NL GenWeb 1935 Census Data

Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity South District

New Chelsea

In the following file, the dwelling and family number wasn't reset at the start of each community but continued through a group of communities. The handwriting in this community was more difficult to read than for some other communities.

The leading two numbers for each family are dwelling number (DW#) and family number (FA#) Individual records are Name, Relationship to head of household, Sex, Marital status, Age at last birthday, and Place of Birth if different from Newfoundland (or notes in square brackets).

Everything is as recorded in the census, square brackets [ ] indicate my comments. Question marks indicate that I couldn't decipher what was written. A few entries had lines through them but it's impossible to know from the microfilm if those were in the original or done subsequently.

It was read, recorded and transcribed by BRUCE ANDREWS, 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

143160THOMAS, Ellis J.HeadMMarried64

THOMAS, Maria A.WifeFMarried62

THOMAS, PhilipSonMSingle25

THOMAS, EmilyDaughterFSingle20
144161BELBEN, Simeon A.HeadMMarried34

BELBEN, Stella P.WifeFMarried37

BELBEN, Eli L.SonMSingle8

BELBEN, Wilfred J.SonMSingle1

BELBEN, LaviniaMotherFWidowed74
145162BELBEN, Elam J.HeadMMarried52

BELBEN, Amelia J.WifeFMarried42

BELBEN, Kenneth J.SonMSingle24

BELBEN, Wallace R.SonMSingle22

BELBEN, Ida B.DaughterFSingle20

BELBEN, Nellie F.DaughterFSingle18

BELBEN, Preston J.SonMSingle16

BELBEN, CeliaDaughterFSingle14

BELBEN, AlfredSonMSingle12

BELBEN, Isaac R.SonMSingle3
146163BELBEN, ThomasHeadMMarried56

BELBEN, Martha A.WifeFMarried50

BELBEN, Hedley R.SonMSingle17

BELBEN, Dorcas M.DaughterFSingle16

BELBEN, Agness B.DaughterFSingle13

BELBEN, Lucy M.DaughterFSingle10

BELBEN, Jessie M.DaughterFSingle6
147164BUTTON, AbnerHeadMMarried48

BUTTON, ElmerWifeFMarried48

BUTTON, BeatriceDaughterFSingle22

BUTTON, EugeneSonMSingle21

BUTTON, EllietSonMSingle18

BUTTON, BernardSonMSingle14

BUTTON, Ruth E.DaughterFSingle8
148165BURSEY, John C.HeadMMarried63

BURSEY, Annie P.WifeFMarried56
149166PALMER, Ronald C.HeadMMarried46

PALMER, Annie C.WifeFMarried42

PALMER, Alex C.SonMSingle22

PALMER, Vida M.DaughterFSingle20

