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Trinity Bay ~ Upper Trinity North District

St. Jones Within Cemetery

St. Jones Within is a small fishing community in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, first settled around 1850's. Descendants of the original families remain there today. The cemetery, located in the south east corner of the community, is the original cemetery. The oldest, standing headstone dates back to 1868. The cemetery has been kept in good condition by members of the community. Several of the oldest graves are unmarked today. Most of the graves are arranged in traditional family plots.

This information was collected by FRANK and HEATHER KING in April of 1999. Information was transcribed from each headstone and entered into a computerized database. A video record was also made of each of the headstones. Selected headstones were photographed and digitally stored on computer. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Brown Chesley
Husband of Ida Florence 1910 1995
"Ever remembered ever loved, Wedding Sept. 11,1935"
Brown Ida Florence Wife of Chesley 1917 Living

Meadus Catherine Jane wife of Caleb 1886 1988
Ever remembered ever loved.
Meadus Caleb
husband of Catherine Jane 1886 1977 wife and family Safe in the arms of Jesus
Meadus Herbert J. husband of Martha J. 1908 1997
The Lord is my shepherd
Meadus Martha J. wife of Herbert J. 1920 1997
The Lord is my shepherd.
King Hannah
wife of Guy Dec. 5,1890 Sept. 14,1983
Ever remembered ever loved.
King Guy Kenmore husband of Hannah Aug. 29,1892 Aug. 4,1977
"Sunset and evening star
One clear call for me
And may there be no morning of the bar
When I put out to sea."
King Lydia W. wife of Leslie 1924 1990
To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
Tucker Oliver M. son of Oliver and Jennifer July 15,1962 March 29,1991
Someone special has gone from our lives, but not from our hearts
Ivany Louis
wife of Maude 1914 1994
"Royal Navy WW2. Lest we forget"
Somerton Amy
wife of Ray 1922 1980
We were glad when he said unto us : come into the Kingdom of Heaven"
Somerton Ray
husband of Amy 1920 1995
We were glad when he said unto us : come into the Kingdom of Heaven"
Holloway Samuel
husband of Margarite (Brown) 1915 Feb 28 1983
"Woodsman, Nfld. Forestry WW2, Age 68"
Holloway Priscilla
wife of Stephen 1890 Apr. 28,1984
"Aged 94 years. She died as she lived, trusting in God."
Holloway Stephen
husband of Priscilla 1884 Sept. 7,1974
"Aged 90 years. Rest in Peace"
Holloway Chesley Boyd son of Priscilla and Stephen Dec. 9th,1928 April 20th, 1929
Asleep in the arms of Jesus
Holloway Myrtle
daughter Priscilla & Stephen Sept. 28,1930 June 6,1943
Forever with the Lord
Holloway Issac
husband of Aileen 1912 1998
Forever with the Lord
Holloway Aileen S. wife of Issac 1917

Tucker Eric William son of Silas and Wallace May 19,1923 Oct. 28,1990
Gone but not forgotten
Miller Laura
wife of George 1895 May 7,1985
"Age 90 years. She died as she lived, trusting in God."
Miller George
husband of Laura 1888 Oct 11,1967
"Age 79 years. The call was sudden, the shock severe. To part with one we loved so dear."
Miller Hezekiah
wife of Eliza (Goobie) 1885 July 31,1961
"Age 76 years. Calm is thy slumber as an infant sleep.But thous shall wake no more to toil and weep. Thine is rest sure and deep. Good night."
unmarked grave

foot of Hezekiah Miller

Robbins Sarah Fanny wife of Eli John Robbins 1915 Feb 3,1936 sister Belinda "age 21 years. Not lost to memory or to love but safe int our Father's arms above. Erected by Belinda daughter of Hezikiah and Eliza Miller"
unmarked grave

near Sarah Fanny Robbins

Tucker Abram John husband of Bessie 1894 Nov. 13th,1933
"Age 39 years. Bessie remarried William John King"
Tucker Elizabeth
child Bessie and Abraham J
Jan. 1922

Tucker Lillian
child Bessie and Abraham J. July 1924 Nov 1925

Tucker Eleanor
child Eli and Leonie Dec. 7th,1945 Dec. 14th,1945

Tucker Cora Joyce child Eli and Leonie May 18th, 1943 March 20th, 1945
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
Tucker Shirley Roena child Eli and Leonie Nov. 21st, 1939 Dec. 21st, 1939
A little child is fast asleep
Tucker Silas
husband of Lavenia June 30,1892 Mar. 18,1982
Ever missed, ever loved
Tucker Lavenia Wallace wife of Silas Sept. 25,1892 Dec. 24,1980
She died as she lived, trusting in God.
Tucker Robert Silas Lloyd son Silas and Livenia July 8,1932 Aug 29,1932
Safely gathered in.
King Annie
wife of Alpheus King July 21,1906 Mar. 29,1989 family Beyond the sunset
unmarked grave

