NL GenWeb 1871 Lovell's Directory - Grates Cove

Trinity Bay Region - Trinity South District
Transcribed by Debbie Gerow. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
COOPER, Charles, fisherman
COOPER, George, fisherman
COOPER, George, fisherman
COOPER, John, fisherman
COOPER, Reuben, fisherman
COOPER, Thomas, fisherman

DOYLE, Michael, fisherman
DRODGE, Joshua, planter
DUGGAN, Daniel, planter

GAMBIA, Edward

HODDER, Henry, fisherman
HODDER, Thomas, planter
HODDER, William, fisherman

JANES, George, fisherman
JANES, James, trader
JANES, Josiah, fisherman
JANES, Robert, fisherman
JANES, Samuel, fisherman
JANES, William

KING, Eli, fisherman
KING, Henry, fisherman
KING, John, fisherman

LAMBERT, William, fisherman
LEWIS, George, fisherman
A large fishing settlement at the entrance to Trinity Bay, distance from Bat de Verds by road 6 miles, from St. John's by road via. Hearts Content, 113 miles. Mail weekly. Population 550

ATKINS, James, fisherman
ATKINS, William, fisherman
AVERY, Adam, fisherman
AVERY, George, planter
AVERY, John, planter
AVERY, Robert, fisherman
AVERY, Thomas, trader
AVERY, William Thomas, fisherman

BENSON, Benjamin, jun., fisherman
BENSON, Benjamin, sen., planter
BENSON, Elijah, planter
BENSON, Jacob, fisherman
BENSON, John, trader
BENSON, Johnathan, planter
BENSON, Thomas, fisherman
BREWER, James, fisherman
BROADERS, Daniel, fisherman
BROADERS, Isaac, fisherman
BROADERS, Thomas, fisherman
BURAGE, John, fisherman
BURK, Michael, planter

CHURCHILL, James, fisherman
CHURCHILL, John, fisherman

MARTIN, Absalom, fisherman
MARTIN, James, fisherman
MARTIN, Michael, fisherman
MARTIN, Noah, fisherman
MARTIN, Patience
MARTIN, Reuben, fisherman
MARTIN, Samuel, fisherman
MARTIN, William, fisherman
MARTIN, William, fisherman
MEADOWS, Henry, fisherman
MEADOWS, William, trader

NOEL, Peter, planter, trader
NORRIS, Francis, fisherman
NORRIS, John, fisherman

ROSE, Robert, fisherman

SANDSFORD, George, fisherman
SANDSFORD, Henry, fisherman
SANDSFORD, John, planter
SHAW, Stephen, fisherman
SNELGROVE, Isaac, fisherman
SNELGROVE, John, planter
SNELGROVE, Joseph, fisherman

WALDEN, William, fisherman
WARREN, James, fisherman
WARREN, William, fisherman

VOY, John, fisherman