PALMER, Andrew C.SonMSingle16

PALMER, Ida B.DaughterFSingle14

PALMER, William F.SonMSingle13

PALMER, Evelyn D.DaughterFSingle8

PALMER, Alfred T.SonMSingle4

PALMER, Pansey E.DaughterFSingle2 mo
150167PALMER, Chesley J.HeadMMarried46

PALMER, Agnes L.WifeFMarried43

PALMER, Ettie M.DaughterFSingle18

PALMER, Stewart G.SonMSingle20

PALMER, Edward R.SonMSingle6
151168BELBEN, Ernest J.HeadMMarried54

BELBEN, JennieWifeFMarried54

BELBEN, Walter J.SonMSingle28

BELBEN, BerthaDaughterFSingle25

BELBEN, BasielSonMSingle12
152169BELBEN, AnnieHeadFMarried48

BELBEN, LorenzoSonMSingle16

BELBEN, ReginaldSonMSingle8

BELBEN, DorinaDaughterFSingle4

BELBEN, EdithDaughterFSingle27
153170BAILEY, Charles L.HeadMMarried44

BAILEY, Daisy B.WifeFMarried45England

BAILEY, Charles M.G.SonMSingle20England

BAILEY, Viney P.DaughterFSingle8
154171BAILEY, DouglasHeadMMarried44

BAILEY, Violet M.WifeFMarried41

BAILEY, Ernest L.SonMSingle14

BAILEY, Elihu S.SonMSingle9
155172BAILEY, ClaytonHeadMMarried35

BAILEY, DinahWifeFMarried33

BAILEY, Harrison M.SonMSingle11

BAILEY, JosephSonMSingle9

BAILEY, MinnieDaughterFSingle6

BAILEY, Ethie U.DaughterFSingle4

BAILEY, Annie J.DaughterFSingle1

BAILEY, AnnistichaMotherFWidowed74
156173HARRIS, EloiHeadMMarried36

HARRIS, Winifred B.S.WifeFMarried31

HARRIS, GilbertSonMSingle11

HARRIS, Hubert J.SonMSingle7

HARRIS, Otto E.SonMSingle5
157174HARRIS, KelsonHeadMMarried34

HARRIS, VioletWifeFMarried34

HARRIS, Ethel MayDaughterFSingle12

HARRIS, Evelyn G.DaughterFSingle10

HARRIS, Lewis R.M.SonMSingle2
158175HARRIS, Eloil W.HeadMSingle18

HARRIS, Albert F.BrotherMSingle7

HARRIS, DianahSisterFSingle15

HARRIS, AlfredaSisterFSingle11

HARRIS, Sarah J.SisterFSingle9

176BUTTON, GeorgeHeadMMarried25

BUTTON, PininaWifeFMarried37

BUTTON, Alfred G.SonMSingle3

BUTTON, WalterSonMSingle1 mo
159177BAILEY, John C.HeadMMarried44

BAILEY, SusannahWifeFMarried38

BAILEY, Everett K?SonMSingle5

BAILEY, Dorothy R.DaughterFSingle3

PIKE, Florence M.StepdaughterFSingle16

PIKE, Vidy J.StepdaughterFSingle13

PIKE, Walter J.StepsonMSingle11
160178HARRIS, EliasHeadMMarried66

HARRIS, SelinaWifeFMarried61
161179BAILEY, George W.HeadMMarried51

BAILEY, RonaWifeFMarried45

BAILEY, HowardSonMSingle21

BAILEY, Jessie T.DaughterFSingle14?

