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Trinity Bay - 1904 Directory

Russell's Cove

Bursey, James; Fisherman
Bursey, John; Fisherman
Bursey, Newman; Fisherman
Bursey, Simeon; Fisherman
Button, Elisha of Moses Button and Sons
Button, Jane, widow Moses
Button, William J of Moses Button and Sons
Clark, Jabez; Fisherman
Clark, Joseph; Fisherman
Diamond, John; Fisherman
Diamond, Levi; Fisherman
Driscoll, Jno of Robert; Fisherman
Driscoll, Noah; Fisherman
Driscoll, William J; Fisherman
Durdell, William T, mail carrier
Goodwin, Eleazer; Fisherman
Goodwin, Eli; Fisherman
Goodwin, George C; Fisherman
Goodwin, George; Fisherman
Goodwin, James; Fisherman
Goodwin, James; Fisherman
Goodwin, John; Fisherman
Goodwin, Joshua; Fisherman
Goodwin, Nathan; Fisherman
Goodwin, Reuben; Fisherman
Goodwin, William H; Fisherman
Harris, Ambrose; Fisherman
Harris, Ambrose; Fisherman
Harris, Eli; Fisherman
Harris, Esau; Fisherman
Harris, Gregory; Fisherman
Harris, Nehemiah; Fisherman
Harris, William; Fisherman
Harris, William; Fisherman
Mansfield, Arthur; Fisherman
Mansfield, Frederick; Fisherman
Mansfield, George; Fisherman
Mansfield, Gilbert; Fisherman
Mansfield, John B; Fisherman
Mansfield, John C; Fisherman
Mansfield, Peter; Fisherman
Mansfield, William; Fisherman
Pynn, Stephen J; Fisherman
Reid, Absalom; Fisherman
Reid, Caleb; Fisherman
Sceviour, John; Fisherman
Snelgrove, Isaac; Fisherman
Snelgrove, James; Fisherman
Snelgrove, John; Fisherman
Snelgrove, Simeon; Fisherman
Wheeler, William; Fisherman
Woodland, Eli; Fisherman
Woodland, Samuel; Fisherman
Woodland, Stephen; Fisherman

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Trinity South District