Trinity Bay Region - Trinity South District

Turk's Cove

Transcribed by Debbie Gerow
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Antle Albert, fisherman
Antle John, fisherman
Antle Joseph, fisherman
Antle Philip, fisherman
Antle Raymond, fisherman
Antle William, fisherman
Carberry Mrs Anastatia, widow
Carberry Bernard, fisherman
Conway Cyril, fisherman
Conway Jeremiah, fisherman
Conway John, fisherman
Conway Leo, fisherman
Conway Patrick, fisherman
Conway Peter, fisherman
Conway Richard, fisherman
Conway Stephen, fisherman
Conway William, fisherman
Dean George, fisherman
Dean Henry, fisherman
Gear Alexander, fisherman
Hartery Michael, fisherman
Moore James, fisherman
Moore Philip, fisherman
Moore Terence, fisherman
Ryan Frank, fisherman
Ryan Thomas, fisherman
Scott Michael, fisherman
Welsh Michael, fisherman

Debbie Gerow and NL GenWeb