BAILEY, EdwardSonMSingle17
162180FRANCIS, LorenzoHeadMMarried40

FRANCIS, Edith M.WifeFMarried32

FRANCIS, Bride D.DaughterFSingle15

FRANCIS, Hazel B.DaughterFSingle11

FRANCIS, Ellen F.DaughterFSingle9

FRANCIS, Wallace C.SonMSingle7

FRANCIS, Wilson M.SonMSingle4

FRANCIS, Freman R.SonMSingle1

FRANCIS, William H.BrotherMSingle46
163181BAILEY, BerthramHeadMSingle35

BAILEY, VictoriaMotherFWidowed55

BAILEY, BramwellBrotherMSingle19
164182HARRIS, Thomas H.HeadMMarried73

HARRIS, AmanderWifeFMarried67

183HARRIS, William F.HeadMMarried28

HARRIS, Milicent M.WifeFMarried24

HARRIS, Thomas D.SonMSingle3

HARRIS, Stillmen G.SonMSingle5 mo

PYNN, GeorgeUncleMWidowed75
165184BAILEY, ClarenceHeadMMarried40

BAILEY, Isabella B.WifeFMarried38

BAILEY, Isreal J.SonMSingle11

BAILEY, Willard M.SonMSingle1
166185BAILEY, DuncanHeadMMarried46

BAILEY, HannahWifeFMarried46

BAILEY, Pansy L.DaughterFSingle16

BAILEY, SelbySonMSingle8
167186BAILEY, Ernest J.HeadMMarried49

BAILEY, Lucinda M.WifeFMarried39
168187SINGLE, CliftonHeadMMarried40

SINGLE, LavinaWifeFMarried51

SINGLE, Desmond R.SonMSingle17

SINGLE, Una M.DaughterFSingle15

SINGLE, Ethel F.DaughterFSingle12

SINGLE, FrankSonMSingle9

SINGLE, Samuel A.StepsonMSingle23
169188SINGLE, AerialHeadMMarried24

SINGLE, Fannie L.WifeFMarried25

SINGLE, JemimaMotherFWidowed70
170189BELBEN, Sydney D.HeadMMarried60

BELBEN, Vida M.WifeFMarried20

BELBEN, Inno W.DaughterFSingle3

BELBEN, Ivy L.DaughterFSingle3 mo
171190TRIMM, Frank W.HeadMMarried61

TRIMM, VirtueWifeFMarried66

BELBEN, AlexStepsonMSingle28
172191TRIMM, John R.HeadMMarried50

TRIMM, Phoebe H.WifeFMarried44

TRIMM, Robert V.SonMSingle19

TRIMM, Barbara C.DaughterFSingle17

TRIMM, Phylis T.DaughterFSingle9

TRIMM, Luetta P.DaughterFSingle7

TRIMM, Minnie P.DaughterFSingle4
173192TRIMM, Arthur G.HeadMWidowed54

HARRIS, Rowne E.NeiceFSingle25

FROUDE, Bronston G.NephewMSingle9

193TRIMM, LlewellynHeadMMarried30

TRIMM, Ella C.WifeFMarried22

TRIMM, FredrickSonMSingle1 mo
174194TRIMM, Martin S.HeadMMarried51

TRIMM, Sadie H.WifeFMarried40

TRIMM, Warren E.SonMSingle20

TRIMM, Arthur G.SonMSingle18

TRIMM, Mildred A.DaughterFSingle16

TRIMM, Howard G.SonMSingle15

TRIMM, Myra M.DaughterFSingle13

TRIMM, Witney B.SonMSingle12

TRIMM, Myrtle B.DaughterFSingle10

TRIMM, Pearl S.DaughterFSingle8

TRIMM, Lewis C.SonMSingle6

TRIMM, LesterSonMSingle4

TRIMM, VerinaDaughterFSingle2
175195BAILEY, RebeccaHeadFWidowed70

196BAILEY, Arthur W.HeadMMarried27

BAILEY, Jessie B.WifeFMarried26

BAILEY, Muriel M.DaughterFSingle1
176197HARRIS, Norman F.HeadMWidowed55

HARRIS, Mildred M.DaughterFSingle22

198BELBEN, George L.HeadMMarried27

BELBEN, Annie B.WifeFMarried24

BELBEN, Helen L.DaughterFSingle1
177199BELBEN, Harold B.HeadMMarried38

BELBEN, DelilahWifeFMarried35

BELBEN, Edna M.DaughterFSingle14

BELBEN, Joyce M.DaughterFSingle12

BELBEN, Hazel M.DaughterFSingle9

BELBEN, Horace R.SonMSingle5

BELBEN, Donald G.SonMSingle3

BELBEN, Walter J.SonMSingle1

BELBEN, Jane E.MotherFWidowed78
178200PYNN, NehmanHeadMMarried54

PYNN, AsenithWifeFMarried49

PYNN, Raymond R.SonMSingle16

PYNN, Clarence M.SonMSingle8

PYNN, Reta? M.DaughterFSingle6

HARRIS, Moses B.UncleMWidowed77
179201BELBEN, ArthurHeadMMarried35

BELBEN, Lilian B.WifeFMarried33

BELBEN, Edwin R.SonMSingle3

BELBEN, David L.SonMSingle5U.S.A.

BELBEN, Dorothy J.DaughterFSingle1

BELBEN, Name undecidedSonMSingle1 mo
180202LOCK, William C.HeadMMarried60

LOCK, Laura L.WifeFMarried58

LOCK, HenrySonMSingle30

LOCK, IshmaelSonMSingle28

LOCK, Maud L.DaughterFSingle26

LOCK, WilliamSonMSingle23

LOCK, Arthur J.SonMSingle21
181203BELBEN, Aaron E.HeadMMarried37

BELBEN, Flora J.WifeFMarried38

BUTT, Emma S.DaughterFSingle18

BELBEN, Nettie B.DaughterFSingle8U.S.A.

BELBEN, Muriel J.DaughterFSingle4U.S.A.

