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Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity South District

Turk's Cove

The leading two numbers for each family are dwelling number (DW#) and family number (FA#) Individual records are Name, Relationship to head of household, Sex, Marital status, Age at last birthday, and Place of Birth if different from Newfoundland.

Everything is as recorded in the census, square brackets [ ] indicate my comments. Question marks indicate that I couldn't decipher what was written. A few entries had lines through them but it's impossible to know from the microfilm if those were in the original or done subsequently.

It was read, recorded and transcribed by BRUCE ANDREWS, 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

11CONWAY, CyrilHeadMMarried46

CONWAY, MargaretWifeFMarried34

CONWAY, Richard MichaelSonMSingle9
22CONWAY, JohnHeadMMarried60

CONWAY, MargaretWifeFMarried58

CONWAY, LeoSonMSingle35

CONWAY, WilliamSonMSingle33

CONWAY, PhilipSonMSingle27

CONWAY, Michael JohnSonMSingle18

RYAN, Mary FrancesGranddaughterFSingle9
33CONWAY, JeremiahHeadMMarried58

CONWAY, BridgetWifeFMarried52

CONWAY, RichardSonMSingle34
44CONWAY, PatrickHeadMMarried50

CONWAY, JohannaWifeFMarried46

CARBERRY, AnastatiaAuntFWidowed75
55SCOTT, CharlesHeadMSingle65
66RYAN, FrankHeadMMarried45

RYAN, AliceWifeFMarried29

RYAN, MiriamDaughterFSingle14

RYAN, AgnesDaughterFSingle9

RYAN, LeoSonMSingle6

RYAN, ThomasSonMSingle4

RYAN, ElizabethDaughterFSingle2

RYAN, Baby (girl)DaughterFSingle2 wks
77ANTLE, PhilipHeadMMarried67

ANTLE, RhodaWifeFMarried61

ANTLE, ElizabethDaughterFSingle22
88ANTLE, JohnHeadMWidowed65

ANTLE, John BernardSonMMarried21

ANTLE, GertrudeDaughter-in-lawFMarried20

ANTLE, EliasGrandsonMSingle2

ANTLE, Baby (girl)GranddaughterFSingle1 mo
99HEARTY, MichaelHeadMWidowed53

HEARTY, VincentSonMSingle19

HEARTY, JohnSonMSingle18

HEARTY, LeoSonMSingle17
1010MOORE, TerenceHeadMMarried60

MOORE, AnnWifeFMarried58

MOORE, JamesSonMMarried34

MOORE, HelenaDaughter-in-lawFMarried31

MOORE, Ellen MargaretGranddaughterFSingle8

MOORE, FlorenceGranddaughterFSingle7

MOORE, PhilomenaGranddaughterFSingle5

MOORE, BridgetGranddaughterFSingle2

MOORE, MaryGranddaughterFSingle10 mos
1111CARBERRY, BernardHeadMMarried40

CARBERRY, AnastatiaWifeFMarried37
1212WALSH, Michael FrancisHeadMMarried38

WALSH, LucyWifeFMarried38

CARBERRY, Mary EllenMother-in-lawFWidowed76
1313DEAN, HenryHeadMWidowed79
1414ANTLE, AlbertHeadMMarried44

ANTLE, MaudWifeFMarried32

ANTLE, GeorgeSonMSingle15

ANTLE, JosephineDaughterFSingle13

ANTLE, AlexanderSonMSingle11

ANTLE, HenrySonMSingle9

ANTLE, PeterSonMSingle7

ANTLE, ElizabethDaughterFSingle11 mos
Vacant Houses

1Richard CONWAY

2Anastatia CARBERRY

3Joseph ANTLE

4Terence MOORE

Stray person

CONWAY, Sicilia

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Trinity South District