NFGenWeb 1921 Census Data

Trinity Bay Region ~ Upper Trinity North District

Dark Hole

Dark Hole is now part of Hillview, Southwest Arm.

Transcribed from Reel # 8040. REL - Relation

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

CHURCHILL; William M head married 1881 July 40 Dark Hole
CHURCHILL; Jesse? Ann F wife married 1886 Sept. 34 Caplin Cove
CHURCHILL; Gordon M son
1912 May 9 Dark Hole
CHURCHILL; Mary L. F dau
1914 Oct 6
CHURCHILL; Simeon M son
1916 Sept. 5
CHURCHILL; Walter M son
1917 May 4
CHURCHILL; William J. M son
1919 Mar 2
CHORLES?; Abel M son
1913 Dec 7

HYDE; William M head married 1885
36 Dark Hole
HYDE; Mary Susannah F wife married 1889 Oct 33 Gooseberry Cove
HYDE; Gretta I. F dau
1919 June 2 Dark Hole

CHURCHILL; Mary Hannah F moth widow 1858 Sept. 63 Grates Cove
CHURCHILL; Uriah M son single 1898 July 23 Dark Hole
RYAN; Simon M sil Married 1897 May 24 Shoal Hrb.
RYAN; Ethel F wife married 1901 Dec. 20 Dark Hole

BAKER; Eliot M head married 1892 Sept. 28 Gooseberry Cove
BAKER; Eliza F wife married 1891 Sept. 30 Dark Hole
BAKER; Gower? Stanley M son
1920 Oct 10 m Dark Hole

COOPER; George M head married 1881 Nov 40 Dark Hole
COOPER; Edith F wife married 1894 Oct 27 Adeyton
COOPER; Edith F dau
1905? Nov 6 Dark Hole
COOPER; Priscilla F dau
1918 Dec 2
COOPER; Henrietta F moth widow 1858 Sept. 63 Grates Cove

MARSH; Joseph M head married 1853 July 68 India? Island
MARSH; Jane? F wife married 1877 Sept. 44 Grates Cove
MARSH; Aggie? F dau single 1898 Sept. 22 Hillview
MARSH; Absalom M head single 1899 Dec. 21 Hillview
MARSH; Sibanus? M son single 1900 Jan 19
MARSH; Oliver M son single 1903 Dec 17
MARSH; Benjamin M son
1908 July 13
MARSH; Lyllia F dau
1908 July 13
HYDE; Lewessua? F moth widow 1845 J? 76 Grates Cove

HYDE; John M head married 1887 May 35 Dark Hole
HYDE; Frederica F wife married 1897 June 24 Bay Roberts
HYDE; Delphine F dau
1916 Aug 5 Grand Falls
HYDE; Louisa F dau
1918 Apr. 3


Name in Census Description of Error My Name
BAKER Should be ELIOL Baker not ELIOT Baker. Also, no need for a question mark on GOWER STANLEY BAKER. B. Marsh
MARSH MARSH. My grandfather is "Absalom". His year 'month and year' born is Jan 1900. His brother "Sibanus" was born Dec. 1899. In the list they are reversed. Also, his sister's name is spelled "Lydia" not "Lyllia". D. Foote

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