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Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity South District

Old Perlican

The information in this Directory was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE GEROW, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Adams, NathanielFisherman
Adams, PhilipFisherman
Adams, JamesFisherman
Adams, WilliamFisherman
Barnes, JamesFisherman
Barnes, LeviFisherman
Brookings, RichardFisherman
Brookings, EdgarFisherman
Bursey, EleazerFisherman
Bursey, JosFisherman
Bursey, G. JamesFisherman
Bursey, Uriah, Sr.Fisherman
Bursey, SilasFisherman
Bursey, JoesphFisherman
Bursey, NathanielFisherman
Bursey, StephenFisherman
Bursey, Uriah Jr.Trader
Bursey, W. J. BrittleFisherman
Bursey, Joshua F.Fisherman
Bursey, EliasFisherman
Bursey, James(Frederick)Fisherman
Bursey, MosesFisherman
Button, ErnestFisherman
Button, EliFisherman
Button, Wm JamesFisherman
Button, AlbertFisherman
Button, GeorgeFisherman
Button, WillisFisherman
Button, LeviFisherman
Button, WilliamFisherman
Button, PhilipFisherman
Beckett, WilliamFisherman
Beckett, JamesFisherman
Beckett, JohnFisherman
Beckett, CharlesFisherman
Butler, John T.Fisherman
Beckett, ThomasFisherman
Barrett, George (Thos)Fisherman
Barrett, Arthur JamesFisherman
Barrett, George (Jno)Fisherman
Barrett, John ThomasFisherman
Barrett, AlexanderFisherman
Barrett, JamesFisherman
Barrett, AbrahamFisherman
Barrett, NathanFisherman
Barrett, JosephFisherman
Barrett, WilliamFisherman
Barrett, AlbertFisherman
Barrett, Stephen (Wm)Fisherman
Barrett, James (Wm)Fisherman
Barrett, Stephen (Wm, Sr.)Fisherman
Burt, John Sr.Fisherman
Burt, Joshua (Eli)Fisherman
Burt, StephenFisherman
Burt, LeviFisherman
Burt, JosephFisherman
Burt, Joshua (Levi)Fisherman
Burt, ArielFisherman
Burt, WilliamFisherman
Brooking, EliasFisherman
Cheerly, GeorgeFisherman
Cox, BenjaminFisherman
Cox, JohnFisherman
Coombs, JohnBlacksmith
Cram, James (Wm)Blacksmith
Cram, StephenBlacksmith
Cram, George Sr.Fisherman
Cram, AmbroseFisherman
Cram, James (Jacob)Fisherman
Cooper, SimeonFisherman
Cooper, JamesFisherman
Christian, Wm (JP)Fisherman
Day, William JamesFisherman
Day, ElijahFisherman
Day, EliFisherman
Day, Alexander JFisherman
Day, Simeon (Jno)Fisherman
Day, JoshuaFisherman
Froud, EbenezarFisherman
Froud, John Jr.Fisherman
Froud, LeviFisherman
Froud, WilliamFisherman
Froud, AbrahamFisherman
Green, JosephFisherman
Green, LeviFisherman
Green, John Jr.Fisherman
Green, ReubenFisherman
Green, John Sr.Fisherman
Green, John T.Fisherman
Goddard, WilliamPhysician
Gooby, William H.Fisherman
Gooby, SimeonFisherman
Gooby, Thomas Jr.Fisherman
Gooby, John (Thos)Fisherman
Hopkins, ElibFisherman
Hopkins, JosephFisherman
Hopkins, WilliamFisherman
Hopkins, JamesFisherman
Hopkins, DavidFisherman
Hopkins, LeviFisherman
Howell, GeorgeFisherman
Hollahand, EdwardFisherman
Joliffee, John Sr.Fisherman
Joliffee, John JosFisherman
Joliffee, SimeonFisherman
Kavanagh, James Jr.Fisherman
Kavanagh, James Sr.Fisherman
Mills, William JamesFisherman
Mills, JohnFisherman
Mills, GeorgeFisherman
Mills, NehemiahFisherman
Mills, James (sml)Fisherman
Morry, ArthurTrader
March, GeorgeFisherman
March, WilliamFisherman
March, AnaniasFisherman
March, JosephFisherman
March, Munden NFisherman
March, Nathan Sr.Fisherman
March, ArchibaldFisherman
March, EbenAgent S March & Sons general dealers
March, HenryFisherman
March, Jas NormanFisherman
March, LeviFisherman
March, James (Thomas)Fisherman
March, ThomasFisherman
March, John (Henry)Fisherman
March, Eliasgeneral dealer
Miller, EdwardFisherman
Miller, ThomasFisherman
Pike, ReubenFisherman
Pike, William Jr.Fisherman
Pike, JosephFisherman
Pike, SimeonFisherman
Pike, William GeorgeFisherman
Pike, JosiahFisherman
Pike, NathanielFisherman
Pike, George Sr.Fisherman
Pike, William Sr.Fisherman
Pike, JamesFisherman
Rogers, John Jr.Fisherman
Rogers, John Sr.Fisherman
Rogers, JamesFisherman
Rowe, ElkenehFisherman
Rowe, JamesFisherman
Rowe, SimeonFisherman
Strong, BenjaminFisherman
Strong, EsauFisherman
Strong, William JnoFisherman
Strong, ArchibaldFisherman
Strong, EliasFisherman
Strong, CalebFisherman
Strong, JoshuaFisherman
Strong, SamuelFisherman
Strong, GeorgeFisherman
Swires, JosiahFisherman
Swires, William HenryFisherman
Swires, AbrahamFisherman
Snowden, Rev SamuelMethodist
Spencer, WilliamFisherman
Tilley, JosephFisherman
Tilley, John (Geo)Fisherman
Tilley, AaronFisherman
Tilley, WilliamFisherman
Tilley, John (Moses)Fisherman
Tuff, GeoJP Magistrate
Woodlands, JosiahFisherman
Woodlands, William (Jno)Fisherman
Woodlands, SamuelFisherman
Woodlands, JosephFisherman
Woodlands, JoshuaFisherman
Woodlands, William (Sml)Fisherman
Youngs, John Sr.Fisherman
Youngs, WilliamFisherman
Youngs, John Jr.Fisherman

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Trinity South District