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Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity South District

Bay de Verde


The information was transcribed by  Debbie Gerow. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Abbott, William fisherman
Adey, John fisherman
Adey, Stephen fisherman
Adey, William fisherman
Barter, Robert planter
Barter, William jun planter
Barter, William sen planter
Blundon, Charles planter
Blundon, Henry jun fisherman
Blundon, Henry sen planter
Blundon, James fisherman
Blundon, John planter
Blundon, Stephen planter
Blundon, Thomas planter
Blundon, William fisherman
Broderick, James planter
Broderick, John jun planter
Broderick, John sen planter
Bryan, James planter
Clancy, Thomas fisherman
Cosh, John fisherman
Cosh, Joseph fisherman
Cosh, Robertplanter
Cosh, Thomas fisherman
Cosh, William fisherman
Cotter, Edward sen planter
Cotter, Thomas jun planter
Critch, Nathaniel fisherman
Dagwell, Thomas fisherman
Dagwell, William fisherman
Dinn, John fisherman
Doyle, Michael fisherman
Duffet, Charles fisherman
Duffet, Henry planter
Duffet, James baitmaster
Duffet, James planter
Duffet, James sen fisherman
Duffet, John planter
Duffet, John jun planter
Duffet, John sen planter
Duffet, Thomas fisherman
Emberley, Henry planter
Emberley, James planter
Emberley, John jun fisherman
Emberley, John sen planter
Emberley, Stephen jun fisherman
Emberley, Thomas planter
Emberley, Thomas planter
Emberley, William fisherman
Emberley, William jun planter
Emberley, William sen planter
Fitzgibbons, Jeremiah fisherman
Fleming, James planter
Fleming, John planer
Fleming, Michael jun planter
Fleming, Michael sen planter
Froud, Charles planter
Froud, Henry fisherman
Froud, William planter
Garret, Jones fisherman
Green, Walter fisherman
Herley, John fisherman
Herley, Michael jun fisherman
Herley, Michael sen fisherman
Hyde, Lawrence bait skiff master
Hyde, Michael fisherman
Hyde, Patrick fisherman
Jacobs, George fisherman
Jacobs, Henry fisherman
Jacobs, Henry sen planter
Jacobs, James planter
Jacobs, James jun planter
Jacobs, James jun fisherman
Jacobs, James sen planter
Jacobs, John planter
Jacobs, Joseph jun fisherman
Jacobs, Joseph sen planter
Jacobs, Thomas planter
Jacobs, William jun planter
Jacobs, William sen fisherman
Keiffe, John planter
Keiffe, Michael fisherman
Keiffe, Patrick fisherman
Keiffe, Thomas jun fisherman
Keiffe, Thomas sen planter
Key, John fisherman
Key, Lawrence fisherman
Key, Michael fisherman
Key, Patrick fisherman
Lockyer, John planter
Lockyer, John jun planter
Lockyer, John sen planter
Lockyer, Joseph planter
Lockyer, William fisherman
Looney, John planter
Looney, Michael planter
Looney Timothy planter
McCarty, Daniel fisherman
McCarty, John fisherman
McCarty, Patrick fisherman
Mackey, William fisherman
More, Edward jun planter
More, Edward sen planter
More, James planter
More, Richard fisherman
More, Thomas fisherman
Murphy, Daniel planter
Murphy, Dennis fisherman
Murphy, James fisherman
Murphy, Peter planter
Neill, Dennis planter
Neill, John jun planter
Neill, John sen fisherman
Neill, Thomas jun planter
Neill, Thomas sen planter
Noonan, Dennis planter
Noonan, John planter
Noonan, Thomas planter
Normore, Charles fisherman
Norris, James, planter
Norris, Joseph planter
Nort, Thomas planter
Nort, William planter
Pendergass, Stephen fisherman
Phalen, David planter
Picot, Elias schoolmaster and way-office keeper.
Pryor, David planter.
Pryor, John planter
Pryor, Joseph fisherman
Pryor, Thomas fisherman
Quinlan, Peter planter
Reggs Andrew fisherman
Reggs, Stephen fisherman
Reggs, Thomas planter
Reggs, William fisherman
Rouse, Rev. O. (Prot. Ep)
Russell, John fisherman
Stephens, Henry planter
Stephens, Henry planter
Stephens, James fisherman
Stephens, James fisherman
Stephens, John jun planter
Stephens, John jun planter
Stephens, John sen planter
Stephens, Thomas fisherman
Stephens, Thomas fisherman
Sutton, Edward planter
Sutton, John planter
Sutton, Richard fisherman
Sutton, William jun planter
Sutton, William sen fisherman
Vincent, John servant
Walsh, Edward jun fisherman
Walsh, Edward sen planter
Walsh, Michael jun fisherman
Walsh, Michael sen fisherman
Walsh, Patrick fisherman


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