NL GenWeb 1864 Hutchinson's Directory

Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity South District

Scilly Cove


The information was transcribed by  Debbie Gerow. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Anderson A., planter
Anderson Charles, planter
Anderson Edward, planter
Anderson George, planter
Anderson James, planter
Anderson James, jun, planter
Anderson John, planter
Anderson Joseph, planter
Balsom George, planter
Balsom John, planter
Balsom Robert, planter
Banton Absolom, planter
Banton Benjamin, planter
Banton John, planter
Calland Frederick, planter
Calland James, planter
Calland John, planter
Calland Mark, fisherman
Calland Otho, planter
Calland William, planter
Champion Samuel, general dealer
Coats James, jun, fisherman
Coats James, sen, planter
Downey John, planter
Downey John, jun,k planter
Downey Matthew, planter
Evans John, planter
Evans Robert, planter
Follett Adam, planter
Follett James, planter
Follett John, planter
French Francis, fisherman
French John, fisherman
French John, jun, fisherman
French Joshua, fisherman
George Abner, fisherman
George Abraham, fisherman
George Jesse, fisherman
George Martin, fisherman
George Reuben, fisherman
Green George, planter
Green Jasper, planter
Green John, planter
Green John, jun, planter
Green Jonas, planter
Green Josiah, planter
Green L., planter
Green Thomas, planter
Green William, planter
Green William, jun, planter
Gregory John, fisherman
Hendy Charles, fisherman
Hendy John, fisherman
Hendy Joshue, fisherman
Hendy Noah, fisherman
Hendy Robert, fisherman
Hiscocks Charles, fisherman
Hiscocks Ishmael, planter
Hiscocks Jacob, planter
Hiscocks Jasper, jun, planter
Hiscocks Jasper, sen, planter
Hiscocks James, jun, planter
Hiscocks James, sen, fisherman
Hiscocks John, planter
Hiscocks Robert, planter
Hiscocks Samuel, planter
Hiscocks Samuel, jun, planter
Hiscocks Solomon, planter
James George, planter
King Richard, planter
Lend Henry, school teacher
Main Henry, planter
Main John, planter
Main Joseph, planter
Main Roger, planter
Panott Alfred, planter
Panott Bartholomew, planter
Panott Charles, fisherman
Panott James, jun, fisherman
Panott James, sen, fisherman
Panott John, fisherman
Panott Peter, planter
Panott William, jun, planter
Panott William, sen, fisherman
Piercey Esau, planter
Piercey Francis, planter
Piercey Frederick, planter
Piercey George, planter
Piercey Henry, planter
Piercey Henry, jun, planter
Piercey James, planter
Piercey James, jun, planter
Piercey Joseph, planter
Piercey Joseph, jun, planter
Piercey Mark, planter
Piercey Robert, planter
Piercey William, jun, planter
Piercey William, sen, planter
Pinhorn Benjamin, planter
Pinhorn Robert, planter
Pinhorn William, planter
Pitcher Edward, fisherman
Pitcher Isaac, planter
Pitcher Jacob, fisherman
Pitcher Simeon, planter
Pitcher William, jun, planter
Pitcher William, sen, fisherman
Read John, fiherman
Read William, fisherman
Ryan John, planter
Ryan Joseph, planter
Ryan Thomas, planter
Sampson Henry, planter
Smith Charles, planter
Smith Giles, general dealer
Spicer John, planter
Spicer John, jun, planter
Spicer Robert, planter
Thorne Richard, general dealer
Walker Robert, planter


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