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Grates Cove

The information in this Directory was read, recorded and transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
AVERY, Josiahfisherman
AVERY, Johnfisherman
AVERY, Elifisherman
AVERY, Jamesfisherman
AVERY, Isaactrader
ATKINS, Jamestrader
ATKINS, Williamfisherman
BURK, Richardfisherman
BENSON, Hezekiahfisherman
BENSON, Esaufisherman
BENSON, Thomasfisherman
BENSON, Jos. Georgefisherman
BENSON, Benjamin, Jrfisherman
BENSON, William J.fisherman
BENSON, Isaacfisherman
BENSON, Williamfisherman
BENSON, John, Jr.fisherman
BENSON, Elijahfisherman
BENSON, John, Sr.fisherman
BENSON, Josephfisherman
BENSON, Simeonfisherman
BENSON, Eleazarfisherman
BENSON, Joshuatrader
BURKE, Williamfisherman
BRODERICK, Jeremiahfisherman
BRODERICK, Johnfisherman
BRODERICK, Benjamin, Sr.fisherman
CURTIS, Johnfisherman
COOPER, Reubenfisherman
COOPER, Elifisherman
COOPER, Williamfisherman
COOPER, Georgefisherman
COOPER, Jamesfisherman
COOPER, Arthurfisherman
COOPER, Josiahfisherman
DOYLE, Moses, Sr.fisherman
DOYLE, Michaelfisherman
DOYLE, Johnfisherman
DUGGEN, Johnfisherman
DUGGEN, Daniel, Jr.fisherman
DUGGEN, Daniel, Sr.fisherman
DUGGEN, Thomasfisherman
DUGGEN, Josephfisherman
DUGGEN, Peterfisherman
DUGGEN, Patrickfisherman
ELMORE, Michaelfisherman
ELMORE, Edwardfisherman
GRACE, Johnfisherman
HODDER, Charlesfisherman
HODDER, John, Sr.fisherman
HODDER, Josephfisherman
HODDER, John, Jr.fisherman
HODDER, Davidfisherman
HARRIS, Frederickfisherman
JANES, Josiahfisherman
JANES, Thomasfisherman
JANES, Theophilusfisherman
JANES, Samuelfisherman
KING, Elijahfisherman
KING, Elifisherman
KING, Azariahfisherman
LEWIS, Georgefisherman
LEWIS, W. Georgefisherman
LAMBERT, Williamfisherman
LAMBERT, Jamesfisherman
LAMBERT, Thomasfisherman
LAMBERT, Abrahamfisherman
LAMBERT, Johnfisherman
MARTIN, Stephenfisherman
MARTIN, Jacob, Sr.fisherman
MARTIN, Andrew Jnofisherman
MARTIN, Noahfisherman
MARTIN, Ezekial school teacher
MARTIN, Michaelfisherman
MARTIN, J. Thomasfisherman
MEADUS, Henryfisherman
MEADUS, Johnfisherman
MARTIN, Reubenfisherman
MEADUS, Wm. Henrygeneral dealer
MEADUS, Wm. Johnfisherman
MEADUS, Josephfisherman
MARTIN, Hezekiahfisherman
MARTIN, Jacob, Jr.fisherman
MARTIN, James, Sr.fisherman
MARTIN, James, Jr.fisherman
MARTIN, Georgefisherman
MARTIN, Philipfisherman
MARTIN, John F.fisherman
MARTIN, Josephfisherman
NOEL, Danielfisherman
NOEL, Peter, Sr.fisherman
NOEL, Peter, Jr.fisherman
NORRIS, Francisfisherman
NORRIS, Henry Thomasfisherman
NORRIS, Absolemfisherman
STANDFORD, Wm. Geo.fisherman
SNELGROVE, Joseph, Sr.fisherman
SNELGROVE, John, Sr.fisherman
SNELGROVE, Williamfisherman
SNELGROVE, Simeonfisherman
STANSFORD, Josephfisherman
STANSFORD, Georgefisherman
SNELGROVE, Jacobfisherman
SNELGROVE, John, Jr.fisherman
THISTLE, Absolemfisherman
VEY, Ebenezerfisherman
VEY, Josephfisherman
WARREN, Henryfisherman

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Trinity South District