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Trinity Bay ~ Upper Trinity North District

Hillview - New Anglican Cemetery

The headstones were read, recorded and transcribed by ERIC STRINGER, June 2001. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Benjamin Smith 1895 1978

Eliza Jane Smith
1-Dec-70 69 wife of Benjamin
Loyal George Smith
30-Oct-69 42 yr.
Eloil Baker 1892 1973

Elizabeth Baker 1890 1968
wife of Eloil
Levi Ricky Critch
25-Jan-62 3 yr., 8 da. child of Ben & Juanita
Eli Graham Critch
20-Jan-53 4 wk. child of Ben & Juanita
Cecil Melvin Critch 16-Sep-43 10-Sep-65
son of James & Dorothy
Walter George Critch Nov. 20, 1892 17-May-82

Alice L. Critch 28-Jul-00 25-May-99
wife of Walter G.
Nehemiah Francis Benson 1916 1987

Lillian May Wright 1910 2000
wife of Nehemiah
Walter Benson 1911 1969

Silvanus Marsh 1902 1971

Minnie B. Marsh 1913 1990
wife of Silvanus
Eli Dodge
1-Dec-52 46 yr.
William Thomas Dodge 1900 1975
brother of Eli
Gladys Dodge
8-May-01 92 yr. wife of Eli
Cyril Vokey
1-Feb-50 48 yr.
William Baker
8-Dec-38 58 yr.
Rachel Baker
10-Jul-63 84 yr. wife of William
Absalom P. Marsh 6-Jan-00 12-Feb-90

Minnie J. Marsh 25-Oct-03 27-Jul-89
wife of Absalom
Llewellyn Marsh 19-Mar-28 12-Mar-81

Oliver Howard Ward Marsh 25-Aug-55 22-Jun-61

Grace E. Marsh 12-Apr-69 10-Jun-69

Edmund Benson 1875

Emma Benson
20-Jun-51 68 yr. wife of Edmund
Joseph George Benson

5 mo.
Edmund Ralph Benson

7 mo.
Oliver Marsh
8-Oct-45 40 yr.
Maggie Marsh
9-Apr-71 60 yr. wife of Oliver
Shane Marsh
5-Jun-85 5-Jun-85
William T. Churchill 1882 1941

Jessie Churchill
5-Nov-27 39 yr. wife of William T.
James Thomas Churchill
28-Sep-26 1 yr., 6 mo.
Uriah Churchill July 1, 1898 22-Oct-78

Annie Churchill January 15, 1893 18-Dec-78

James Dodge 1869 1908

Edmund A. Lambert 1907 1982

Florence G. Lambert 1917 1998
wife of Edmund
Abel Churchill
4-Apr-87 89 yr.
Alice Rose Churchill 1890 1981
wife of Abel
Thomas Churchill
12-Feb-38 76 yr.
Susannah Churchill
March 19, 1898 33 yr.
John Norris 1897 1988

Lillian Norris
12-Jan-71 76 yr. wife of John
David James Benson 17-Jun-06 18-Nov-76

Edith Mae Benson 2-Nov-05 18-Sep-98
wife of David J.
Lionel F. Norris 1915 1999

Mary L. Norris 1929 living
wife of Lionel
Isaac Brewer
May 24, 1907 36 yr.
Sarah Susanna

Jeffery Joseph Critch July 17, 1964 August 10, 1998
**See Errata table below

son of Roy & Irene

Name on Headstone Description of Error My Name


Susannah Churchill's death on her tombstone is inscribed with the date of death as March 19, 1898. Susannah gave birth to a baby girl, Fanny May Churchill on Sept 14, 1899. This baby was baptized on Sept. 17, 1899. Her date of death was March 19, 1905 in Northern Bight at age 43. She was buried March 21, 1905. Source - her son - Obadiah Churchill who lived in Michigan, as well as the Hodges Cove Rectory records.

Leila Churchill


Edmund Benson - add year of death - 1982.

Leila Churchill


Silvanus & Minnie B. Marsh - Their date of marriage is inscribed on their tombstone - 24 Dec 1930.

Leila Churchill


Oliver Marsh - His age at death should be 45 years instead of 40 as reported in the listing.

Leila Churchill


Isaac Brewer who died 24 May 1907 - add "Eldest Son of Ambrose & Mary Brewer & Beloved husband of Sarah Susanna".

Leila Churchill


Minnie J. Marsh - died 31 July 1989 instead of 27 July 1989. There were 2 other small tombstones for 2 of her children. "Theophis (Marsh) - born 5 July 1936 - died 10 Oct 1936" and "Violet Marie (Marsh) - born 10 Sept 1937 - died ? Sept 1937". This child was buried 24 Sept 1937 - (Hodges Cove Rectory). If I remember correctly these children's tombstones were wooden crosses and may not have been readable when transcribed.

Leila Churchill

CRITCH, Jeffery Joseph

He died August 10, 1982

Paula Critch

2001 Eric Stringer & NL GenWeb