CatalinaCatalinaMary Hiscock

Mar 22 1888George Gullage (30)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Blundon

Priscilla Maybee (26)TroutyCatalinaAlexander Gullage

Dec 23 1888William Russell (W)(44)CatalinaCatalinaEdward Hiscock

Catherine Duffett (W)(31)CatalinaCatalinaSusanna Goodland

Dec 25 1888Joseph Gullage (29)CatalinaCatalinaThomas Edwards

Rachel Edwards (23)CatalinaCatalinaE.Jessie Edwards

Dec 26 1888James ShepherdCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Manuel

Helen EadyCatalinaCatalinaJohn Eady

jan 05 1889James Gullage (26)CatalinaCatalinaAlexander White

Annie Mason (28)CatalinaCatalinaWilliam Duffett

Jan 05 1889James Bishop (28)BonavistaCatalinaJohn Blundon

Elizabeth Blundon (27)CatalinaCatalinaMaggy Pardy

June 09 1889Charles James White (31)Trinity WestCatalinaJohn Collins

Evangeline Newhook (32)Trinity WestCatalinaJohn Newhook

Nov 24 1889James Eady (25)CatalinaCatalinaIsaac Manuel

Selina Pitcher (23)CatalinaCatalinaMary Ann Brown

Dec 14 1889Alexander GullageCatalinaCatalinaStephen Gullage

Sarah Ann TippettCatalinaCatalinaWilliam Tippett

Apr 28 1890Stephen Edward House (29)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Hiscock

Hannah Maria Rogers (28)CatalinaCatalinaJessie Brushett

July 28 1890Alexander TuckerBd.Is.Cv.Catalina

Mary Hannah DuffettCatalinaCatalina

Sept 04 1890Ernest Theophilus Martin (25)CatalinaCatalinaNewman Avery

Isabel Huster (23)CatalinaCatalinaJohn Newhook

Nov 14 1890Thomas Dalton (W)(41)Random NorthCatalinaAbel H Stone

Ellen Stone (33)CatalinaCatalinaThomas A Stone

Nov 30 1890Stephen Eady (42)CatalinaCatalinaCharles Granger

Sarah Gould (W)(39)CatalinaCatalinaJessie Brushett

Dec 24 1890John Beston (24)English Hr.CatalinaRichard Ivany

Ester Ann Penny (W)(32)English Hr.CatalinaPeter Beston

Jan 03 1891William George Rogers (26)CatalinaCatalinaStephen Edward House

Jessie Brushett (28)CatalinaCatalinaJoseph Rogers

Jan 28 1891Albert Edward Snelgrove (24)CatalinaCatalinaThomas Stone

Francis Theresa Stone (23)CatalinaCatalinaAnnie Amelia Stone

Sept 20 1891Fred Ryder (27)BonavistaCatalinaJames Little Catalina

Agnes Wells (25)BonavistaCatalinaJave Wells

Nov 07 1891Thomas Russell (28)CatalinaCatalinaGeorge Russell

Mary Ann White (28)CatalinaCatalinaAmelia J White

The above marriages were performed by Rev. John Goodaere Cragg

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