NL GenWeb 1864 Hutchinson's Directory

Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity South District

New Perlican


The information was transcribed by  Debbie Gerow. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Bemister Reuben, general dealer
Bryant Garrett, fisherman
Bryant James, fisherman
Bryant Thomas, fisherman
Bryant William, fisherman
Butt Henry, fisherman
Callahan Cornelius, fisherman
Callahan James, fisherman
Callahan Robert, fisherman
Calland Charles, fisherman
Cotter Jacob, fisherman
Cotter James, fisherman
Fisher Abner, fisherman
Fisher John, fisherman
Grant James, fisherman
Grant John, fisherman
Genge John, fisherman
Hefford James, fisherman
Hefford James jun, fisherman
Hefford William, fisherman
Hiscocks James, fisherman
Hiscocks Jasper, fisherman
Hobs Richard, fisherman
Hobs Samuel, fisherman
Howel Francis, way office keeper
Howel George, fisherman
Howley Michael, general dealer
Leonard Edward, fisherman
Leonard John jun, fisherman
Leonard Michael, fisherman
Leonard Obediah, fisherman
Leonard Richard, fisherman
Leonard Samuel, fisherman
Leonard William, fisherman
McCarthy Charles, fisherman
McCarthy O, cooper
Matthews Charles, fisherman
Matthew James, fisherman
Matthews Robert, fisherman
Merchant Thomas, blacksmith
Mitchel James, fisherman
Old David, fisherman
Peddle George, fisherman
Peddle Henry, fisherman
Peddle James, fisherman
Penny George, fisherman
Penney James, fisherman
Piercey Francis, fisherman
Piercey George, fisherman
Piercey Robert, fisherman
Piercey William, fisherman
Pinsent Benjamin, fisherman
Pinsent Richard, fisherman
Pinsent William, fisherman
Pinsent William jun, fisherman
Pitman Albert, fisherman
Pitman Charles, fisherman
Pitman Charles jun, fisherman
Pitman George, fisherman
Pitman William, fisherman
Pitts John, fisherman
Pitts John jun, fisherman
Pitts William, fisherman
Polen Daniel, carpenter
Polen Daniel jun, fisherman
Polen William, carpenter
Snook Alfred, fisherman
Snook Benjamin, fisherman
Snook George, fisherman
Snook George (of James), fisherman
Snook James, fisherman
Snook Joseph, fisherman
Snook Joseph, fisherman
Snook Morgan, fisherman
Snook William, fisherman
Smith Israel, fisherman
Smith John, fisherman
Swansborough William, school teacher
Warren James, fisherman
Warren John, fisherman
Warren Joseph, fisherman
Warren Robert, fisherman
Warren Thomas, fisherman
White George, fisherman
White Jacob, fisherman
White Philip, fisherman
White Stephen, fisherman
White William, fisherman
White William, fisherman
White William jun, fisherman


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