NLGenWeb 1894 Directory

Trinity Bay Region -  Trinity  South District

Transcribed by Debbie Gerow.  While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

Lance Cove



Avery Nathan, fisherman

Avery Joseph, fisherman

Avery Wm, fisherman

Avery Henry J, fisherman

Armstrong Reuben, fisherman

Armstrong Leander, fisherman

Armstrong George, fisherman

Armstrong Arthur, fisherman

Armstrong Abel, fisherman

Bursey Edward, fisherman

Bursey John, fisherman

Bearns John, fisherman

Bearns George, fisherman

Bearns Jordan, fisherman

Bearns Charles, fisherman

Brown John, fisherman

Brown Wm, fisherman

Brown Abram John, fisherman

Brown George, fisherman

Chard George, fisherman

Humby Wm, fisherman

Hoskins George, fisherman

Hoskins Wm, fisherman

Hoskins John sr, fisherman

Hoskins John jr, fisherman

Head John, fisherman

Head James, fisherman

Head Jonah, fisherman

Mathews Archibald, fisherman

Mathews Olive, fisherman

Mathews Willis, fisherman

Pike Wm, fisherman

Ryder Matthew, fisherman

Ryder Thomas, fisherman

Ryder Absolom, fisherman

Strong James, fisherman

Strong George, fisherman

Strong Peter, fisherman

Strong Henry A, fisherman

Tremblett Joseph, fisherman

Tremblett George, fisherman

Tremblett Alfred, fisherman


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