BELBEN, FannieMotherFWidowed69
182204LEAWOOD, ThomasHeadMMarried65

LEAWOOD, Mary L.WifeFMarried60

205LEAWOOD, LewisHeadMMarried24

LEAWOOD, Lily M.WifeFMarried21

LEAWOOD, MarinaDaughterFSingle9 mo
183206HARRIS, Wesley W.HeadMMarried46

HARRIS, Jane S.WifeFMarried51

HARRIS, William JrSonMSingle22

HARRIS, Amelia J.DaughterFSingle20

HARRIS, William E. Sr.FatherMWidowed79
184207HARRIS, EliolHeadMMarried47

HARRIS, Hannah A.WifeFMarried45

HARRIS, Harrison F.SonMSingle14
185208BELBEN, William J.HeadMMarried59

BELBEN, RebeccaWifeFMarried55
186209BELBEN, IsaacHeadMMarried60

BELBEN, SarahWifeFMarried50

BELBEN, EthelDaughterFSingle25

BELBEN, Hilda M.DaughterFSingle23

BELBEN, AlbertSonMSingle21

BELBEN, WilliamSonMSingle19

BELBEN, MarjorieDaughterFSingle18

BELBEN, AndrewSonMSingle16

BELBEN, BennettDaughterFSingle14

BELBEN, HarveySonMSingle12

BELBEN, CoraDaughterFSingle9

BELBEN, NelsonSonMSingle7
187210BELBEN, Lemuel H.HeadMMarried54

BELBEN, Julia A.WifeFMarried50

BELBEN, WalterSonMSingle27

BELBEN, EldenSonMSingle25

BELBEN, EdgarSonMSingle21

BELBEN, AaronSonMSingle20

BELBEN, HectorSonMSingle12

BELBEN, LloydSonMSingle9
188211FRANCIS, Aaron A.HeadMMarried37Canada

FRANCIS, Pamelia F.WifeFMarried31

FRANCIS, Nita L.DaughterFSingle6Canada

FRANCIS, ShirleyDaughterFSingle3
189212HARRIS, Arthur J.HeadMMarried54

HARRIS, DrucillaWifeFMarried46

HARRIS, Jacob A.SonMSingle22

HARRIS, Olive G.DaughterFSingle14

HARRIS, Nettie R.DaughterFSingle9
190213MOORES, JohnHeadMMarried57

MOORES, Mahalh? E.WifeFMarried61

MOORES, WilfredSonMSingle25

MOORES, Eric R.SonMSingle23
191214HARRIS, TemarHeadFWidowed62

HARRIS, HedleySonMSingle28
192215HARRIS, GarfieldHeadMMarried40

HARRIS, Stella D.WifeFMarried29

HARRIS, Gertie A.DaughterFSingle8

HARRIS, Uriah A.SonMSingle5

HARRIS, Ernest W.SonMSingle3

HARRIS, John A.FatherMWidowed71
193216HARRIS, DelveniaHeadFWidowed57

217SINGLE, William R.HeadMMarried25

SINGLE, Mabel W.WifeFMarried29

SINGLE, Clara M.DaughterFSingle8

SINGLE, Pansey E.DaughterFSingle7

SINGLE, Malcolm R.SonMSingle5
194218PYNN, WillisHeadMMarried60

PYNN, JaneWifeFMarried48

PYNN, Mildred I.DaughterFSingle23

PYNN, Adlaide M.DaughterFSingle22

PYNN, Wilfred F.SonMSingle17

PYNN, MargaretDaughterFSingle16
195219PYNN, JohnHeadMWidowed55

PYNN, LawrenceSonMSingle23

PYNN, Baxter E.SonMSingle21

PYNN, Clyde G.SonMSingle19

PYNN, Mahala E.DaughterFSingle15

PYNN, Kenneth S.SonMSingle11

PYNN, Lily E.DaughterFSingle9
196220PYNN, PlemanHeadMMarried60

PYNN, IdaWifeFMarried71
197221HARRIS, ChristopherHeadMMarried71

HARRIS, MaggieWifeFMarried64
198222HARRIS, Melvin C.HeadMMarried24

HARRIS, Myra G.WifeFMarried25

HARRIS, Jessie M.DaughterFSingle2

HARRIS, Deleah U.DaughterFSingle3 mo
199223HARRIS, William E.HeadMMarried52

HARRIS, BelindaWifeFMarried47

HARRIS, Arthur C.SonMSingle17

HARRIS, Stanley H.SonMSingle15

HARRIS, Leonard N.SonMSingle12

HARRIS, Chester E.SonMSingle11

HARRIS, Lawrence A.SonMSingle8

HARRIS, John M.UncleMWidowed78

HARRIS, Stephen


SINGLE, Edward
200224HARRIS, William J.HeadMMarried59

HARRIS, Drusilla E.WifeFMarried56

HARRIS, Bennette M.DaughterFSingle31

HARRIS, Wilson L.SonMSingle27

HARRIS, Wallace J.SonMSingle25
201225LAUNDRY, Mary J.HeadFWidowed54NF Lab

LAUNDRY, Hubert G.SonMSingle29

LAUNDRY, MilleyDaughterFSingle23

LAUNDRY, RalphGrandsonMSingle5

MOORES, Wilfred

BELBEN, Edward

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