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Trinity Bay Region -  Trinity  South District

Transcribed by Debbie Gerow.  While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

1871 Old Perlican

A large settlement on the south side of Trinity Bay, district of Trinity. It is a post town and a port of entry. Farming is carried on to some extent. Distance from Heart's Content 28 miles by road. Mail weekly. Population 868.


Adams Philip, planter

Adams William, planter

Barrett Benjamin, fisherman

Barrett John sen, planter

Barrett John Thomas, fisherman

Barrett John jun, fisherman

Barrett Joseph William, fisherman

Barrett Thomas jun, fisherman

Barrett Jacob, fisherman

Barrett James, fisherman

Barrett Jacob, of Joesph, fisherman

Barrett James, of John, fisherman

Barrett James, of Joseph, fisherman

Barrett Nathan, fisherman

Beckett John and Charles, fisherman

Beckett Richard, fisherman

Beckett William, fisherman

Beckett John, fisherman

Boyd Joseph, blacksmith

Brooking James, fisherman

Brooking John, fisherman

Brooking Richard, fisherman

Burns John, fisherman

Bursey Frederick, fisherman

Bursey Isaac, of Joseph, fisherman

Bursey Isaac, of Richard, fisherman

Bursey Joseph, sen, fisherman

Bursey John, fisherman

Bursey Richard, fisherman

Bursey Joesph, jun, fisherman

Bursey Simeon, fisherman

Bursey Uriah, fisherman

Burt John, jun, fisherman

Burt Robert, fisherman

Burt Joshua, fisherman

Burt Levi, planter, farmer

Button Henry, planter

Button John, fisherman

Button John Thomas, fisherman

Button Abraham, fisherman

Button Richard, fisherman

Button Simeon, fisherman

Cheerly George, fisherman

Christian William, farmer

Collins William, farmer

Cooper Benjamin, fisherman

Cooper William, fisherman

Cox Charles, fisherman

Cox James, fisherman

Cox William, fisherman

Cram George, bait boatkeeper

Cram Jacob, fisherman

Cram William, fisherman

Day William, planter

Day William J, planter

Deane Simeon, fisherman

Deane Stephen, fisherman

Duke rev. James, Wesleyan

Frowd Henry, fisherman

Frowd John, fisherman

Frowd Stephen, fisherman

Frowd William jun, fisherman

Frowd William sen, fisherman

Gooby Joseph, boatkeeper

Gooby Nathaniel, boatkeeper

Gooby Thomas, boatkeeper

Green Hezikiah, fisherman

Green Abraham, fisherman

Green James, fisherman

Green Joseph, fisherman

Hallahan David, fisherman

Hallahan William, fisherman

Hopkins George, fisherman

Hopkins Henry (of Richard), fisherman

Hopkins Henry (of Joseph), fisherman

Hopkins Levi, fisherman

Howell George,

Jolliff John, fisherman

Kavanagh William, bait skiff master

Ladner rev. Charles, Wesleyan

Lambert George, fisherman

March James jun, fisherman

March James sen, fisherman

March John, planter

March Alfred, fisherman

March Andrew, fisherman

March Elias, fisherman

March Levi, planter

March Stephen K, house carpenter

March Thomas, bait supplier

March William, planter, trader

March William, fisherman

Mews James L, stipendiary magistrate

Mills James, fisherman

Miles Hezekiah, fisherman

Miles Nathan, fisherman

Miles William, fisherman

Miller Thomas, planter

Pike George, fisherman

Pike James, fisherman

Pike Joseph, fisherman

Read John, fisherman

Rogers John, fisherman

Rowe Richard, fisherman

Rutton Joseph, fisherman

Strong Esau, planter

Strong Eli, fisherman

Strong Henry, fisherman

Strong James, fisherman

Strong John, fisherman

Strong John Thomas, fisherman

Strong Joseph, fisherman

Strong Joseph, fisherman

Strong Thomas, fisherman

Strong Matthias, fisherman

Sugers Charles, fisherman

Tilly Felix, fisherman

Tilly George, postman

Tilly William, fisherman

Tilly Moses, fisherman

Tizzard James, fisherman

Tizzard Joseph, bait supplier

Tizzard Samuel, bait supplier

Wiles William, fisherman

Woodlands John, planter

Woodlands William, planter

Woodlands Josiah, planter

Young John, fisherman



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