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Scilly Cove

The information in this Directory was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE GEROW, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Andrews, George of JasFisherman
Andrews, George of GeoFisherman
Andrews, James of AaronFisherman
Andrews, Joseph of AaronFisherman
Andrews, Elias of ChasFisherman
Andrews, Aaron of EliasFisherman
Andrews, Jacob of ChasFisherman
Brampton, John of GideonFisherman
Brampton, Gideon of JohnFisherman
Balson, George of JohnFisherman
Balson, Enos of GeorgeFisherman
Balson, Henry of GeorgeFisherman
Balson, Albert of GeorgeFisherman
Brenson, John of ThomasFisherman
Brenson, Wm of JohnFisherman
Brenson, James of JohnFisherman
Brown, John of ThosFisherman
Calland, Hubury of FredFisherman
Coates, Willis of JamesFisherman
Coates, George of JamesFisherman
Coates, James of JamesFisherman
Coates, Eliel of JamesFisherman
Downy, Abraham of JohnFisherman
Downy, John of JohnFisherman
Downy, Ambrose of JohnFisherman
Downy, George of JohnFisherman
Downy, Isreal of GeorgeFisherman
Downy, Matthew of EdwdFisherman
Downy, Nathan of MatthewFisherman
Downy, John of EdwardFisherman
Downy, John of JohnFisherman
Downy, Edward of JohnFisherman
Downy, William of JohnFisherman
Downy, Jas of JamesFisherman
Evans, John of RobertFisherman
Evans, Elijah of JohnFisherman
Evans, Robert of JohnFisherman
French, J F of FrancisFisherman
French, Robert of FrancisFisherman
French, N of FrancisFisherman
French, Joshua of JohnFisherman
French, Charles of JoshuaFisherman
French, John of JohnFisherman
French, William of JohnFisherman
French, Walter of JohnFisherman
French, Stephen of JohnFisherman
French, George of JohnFisherman
Follett, Louis of AdamFisherman
Follett, Adam of GaiusFisherman
Follett, Edmund of JohnFisherman
Green, James of JasperFisherman
Green, Robert of JasperFisherman
Green, John C of JonasFisherman
Green, Aaron of JonasFisherman
Green, Nicholas of JonasFisherman
Green, Noah of ThosFisherman
Green, George of GeoFisherman
Green, Barzilia of GeorgeFisherman
Green, William of GeorgeFisherman
Green, Elias of WilliamFisherman
Green, Hezekiah of GeoFisherman
Green, John of WilliamFisherman
Green, William of JohnFisherman
Gregory, Moses of JohnFisherman
Gregory, George of MosesFisherman
Gregory, John of MosesFisherman
George, Reuben of Ab'mFisherman
George, Nicholas of Ab'mFisherman
George, Edgar of ReubenFisherman
George, John of ReubenFisherman
George, Abraham of JohnFisherman
George, Luke of AbnerFisherman
George, WillisFisherman
George, James of JesseFisherman
George, Thomas of WilliamFisherman
Hiscock, Josiah of SamuelFisherman
Hiscock, Samuel of JosiahFisherman
Hiscock, Charles of JosiahFisherman
Hiscock, Jacob of RobertFisherman
Hiscock, Robert of JacobFisherman
Hiscock, Jacob of JacobFisherman
Hiscock, Ebenezer of JacobFisherman
Hiscock, Ishmael of SimonFisherman
Hiscock, John of IshmaelFisherman
Hiscock, Ronald of IshmaelFisherman
Hiscock, Robert of RobertFisherman
Hiscock, Eliel of RobertFisherman
Hiscock, George of RobertFisherman
Hiscock, Elijah of JasperFisherman
Hiscock, James of JasperFisherman
Hiscock, William of JamesFisherman
Hiscock, Arthur of JamesFisherman
Hiscock, Ira of JamesFisherman
Hiscock, Elisha of JamesFisherman
Hiscock, Nathaniel of JacobFisherman
Hiscock, Jonath of SolomonFisherman
Hiscock, Caleb of ChasFisherman
Hiscock, NoahFisherman
Hiscock, Sam'l of SolomonFisherman