left of Annie King

unmarked grave

2nd left of Annie King

Squires Bela Valance husband of Annie Nov. 8,1896 July 8,1983 wife and family "Safe in the arms of Jesus. Annie Squires remarried Alpheus King."
Squires Rebecca Andersen spinster Sept. 14,1900 Aug 18,1975
Until the day break and the shadows flee away.
Squires Joseph John husband of Sarah 1872 1930
I am the resurrection and the life, sayeth the Lord. John 11,25
Squires Sarah
wife of Joseph John 1876 1902

unmarked grave

left of Squires

unmarked grave

2nd left of Squires

unmarked grave

3rd left of Squires

Miller Willis
son of George and Laura 1922 Feb 14,1922
"Who like a flower bloomed in the morning and faded in the evening"
Miller Eli
son of Robert and Sarah 1905 July 28th,1905

Miller Sarah
wife of Robert 1860 Nov. 3rd, 1904
"Age 44 years."
Miller William Robert husband of Sarah May 16th,1858 Mar. 29th, 1950
"Born in Yorkshire , England. He liveth long and he liveth well."
Avery Julie
wooden head stone

Information too faded to read.
unmarked grave

next to Julie Avery

unmarked grave

2nd next to Julie Avery

Pond Thomas
son of Thomas and Mary 1899 Oct. 25,1923
"Beloved son of Thomas and Mary Eliza Pond. Died age 24 years. Royal Nfld. Regiment"
unmarked grave

next to Thomas Pond

unmarked grave

2nd next to Thomas Pond

Tucker Susannah
wife of John 1868 Mar. 20th,1959 family "Aged 90 years and 7 months. In our hearts a silent sorrow. In our memory a daily thought. Grandmother of Lavenia King"
Tucker John
husband of Susannah Apr. 1858 June 2nd,1935 family "Aged 77 years 3 months. For ever with the Lord."
Tucker Ruby Sussana daughter Maud and Allan Sept. 1927 Apr 20th,1940
"Age 12 years 8 months. We cannot say and will not say that she is dead. She is just away. With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand. She has wandered into an unknown land. Died of tuberculosis"
Tucker Gladys Maud wife of Allan Apr 1907 June 2nd, 1965
"Aged 58 years 2 months. When the toil of the day is done When the race of life is run Father grant thy weary traveler Rest for evermore."
Tucker Allan
husband of Gladys Maud Oct. 10,1905 Dec. 20,1994
Eternal rest grant unto him o'Lord
Tucker Violet
2nd wife of Allan 1907 1993
To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
Samson Hetrienna
mother John and Maxwell 1900 1924
"Single headstone for Great Uncle Esau Benson, Great Aunt Mary Benson and mother Hetrienna Samson. Erected by John and Maxwell Samson."
Benson Esau
husband of Mary 1869 1946 John and Maxwell Samson "Single headstone for Great Uncle Esau Benson, Great Aunt Mary Benson and mother Hetrienna Samson. Erected by John and Maxwell Samson."
Benson Mary
wife of Essau 1870 1940 John and Maxwell Samson "Single headstone for Great Uncle Esau Benson, Great Aunt Mary Benson and mother Hetrienna Samson. Erected by John and Maxwell Samson."
Benson Gilbert John son Mary Ann and Albert G. 1922 Jan. 20th,1940
Age 18 years.
Benson Priscilla
wife of Joseph John 1857 Jan.3rd,1904
Age 47 years.
unmarked grave

next to Priscilla Benson

unmarked grave

2nd next to Priscilla Benson

unmarked grave

3rd next to Priscilla Benson

Robbins Gordon W. child Benoni and Elizabeth Aug. 1925 Nov 3rd, 1926
"Aged 1 year and 3 months. Forget you darling, we never will. We always loved you and always will."
King Eli John wife of Magglen 1877 June 17th,1940 family "Erected by Abner and William H. King. Aged 62 years, 11 months."
King Magglen
wife of Eli John Dec. 25,1881 Aug 12,1926

King Naomi
wife of William George Feb 1867 Apr. 24,1925
Age 57 years and 2 months.
King Emily (Bursey) wife of William G. 1866 1890

King William G. husband of Emily and Naomi 1864 1940

King Rosanna
wife of Simeon 1850 Nov. 2,1916 Boyd King (son) Age 66 yrs.
King Simeon
husband of Rosania 1839 May 17,1905 wife Rosania Age 66 yrs.
King Bartholomew
son Simeon and Ann 1869 Jan 10,1888
Age 18 years 6 months
King Alpheus

