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Trinity Bay - 1936 NL Directory

Grates Cove

It was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY, February 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Avery Allanfshrmn
Avery Chesleyfshrmn
Avery Eleazerfshrmn
Avery Eleazerfshrmn
Avery Ephraimfshrmn
Avery Ernestfshrmn
Avery Isaacgenl dlr
Avery Jamesfshrmn
Avery Johnfshrmn
Avery Joseph Jrfshrmn
Avery Josiahfshrmn
Avery Peterfshrmn
Avery Peterfshrmn
Avery Simeonfshrmn
Avery Thosfshrmn
Avery Wmfshrmn
Avery Wm Bgenl dlr
Avery Wilsonfshrmn
Benson Allancoaster
Benson Benjfshrmn
Benson Edmundfshrmn
Benson Eleazerfshrmn
Benson Enosfshrmn
Benson Miss EthelUC tchr
Benson Hezekiahfshrmn
Benson Howardfshrmn
Benson Isaacfshrmn
Benson Mrs Janewid
Benson Josephfshrmn
Benson Joseph Cgenl dlr and fish mer
Benson Joshuafshrmn
Benson Levicoaster
Benson MaxUC tchr
Benson Obediahfshrmn
Benson Simeonfshrmn
Benson Wm Jrfshrmn
Benson Wm Srfshrmn
Brewer Abrahamfshrmn
Brewer Jamesfshrmn
Broderick Danielfshrmn
Broderick Jeremiahfshrmn
Broderick Johnfshrmn
Broderick John Tfshrmn
Broderick Michaelfshrmn
Broderick Vincentfshrmn
Broderick Wmfshrmn
Cooper Abrahamfshrmn
Cooper Absalomfshrmn
Cooper Ericfshrmn
Cooper Geofshrmn
Cooper Josephfshrmn
Cooper Josephfshrmn
Cooper Maxfshrmn
Cooper Wesleyfshrmn
Cooper Wmfshrmn
Cooper Wilsonfshrmn
Doyle Mrs Cicelywid
Doyle Isaacfshrmn
Doyle Mrs Johannahwid
Doyle Johnfshrmn
Doyle Leofshrmn
Doyle Mosesfshrmn
Doyle Patkfshrmn
Doyle Ronaldfshrmn
Duggan Arthurfshrmn
Duggan Danielfshrmn
Duggan Isaacfshrmn
Duggan Johnfshrmn
Duggan John Jfshrmn
Duggan Michaelfshrmn
Duggan Peterfshrmn
Duggan Peterfshrmn
Duggan Peterfshrmn
Duggan Thosfshrmn
Duggan Vincentfshrmn
Duggan Wmfshrmn
Elmore Edfshrmn
Foster Johnfshrmn
Grate's Cove Co-operative Society Ltd
Hodder Abelfshrmn
Hodder Allanfshrmn
Hodder Benjfshrmn
Hodder Cecilfshrmn
Hodder Davidfshrmn
Hodder Elifshrmn
Hodder Ephraimfshrmn
Hodder Miss Gertrudetchr
Hodder Haywardecclesiastical studt
Hodder Henry Wfshrmn
Hodder Isaacfshrmn
Hodder Jamesfshrmn
Hodder John Wfshrmn
Hodder Jonah -
Hodder Josephfshrmn
Hodder NelsonUC tchr
Hodder Simeonfshrmn
Hodder Miss StellaUC tchr (Channel)
Hodder Stephenfshrmn
Jacobs Edmundfshrmn
Jacobs Simeonfshrmn
Janes Andrewfshrmn
JanesMrs Minniewid
Janes Theophilusfshrmn
Janes Thosfshrmn
Janes Wmfshrmn
King Azariahfshrmn
King Berkleyfshrmn
King Chasfshrmn
King Elifshrmn
King Elijahfshrmn
King Simeonfshrmn
King Simeonfshrmn
King Stanleyfshrmn
King Thosfshrmn
Lahey Morris -
Lambert Abrahamfshrmn
Lambert Ernestfshrmn
Lambert Geofshrmn
Lambert Jacobfshrmn
Lambert Johnfshrmn
Lambert Josephfshrmn
Lambert Silasfshrmn
Lambert Thosfshrmn
Lambert Wmfshrmn
Lambert Wmfshrmn
Lewis Donaldfshrmn
Lewis Mrs Elizabeth Awid
Lewis Fredfshrmn
Lewis Johnfshrmn
Lewis Joshuafshrmn
Martin Abrahamfshrmn
Martin Benjfshrmn
Martin Chasfshrmn
Martin Elifshrmn
Martin Elifshrmn
Martin Haywardfshrmn
Martin Henry Tshoemkr
Martin James Rfshrmn
Martin Joshuafshrmn
Martin Patkfshrmn
Martin Samlfshrmn
Martin Simeonfshrmn
Martin Stephen Jfshrmn
Martin Thosfshrmn
Martin Wmfshrmn
Martin Wmfshrmn
Martin Wm Gfshrmn
Martin Wm Tfshrmn
Meadus Benjfshrmn
Meadus Miss CarrieUC tchr
Meadus Chasfshrmn
Meadus Edfshrmn
Meadus Frankfshrmn
Meadus Geofshrmn
Meadus Gordon fshrmn
Meadus Harryfshrmn
Meadus Herbertfshrmn
Meadus Johnfshrmn
Meadus Josephfshrmn
Meadus Maxfshrmn
Meadus Simeonfshrmn
Meadus Thosfshrmn
Meadus Wm Johnfshrmn
Noel Elifshrmn
Noel Leopoldfshrmn
Norris Absalomfshrmn
Norris Mrs Anastatiawid
Norris Mrs Catherinewid
Norris Frankfshrmn
Norris Johnfshrmn
Norris Leofshrmn
Norris Mrs Sarahwid
Norris Vincentfshrmn
Snelgrove Elifshrmn
Snelgrove Haywardfshrmn
Snelgrove Hezekiah & Sonsgenl dlrs
Snelgrove Jacob Hgenl dlr
Snelgrove Jacob Jfshrmn
Snelgrove Jamesfshrmn
Snelgrove Jonahfshrmn
Snelgrove Maxgenl dlr
Snelgrove Miss MayUC tchr
Snelgrove Nelsonfshrmn
Snelgrove Mrs Rebeccawid
Snelgrove Simonfshrmn
Snelgrove Simon Pfshrmn
Snelgrove Waltergenl dlr
Snelgrove Wesleyfshrmn
Snelgrove Wm Jfshrmn
Stanford Abrahamfshrmn
Stanford Eleazerfshrmn
Stanford Elifshrmn
Stanford Joshuafshrmn
Stanford Reubenfshrmn
Stanford Mrs Sarah Jwid
Stanford Wmfshrmn
Stanford Wmfshrmn
Thistle A S & Songenl dlrs & fish mers
Thistle Absalom mer
Thistle Victorfshrmn
Vey Ebenezerfshrmn
Vey Mrs Ethelwid
Vey Johnfshrmn
Vey Joshuafshrmn

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Trinity South District