NLGenWeb 1894 Directory

Trinity Bay Region -  Trinity  South District

Transcribed by Debbie Gerow.  While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

Seal Cove


Adey Saml of Saml, fisherman

Baton Wm Hy of Wm, fisherman

Belben Reuben of John, fisherman

Belben John of Reuben, fisherman

Belben Albert of Moses, fisherman

Belben Robert of John, fisherman

Belben Robert of William, fisherman

Belben Francis of Francis, fisherman

Belben Mark of Robert, fisherman

Belben Aaron of Wm, fisherman

Belben Eli of Wm, fisherman

Belben Lorenzo of Eli, fisherman

Belben Edward of Eli, fisherman

Belben Wm John of Robert, fisherman

Buckler Jesse of Wm, fisherman

Baily Israel of William, fisherman

Baily Ishmael of Wm, fisherman

Baily Miles of Wm, fisherman

Francis Eli of Robert, fisherman

Harris Chris of John, fisherman

Harris Jordan of Chris, fisherman

Harris Joseph of Loyal, fisherman

Harris A Thos of Robert, fisherman

Harris Christopher of Robt, fisherman

Harris Wm of Christopher, fisherman

Harris John of William, fisherman

Harris Edward of William, fisherman

Harris Francis of Edwd, fisherman

Harris Ambrose of Edward, fisherman

Harris Edward of Edward, fisherman

Harris Jacob of John, fisherman

Harris John of Wm, fisherman

Harris Moses of John, fisherman

Harris John of John, fisherman

Harris Elias of Eliel, fisherman

Harris Amos of Eliel, fisherman

Harris Robert of Gregory, fisherman

Harris Charles of Robert, fisherman

Hadden Wm L of John, fisherman

Hart Henry of William, fisherman

Laywood Thos of Thomas, fisherman

Moore Henry of George, fisherman

Moore George of Henry, fisherman

Palmer Israel of Israel, fisherman

Pynn Joseph of Josiah, fisherman

Pynn Josiah of Josiah, fisherman

Pynn George of George, fisherman

Pynn Corbet of George, fisherman

Sangrecy Joseph, fisherman

Single William, fisherman

Single Francis of Wm, fisherman

Trim Robert of Wm, fisherman

Trim William of Wm, fisherman

Trim Thos of William, fisherman

Whiteway Martin of John, fisherman


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