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Trinity Bay ~ Upper Trinity North District

Hatchet Cove - New Anglican Cemetery

Hatchet Cove is a small fishing community just South of Random Island in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. It was first settled around the 1850's. The community, though small, has families who are typically one of two religions - Anglican or United Church of Canada. There are four small cemeteries found within this community. Attached is a diagram of the community with the cemeteries marked with an X.

The NEW ANGLICAN cemetery is located in the north west corner of the community. It lies beside the road leading to the next community of St. Jones Within. This cemetery is also kept in very good condition.

The headstones were read, recorded and transcribed by FRANK KING, May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Bishop Malcolm - - April 22, 1951 April 14,1991 family Forever in our hearts (Guitar emblem upper right corner)
Bishop John - husband of Alice Sept. 28, 1901 July 15,1985 family "In loving memory of father - Ever remembered, ever loved."
Bishop Alice - wife of John June 24,1910 May 25,1973 family "In loving memory of mother - Yet though thy smiles be lost to sight - To memory thou art dear."
Bishop Rick - - 1966 1995 - Forever loved - forever missed (Photo in upper left corner of head stone.)
Bishop Effie Gertrude - 1902 1975 - Sleep on beloved sleep And take thy rest Lay down thy head upon Thy Saviour's breast...
Bishop Noah - - 1923 1993 - Ever Remembered
Bishop William 2720X - 1898 June 13,1986 - Able seaman Royal Naval Reserve WW1 - 2720X
Lambert Nelson - - 1947 1996 - "In memory a daily thought - In heart - A silent sorrow - Forever rest."
unmarked grave - - foot of Nelson Lambert - - - -
Lambert E. Malcolm husband of Sarah Sept. 12,1908 April 25,1993 - "Life's work well done"
Lambert Sarah Jane wife of E. Malcolm Oct. 29,1905 Living - Life's work well done.
new grave unmarked - - left of Harrison Lambert - 1999 - -
Lambert Harrison - husband of Bella 1927 August 18,1973 wife and family "In loving memory of Harrison - Beloved husband of Bella Lambert - Who passed away August 18,1973, aged 46 years. - God be with you till we meet again. - Ever remembered by his wife and family."
Lambert Fanny Lorraine child of Harrison and Belinda 1954 Jan. 26,1955 family "In memory of Fanny Lorraine - darling child of Harrison & Belinda Lambert - Safe in the arms of Jesus - Safe in his gentle breast - There by his love ... soul shall rest."
Greening Mary Lambert - July 5th,1929 May 20th,1960 daughter Barbara "Meet me in Heaven - Ever remembered by her - daughter Barbara - May she walk and pause and marvel in the garden of God."
Harris Loretta M. - Sept. 12,1937 July 11, 1997 - She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
unmarked grave - - foot of Loretta M. Harris - - - -
unmarked grave - - right of Fanny L. Lambert - - - recent grave with concrete base in place for headstone.


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