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Lead Cove

In the following file, the dwelling and family number wasn't reset at the start of each community but continued through a group of communities. The handwriting in this community was more difficult to read than for some other communities.

The leading two numbers for each family are dwelling number (DW#) and family number (FA#) Individual records are Name, Relationship to head of household, Sex, Marital status, Age at last birthday, and Place of Birth if different from Newfoundland (or notes in square brackets).

Everything is as recorded in the census, square brackets [ ] indicate my comments. Question marks indicate that I couldn't decipher what was written. A few entries had lines through them but it's impossible to know from the microfilm if those were in the original or done subsequently.

It was read, recorded and transcribed by BRUCE ANDREWS, 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

11BUTTON, JosephHeadMMarried57

BUTTON, ElizabethWifeFMarried55

BUTTON, CarmanSonMSingle18

BUTTON, WallaceSonMSingle14

2BUTTON, ArthurHeadMMarried24

BUTTON, JaneWifeFMarried41
23BUTTON, NormanHeadMMarried22

BUTTON, Annie MayWifeFMarried20

BUTTON, LloydSonMSingle6 mts
34BUTTON, Abram JohnHeadMMarried69

BUTTON, Emily JaneWifeFMarried64
BUTTON, Abram GeorgeSonMSingle29

BUTTON, CharlesSonMSingle27
55BUTTON, ZechariahHeadMMarried51

BUTTON, Bessie MayWifeFMarried44

BUTTON, MargaretDaughterFSingle20
66BUTTON, William HenryHeadMMarried59

BUTTON, AnnieWifeFMarried59

BUTTON, AlfredSonMSingle14

BUTTON, Martha AnnDaughterFSingle29?[hard to read]

BUTTON, Velva JoyceDaughterFSingle16
77BUTTON, Abram John, jrHeadMMarried26

BUTTON, Blance AliceWifeFMarried25

BUTTON, Reginald ClydeSonMSingle2
88BUTTON, ArchibaldHeadMMarried52

BUTTON, Bessie JaneWifeFMarried45

BUTTON, FlossieDaughterFSingle18

BUTTON, LesterSonMSingle15

BUTTON, LlewellynSonMSingle13

BUTTON, SimeonSonMSingle8

ARMSTRONG, Amelia JaneDaughterFSingle15
99BUTTON, AlbertHeadMMarried55

BUTTON, BerthaWifeFMarried56

BUTTON, EliasSonMSingle25
1010BUTTON, NathanielHeadMMarried73

BUTTON, ElizabethWifeFMarried70

11BUTTON, SimeonHeadMMarried36

BUTTON, GladysWifeFMarried32

BUTTON, MaryDaughterFSingle13
1112BUTTON, AzariahHeadMMarried33

BUTTON, SadieWifeFMarried28

BUTTON, AdelineDaughterFSingle7

BUTTON, ArchibaldSonMSingle4

BUTTON, ClarenceSonMSingle7 mo
1213LAMBERT, JohnHeadMMarried70

LAMBERT, HannahWifeFMarried49

LAMBERT, CharlesSonMSingle30

LAMBERT, GeorgeSonMSingle15

LAMBERT, WesleySonMSingle12

LAMBERT, BeatriceDaughterFSingle24

LAMBERT, Eliza AnnDaughterFSingle27
1314MILLS, Mrs. Easter?HeadFWidowed61

MILLS, Nathan GeorgeSonMSingle28

MILLS, RolandSonMSingle19

MILLS, Lavina JaneDaughterFSingle23
1415BROOKINGS, ZechariahHeadMMarried74

BROOKINGS, Elizabeth AnnWifeFMarried71

BROOKINGS, NemiahSonMSingle21
1516BUTTON, LeviHeadMMarried50

BUTTON, SarahWifeFMarried26

BUTTON, TryphenaMotherFWidowed78

BUTTON, CharlesSonMSingle18

BUTTON, PriscillaDaughterFSingle16

BUTTON, EdmundSonMSingle14

BUTTON, Eva StellaDaughterFSingle12
1617SPARKES, John CharlesHeadMMarried42

SPARKES, VirtueWifeFMarried40

SPARKES, Alice JaneDaughterFSingle13
1718BUTTON, HerbertHeadMMarried59

BUTTON, IdaWifeFMarried48

BUTTON, Wilbert GeorgeSonMSingle21

BUTTON, RaymondSonMSingle19

BUTTON, MarthaDaughterFSingle17

BUTTON, EdithDaughterFSingle11

BUTTON, AliceDaughterFSingle8
1819BUTTON, ErnestHeadMMarried57

BUTTON, CarolineWifeFMarried56

20BUTTON, HaroldHeadMMarried25

BUTTON, Bessie MayWifeFMarried22

BUTTON, Annie MayDaughterFSingle3

BUTTON, EvelynDaughterFSingle11 mts
1921BUTTON, JabezHeadMMarried35

BUTTON, FlossieWifeFMarried32

BUTTON, GordonSonMSingle10

BUTTON, MollieDaughterFSingle3
2022BUTTON, William JohnHeadMMarried39

BUTTON, MarthaWifeFMarried38

BUTTON, MaxwellSonMSingle12

BUTTON, Edward ChesleySonMSingle10
2123LAMBERT, RichardHeadMMarried41

LAMBERT, EthelWifeFMarried32

LAMBERT, EliasSonMSingle10

LAMBERT, Herbert (Hubert?)SonMSingle8
2224BUTTON, PleamonHeadMMarried56

BUTTON, Mary JaneWifeFMarried52

BUTTON, Reuben JohnSonMSingle24

BUTTON, Emily JaneDaughterFSingle17

BUTTON, William HenrySonMSingle15
2325BUTTON, GeorgeHeadMMarried64

BUTTON, MarthaWifeFMarried58

BUTTON, AnaniasSonMSingle16

26BUTTON, EliHeadMMarried23

BUTTON, PearlWifeFMarried22

BUTTON, MorleySonMSingle1 mo
2427LAMBERT, JamesHeadMMarried72

LAMBERT, MaryWifeFMarried74
2528LAMBERT, JohnHeadMWidowed38
2629BUTTON, Mrs. LeoHeadFWidowed-
Strays, at the end of all the census records for the group

BUTTON, IreneHeadFWidowed28

BUTTON, DorisDaughterFSingle6

BUTTON, ShirleyDaughterFSingle4

BUTTON, RubyDaughterFSingle2

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