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Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity South District

Turk's Cove

Reel # 8041: Pages 586 - 588

Column heading abbreviations: D#=Dwelling number; F#=Family number; RELATION=relationship to head of family, STATUS=marital status, DOB=month and year of birth, AGE=age at last birthday, POB=place of birth.

Transcribed by BRUCE ANDREWS, February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors as well as errors of omission or translation.

11CARBERRY, Ellen E.FHeadWidowJuly 185466Catalina

CARBERRY, BernardMSonMarriedOct 189327Turk's Cove

CARBERRY, AnastatiaFDaughter-in-lawMarriedAug 189525Turk's Cove

WALSH, MichaelMSon-in-lawMarriedAug 189426Bay de Verde

WALSH, LucyFDaughterMarriedAug 189525Turk's Cove

22DEAN, HenryMHeadMarriedJune 185862Turk's Cove

DEAN, EllenFWifeMarriedJune 186060Victoria

SHAUNES?, GeorgeMStepsonSingleFeb 188238Victoria

BROWN, VioletFAdoptedSingleNov 190614Winterton

33ANTLE, GeorgeMHeadWidowerSept 184080Turk's Cove

ANTLE, AlbertMSonMarriedJan 189129Turk's Cove

ANTLE, MaudFDaughter-in-lawMarriedSept 190119Turk's Cove

ANTLE, George JrMGrandsonSingleJan 19191Turk's Cove

44ANTLE, JosephMHeadMarriedJune 187941Turk's Cove

ANTLE, Mary AnnFWifeMarriedNov 189129Winterton

ANTLE, CyrilMSonSingleAug 19146Turk's Cove

ANTLE, MirriamFDaughterSingleJan 19173Turk's Cove

ANTLE, WilliamMSonSingleSept 19182Turk's Cove

55CARBERRY, PeterMHeadMarriedJune 186060Turk's Cove

CARBERRY, AnastatiaFWifeMarriedJan 186852Tickle Harbor

66CONWAY, JeremiahMHeadMarriedJuly 187644Turk's Cove

CONWAY, BridgetFWifeMarriedJuly 188040

CONWAY, RichardMSonSingleNov 189921Turk's Cove

CONWAY, StephenMSonSingleAug 190119Turk's Cove

77CONWAY, CyrilMHeadMarriedMar 189129Winterton

CONWAY, MargaretFWifeMarriedOct 189921Heart's Desire

CONWAY, CicilyFMotherWidowSept 185565Winterton

88CONWAY, PatricMHeadMarriedAug 188139Turk's Cove

CONWAY, JoannaFWifeMarriedSept 188733British Hr

99CONWAY, JohnMHeadMarriedFeb 187545Turk's Cove

CONWAY, MargaretFWifeMarriedApr 187545Gooseberry Cove

CONWAY, LeoMSonSingleApr 189921Turk's Cove

CONWAY, WilliamMSonSingleOct 190218Turk's Cove

CONWAY, PatricMSonSingleJan 190416Turk's Cove

CONWAY, AliceFDaughterSingleSept 190614Turk's Cove

CONWAY, MaryFDaughterSingleAug 19128Turk's Cove

CONWAY, CeciliaFDaughterSingleNov 19146Turk's Cove

CONWAY, MichaelMSonSingleJuly 19164Turk's Cove

CONWAY, PhilipMSonSingleOct 190812Turk's Cove

1010CONWAY, WilliamMHeadMarriedJan 186951Turk's Cove

CONWAY, RuthFWifeMarriedAug 187842Winterton

CONWAY, EliasMBrotherSingleOct 187248Turk's Cove

1111RYAN, Thos.MHeadMarriedOct 183882Turk's Cove

RYAN, MariaFWifeMarriedOct 184476Turk's Cove

RYAN, FrancisMSonWidowerOct 189228Winterton

RYAN, MirriamFGranddaughterSingleSept 19191Turk's Cove

1212HARTY, MichaelMHeadMarriedDec 188040Turk's Cove

HARTY, BridgetFWifeMarriedNov 188535Avondale

HARTY, NellieFDaughterSingleSept 191010Turk's Cove

HARTY, VincentMSonSingleApr 19146Turk's Cove

HARTY, JohnMSonSingleAug 19155Turk's Cove

HARTY, LeoMSonSingleJune 19174Turk's Cove

1313ANTLE, JohnMHeadWidowedNov 187149Turk's Cove

ANTLE, CathalineFDaughterSingleNov 190218Turk's Cove

ANTLE, AnastatiaFDaughterSingleFeb 190416Turk's Cove

ANTLE, EliasMSonSingleJuly 190614Turk's Cove

ANTLE, EllenFDaughterSingleNov 191112Turk's Cove

ANTLE, JohnMSonSingleNov 19156Turk's Cove

ANTLE, WilliamMSonSingleNov 190515Turk's Cove

1414ANTLE, PhilipMHeadMarriedJune 186555Turk's Cove

ANTLE, RhodaFWifeMarriedJan 187446Winterton

ANTLE, PeterMSonSingleNov 189624Turk's Cove

ANTLE, RaimondMSonSingleJune 190416Turk's Cove

ANTLE, VictoriaFDaughterSingleDec 190614Turk's Cove

ANTLE, JamesMSonSingleMay 190812Turk's Cove

ANTLE, ElizabethFDaughterSingleMar 19128Turk's Cove

1515MOORE, TerranceMHeadMarriedFeb 187347Turk's Cove

MOORE, AnnieFWifeMarriedAug 187644Turk's Cove

MOORE, JamesMSonSingleDec 190218Turk's Cove

MOORE, BeatriceFDaughterSingleNov 190317Turk's Cove

MOORE, PhilipMBrotherSingleSept 187149Turk's Cove

RYAN, AnnieFMother-in-lawWidowNov 185763Turk's Cove

SCOTT, CharlesMHeadSingleSept 187248Turk's Cove

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