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I had been to Grates Cove several times, and was totally unaware of this cemetery until a local resident pointed it out to me. There is nothing marking it, and since it is so overgrown, it merely looks like a grassy field in amongst some houses. It is situated near the Old United Cemetery, on the side of a hill below the “Back Road”. Only 2 headstones are visible amongst the very long grasses. I was told by the resident that the denomination was Anglican. The following is a transcript of the stones found by me and my young friend, Victoria Doyle, resident of Grates Cove, when we waded for over an hour, waist deep in the grass and brambles in July 2000.

I have an addendum to the cemetery posting I did last year. I went back on this trip and re-walked the cemetery. The grass is up to your thighs, so you literally have to stumble across a stone to know it's there. I found 4 more headstones which are located at the end of the listing here.

The headstones were read, recorded and transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE, July 2000 with 4 additions made in August 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

1[Hodder]Elizabethbeloved wife of Charles Hodder
Jany 26, 192572

2[Hodder]Charles(Beside Elizabeth)
May 10, 193382

3[Hodder]Simeonbeloved son of John Hodder
Dec. 24, 190821
Patiencehis sister
March 11, 191028

5[Meadus]Ethel Annbeloved child of Thomas & Rebecca Meadus
May 24, 19276

6[Meadus]GeorgeErected by Louise Meadus In memory of her beloved husband
Sept 2, 191739 years

7HodderJosephBeloved husband of Eliza
May 2, 191980 years

The following stone which was lying flat on the ground near Joseph’s, overgrown with moss and grass; We uncovered it by hand, but had to leave it flat as it was too heavy to lift.
8[Hodder]Eliza Hodderwife of Joseph
September 9, 193893

9[Meadus]Elizabethdaughter of William & Jane Meadus
April 5, 1868

10MeadusElizabeth Ann Meadus

July 9, 191969 years

11BensonRachelwife of the late Edward Benson
April 18?, 192884 years

12[Avery]Miriamdaughter of Wm. T. and M.J. Avery
22nd November 189619 1/2 years.

Being May 2002, it was a good time to revisit the cemeteries in Grates Cove which had been overgrown the summer before. I was able to find some more headstones that were invisible before due to long grass and raspberry bushes. Here are additional headstones to be added to the cemetery transcription at GenWeb Trinity Bay South, Old Anglican Cemetery, Grates Cove. These stones were scattered around the field, so I can't make any associations for you between these people, although I will say that I believe #13, 14 & 15 are all the same family.
13[Avery]Benjaminbeloved son of T & Mary Jane Avery

died Oct 27, 1918
age 30

14AveryIn memory of William T. Avery

died Jan. 12, 1906age 62 years

15AveryMary Jane

died March 21, 1922age 77


who departed this life July 25, 1885aged 86 (Note: Fragment of stone)

17MeadusIn memory of Joseph

January 16, ??age 31 (Note: (according to Old Perlican Parish burial records, Joseph Meadus was buried Jan 17, 1883 age 31, being insane for 13 years before his death)

18NorrisSusannahErected by the children of Susannah Norris
died July 4, 1884aged 54

19[Hodder]Mahalahbeloved wife of John Hodder
died Aug 29, 1915aged 67 years

20[Hodder]Sarah Annbeloved wife of Joseph Hodder
who fell asleep in Christ June 19, 1918age 40


March 13, 1894aged 69

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
COOPER Reuben Cooper. Hard to read, but there was a date 1892 or 1893, which I presume is his year of death; Frank had the transcription for his wife Mary Ann - this headstone was what I call the 'spire' shape; writing on all four sides. I think it's likely that Mary Ann and Reuben are inscribed on 2 sides of this stone, and someone came along and rolled it (it's lying flat) since Frank transcribed it. Wouldn't be surprised if there's people noted on other 2 sides as well. Susan Snelgrove
MEADUS William Meadus was born in Canford Magna (near Poole) Dorset England on May 26th. 1799. He was the son of Henry Meadus and Jean Kimble. He married Jane Waldon on June 26th. 1842. He was Justice of the Peace and lay reader for the C of E in Grate's Cove for over 40 years. Joseph Meadus was his son. Derrick Bishop

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