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Trinity Bay - 1936 NL Directory

New Chelsea

It was transcribed by DEBBIE GEROW, January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Bailey Arthur fisherman
Bailey Bertram fisherman
Bailey Bramwell fisherman
Bailey Charles fisherman
Bailey Clarence fisherman
Bailey Clayton fisherman
Bailey Duncan fisherman
Bailey Ed fisherman
Bailey Ernest fisherman
Bailey George fisherman
Bailey Gordon fisherman
Bailey Howard fisherman
Bailey John fisherman
Bailey Mrs Ishmael widow
Bailey Mrs Israel widow
Bailey Mrs William J widow
Belben Aaron fisherman
Belben Albert fisherman
Belben Arthur fisherman
Belben Ed fisherman
Belben Edgar fisherman
Belben Elam fisherman
Belben Eldon fisherman
Belben Ernest fisherman
Belben George fisherman
Belben Harold fisherman
Belben Hedley fisherman
Belben Isaac fisherman
Belben Kenneth fisherman
Belben Lemuel fisherman
Belben Lorenzo fisherman
Belben Mrs Frank widow
Belben Mrs George postmistress
Belben Sidney fisherman
Belben Simeon fisherman
Belben Thomas fisherman
Belben Wallace fisherman
Belben Walter fisherman
Belben William jr fisherman
Belben William sr fisherman
Bishop Capt Nina SA teacher
Bursey John fisherman
Butt George fisherman
Button Abner fisherman
Button Elliott fisherman
Button Eugene fisherman
Francis Aaron fisherman
Francis Lorenzo fisherman
Francis William fisherman
Harris Arthur J fisherman
Harris Arthur fisherman
Harris Christopher fisherman
Harris Eli fisherman
Harris Elias fisherman
Harris Eliol jr fisherman
Harris Eliol sr fisherman
Harris Frederick fisherman
Harris Garfield fisherman
Harris Hedley fisherman
Harris Jacob fisherman
Harris John A fisherman
Harris John M fisherman
Harris Joseph fisherman
Harris Kelson fisherman
Harris Lloyd JP
Harris Melvin fisherman
Harris Miss B UC teacher
Harris Mrs Ambrose widow
Harris Mrs Jordan widow
Harris Norman fisherman
Harris Rev Wallace UC
Harris Thomas fisherman
Harris Wesley fisherman
Harris William E fisherman
Harris William F fisherman
Harris William J fisherman
Harris William of E fisherman
Harris William fisherman
Landry Hubert fisherman
Landry Mrs Joseph widow
Leawood Louis fisherman
Leawood Thomas fisherman
Lock Arthur fisherman
Lock Henry fisherman
Lock Ishmael fisherman
Lock William jr fisherman
Lock William sr fisherman
Moores Eric fisherman
Moores John fisherman
Moores Wilfred fisherman
Palmer Alec fisherman
Palmer Andrew fisherman
Palmer Chesley fisherman
Palmer Ronald fisherman
Palmer Stewart fisherman
Pynn Baxter fisherman
Pynn Clyde fisherman
Pynn George fisherman
Pynn John fisherman
Pynn Lawrence fisherman
Pynn Naaman fisherman
Pynn Pleman fisherman
Pynn Raymond fisherman
Pynn Wilfred fisherman
Pynn Willis fisherman
Single Ariel fisherman
Single Clifton fisherman
Single Deamond fisherman
Single Ed fisherman
Single Mrs Frank widow
Single William fisherman
Thomas Ellis fisherman
Thomas Philip fisherman
Trimm Alec fisherman
Trimm Arthur general dealer
Trimm Frank fisherman
Trimm John fisherman
Trimm Llewelyn fisherman
Trimm Martin fisherman
Trimm Robert fisherman
Trimm Warren fisherman

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Trinity South District