Hiscock, Jasper of SolomonFisherman
Hiscock, Jasper of JasperFisherman
Hiscock, Robert of JohnFisherman
Hiscock, Albert of JohnFisherman
Hiscock, Arthur of JohnFisherman
Hendy, C Morriss of StevFisherman
Hendy, Charles of JessieFisherman
Hendy, Noah of JessieFisherman
Hendy, Eleazer of NoahFisherman
Hendy, Robert of NoahFisherman
Hendy, Josiah of NoahFisherman
Hendy, Enos of NoahFisherman
Hendy, Thomas of JohnFisherman
Hendy, Peter of JohnFisherman
Hendy, Arch of PeterFisherman
Hendy, Joshua of RobertFisherman
Hendy, Stephen of JoshuaFisherman
Hendy, Robert of JesseFisherman
Hendy, Robert of RobertFisherman
Harnum, Joseph of EliFisherman
Harnum, Willis of EliFisherman
Janes, John of GeoFisherman
Janes, Henry of GeoFisherman
King, Moses of ZebFisherman
Kelland, George of WilliamFisherman
Kelland, James of JohnFisherman
Kelland, Augustus of JasFisherman
Kelland, Wm of OttoFisherman
Kelland, Peter of OttoFisherman
Kelland, John of WmFisherman
Kelland, Wm of WmFisherman
Kelland, Fred of MarkFisherman
Kelland, Fred of FredFisherman
Pention, Benj of WmFisherman
Pention, Sam of WmFisherman
Pention, Robert of WmFisherman
Pention, Wm of WmFisherman
Parrate, Robert of PeterFisherman
Parrate, Peter of PeterFisherman
Parrate, John of PeterFisherman
Parrate, Loyal of PeterFisherman
Parrate, Alfred of PeterFisherman
Parrate, John of AlfredFisherman
Parrate, Caleb of AlfredFisherman
Parrate, Adam of BartFisherman
Parrate, John of BartFisherman
Parrate, Aaron of WilliamFisherman
Parrate, Wm H'y of WmFisherman
Parrate, James of JamesFisherman
Parrate, Chas of JamesFisherman
Parrate, Robert of ChasFisherman
Parrate, James of JamesFisherman
Parrate, John of JamesFisherman
Parrate, George of JamesFisherman
Parrate, Ambrose of WmFisherman
Parrate, Jacob of BartFisherman
Parrate, Frederick of JamesFisherman
Piercoy, Henry of SimonFisherman
Piercoy, Albert of SimonFisherman
Piercoy, Amos of JamesFisherman
Piercoy, John of WilliamFisherman
Piercoy, Mark of JohnFisherman
Piercoy, Jonathan of MarkFisherman
Piercoy, Benjamin of MarkFisherman
Piercoy, Mark of MarkFisherman
Piercoy, Robert of JamesFisherman
Piercoy, Edward of JohnFisherman
Piercoy, John of JohnFisherman
Piercoy, Jasper of HenryFisherman
Piercoy, Jacob of HenryFisherman
Piercoy, James of JasperFisherman
Piercoy, George of JasperFisherman
Piercoy, Herbert of GeorgeFisherman
Piercoy, Chas of JosephFisherman
Piercoy, Nathaniel of NathlFisherman
Pitcher, Eli of SimeonFisherman
Pitcher, Chas of SimeonFisherman
Pitcher, Jacob of WilliamFisherman
Pitcher, Simon of WmFisherman
Pitcher, Joshua of SimonFisherman
Pitcher, William of WilliamFisherman
Pitcher, Robert of WilliamFisherman
Pitcher, Robert of WilliamFisherman
Read, William of JohnFisherman
Read, Peter of HubertFisherman
Ryan, John of JosephFisherman
Ryan, Joseph of JohnFisherman
Squires, Jasper of JosiahFisherman
Sanson, John of HenryFisherman
Sanson, William of HenryFisherman
Sanson, Joseph of HenryFisherman
Sanson, John of IsaacFisherman
Sanson, Isaac of JohnFisherman
Sanson, Joshua of JohnFisherman
Sanson, Jacob of JohnFisherman
Spicer, Loyal of JohnFisherman
Spicer, Robert of JohnFisherman
Tucker, John of WmFisherman
Tucker, James of RobertFisherman
Tucker, Thos of RobertFisherman
Tucker, Edgar of WmFisherman
Verge, Azariah of JosephFisherman
White, Stephen of PhilipFisherman
Walker, Thos of WmFisherman

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Trinity South District