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Trinity Bay Region -  Trinity  South District

Transcribed by Debbie Gerow.  While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

Grates Cove

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Avery Josiah sr Fisherman
Avery John do
Avery Eli do
Avery James do
Avery Josiah jr do
Avery William Thos do
Avery Isaac do
Avery Eleazer do
Avery Herbert do
Avery Simeon do
Avery George do
Avery Avalon do
Avery John sr do
Avery Jonah do
Avery Thomas do
Burke Richard do
Benson Joseph do
Benson Elijah do
Benson Joshua do
Benson Thomas do
Benson Joseph George do
Benson William John do
Benson Isaac do
Benson William do
Benson Hezekiah do
Benson John do
Benson Simeon do
Benson Eleazer do
Benson Benjamin do
Brower James do
Broderick Jere do
Broderick John do
Broderick J. Thos do
Curtis John do
Cooper Benjamin do
Cooper Esau do
Cooper Wm Thos do
Cooper Eli do
Cooper Wm of Benji do
Cooper George do
Cooper Arthur do
Cooper Josiah do
Cooper Wm of Josiah do
Doyle Moses of Moses do
Doyle Michael do
Doyle Moses of Mich do
Doyle Michael sr do
Doyle John do
Doyle Patrick do
Doyle Denis do
Duggan Joseph do
Duggan Daniel of Jhn do
Duggan George do
Duggan John of Joseph do
Duggan Peter of Joseph do
Duggan Peter of Daniel do
Duggan Patrick do
Duggan Thomas do
Duggan James do
Duggan Daniel of Daniel do
Duggan Isaac do
Duggan John of Daniel do
Elmore Michael do
Elmore Edward do
Harris Frederick do
Harris John Robert do
Hodder James do
Hodder Charles do
Hodder John of Thomas do
Hodder Joseph of Chas do
Hodder Wm of John do
Hodder David do
Hodder Ephraim do
Hodder Eli do
Hodder Jos of John do
Janes Josiah do
Janes Thomas do
Janes Theophilus do
King Eli do
King Azariah do
King Noah do
King Elijah do
Louis Wm George do
Louis Joshua do
Louis John do
Lambert William do
Lambert James do
Lambert Thomas do
Lambert Abraham do
Lambert John do
Lambert Silas do
Martin Samuel do
Martin Arthur do
Martin Jas of Wm do
Martin Stephen do
Martin Jac of Absalom do
Martin John do
Martin J Roland do
Martin Benjamin do
Martin Jacob of A do
Martin J Thomas do
Martin Joseph do
Martin, Charles do
Martin James sr do
Martin James of James do
Martin George do
Martin Reuben do
Martin Ezekiel do
Martin Hezekiah do
Martin Jacob of William do
Martin William do
Meadus Henry do
Meadus Thomas do
Meadus George do
Meadus W Henry do
Meadus W John do
Meadus Joseph do
Meadus Edward do
Noal Peter sr do
Noal Peter jr do
Noal Daniel do
Norris Francais do
Norris H Thomas do
Norris Absalom do
Norris William do
Snelgrove W Thos do
Snelgrove Simeon do
Snelgrove J Herbert do
Snelgrove Joseph do
Snelgrove John sr do
Snelgrove Hezekiah do
Snelgrove William do
Snelgrove John jr do
Stansford William sr do
Stansford Ebenezer do
Stansford Joseph do
Stansford William jr do
Thistle Absalom do
Vey Ebenezer do
Vey Joseph do


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