Sept. 14,1898 Dec. 25,1985 family "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want."
Rodgers Adam
husband of Minnie Selina 1901 Nov 5th, 1958
"Sleep on dear one your work is done. Your willing hands will toil no more. But oh how kind you were and true. No one on earth will ......Age 57 years."
Ivany Emma
wife of William H. 1860 Oct 7th, 1950
"Aged 89 years 11 months. A precious one from us is gone ..."
Ivany William H. husband of Emma 1879 Sept 6th, 1962
"Aged 83 years Sleep on beloved. Sleep on and take thy rest. We loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best. Good Night."
Hillyard Rosanna Doris wife of Elijah John June 18, 1917 Dec. 12,1990
"To us she has not gone away Nor has she travelled far Just entered God's eternal home and left the door ajar.May she rest in eternal peace."
Hillyard Elijah John husband of Rosann Doris Jan. 1914 Dec. 7, 1967
"And peaceful he is sleeping Sweetest rest that follows pain We who love him badly miss him But trust in God to meet again."
Hillyard Mary M. 2nd wife of William T. 1915 1995
"She lives with us in memory and will forever more."
Hillyard William T. husband of Charlotte 1911 1988
Ever remembered ever loved.
Hillyard Charlotte
1st wife of William T. 1914 Aug 18th ,1956
Aged 42 years.
Brown Elizabeth
wife of James no date no date , age 61 yrs

Brown James
husband of Elizabeth no date no date , aged 85 years children children George, Jessie, Lillian, Naomi, James, Cecil
Hillyard William James child of William and Charlotte Oct. 28,1937 Oct. 30, 1937
A little seed falls fast to sleep.
Hillyard Martin Sterling child of William and Charlotte Sep. 20, 1935 July 14, 1936
There is a home for little children.
Hillyard Martin

1910 Aug. 23, 1932
Age 22 yrs.
Hillyard Elijah
father of Elijah and William Jan. 1886 Dec. 24, 1913
"Age 27 years 11 months"
Blundon Henrietta
wife of John Sept. 1855 March 1, 1924
"Aged 68 years 6 months"
Blundon William George husband of Mary 1907 March 24th 1984
Aged 77 years
Blundon Mary Florence wife of William George Feb. 9, 1894 May 16,1971
"Aged 77 years she lives with us in memory and will for ever more. "
unmarked grave

left of Henrietta Blundon

unmarked grave

2nd left of Henrietta Blundon

Blundon Hannah Claris daughter of Eliab & Lydia May 26, 1934 July 7, 1935
Twin sister of Loretta.
Blundon William George
Oct. 1857 June 1st, 1881
"Aged 23 years and 8 months. Broken headstone. One of oldest in cemetery."
Blundell Eleazer

May 1804 June 19, 1868
"Aged 64 years and 1 month The oldest headstone in cemetery. Lies broken."
unmarked grave

right of Zilpah King

King Zilpah
1st wife of Boyd King Jan. 1895 July 13th, 1938
Age 43 years 6 months
King Melvie
daughter of Zilpah and Boyd Feb. 1932 Aug 3rd, 1940
"Age 8 years 6 months"
unmarked grave

left of Zilpah King

King Rebecca Jane 2nd wife of Boyd King 1910 Aug 24, 1951
Age 41 years
King Simeon Boyd husband of Rebecca Jane Dec. 25, 1892 June 29, 1985
first wife Zilpah
King George G. husband of Helen 1919 1994
Captain George
King Helen
wife of George King 1921 living
Head stone erected for both
Butt William Thomas wife of Annie Maria July 1886 April 22, 1952
"Age 65 years 9 months"
Butt Annie Maria wife of William Thomas 1892 May 20th, 1960 family Aged 68 years
Robbins Emily
wife of William March 23, 1903 September 27, 1996
To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
Robbins William
husband of Emily 1900 June 29, 1973
"Aged 73 years. Not lost to memory or to love. But safe in our Father's home above."
Robbins John A. C. son of William and Emily March 25,1929 feb. 4, 1991
Forever in our hearts.
Robbins Ada Jean daughter William & Emily January 18, 1932 December 6, 1994
Peace Perfect Peace
Price Walter W. C. son of William and Florence 1947 1949
There's a friend for little children above the bright blue sky.
Price Joan
wife of Alwin 1941 1972
"Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away. Daughter of Alice and Reuben Toope"
Benson Abigail
wife of David 1882 Sept. 1971
Aged 89 years
unmarked grave

left of Abigal Benson

Toope Alice
wife of Reuben 1911 1997

Toope Reuben
husband of Alice 1904 1995

King Heber
husband of Alice Jan. 24,1901 March 4, 1967 daughters Nellie & Margaret
King Nellie Margaret daughter of Heber & Alice Aug. 1939 Sep 1947

Robbins Lillian
daughter William and Emily March 28,1934 March 30,1934

Robbins Rose
daughter William and Emily March 28,1934 March 30, 1934

King Mahala Gladys daughter Guy and Hannah 1936 Feb 19th, 1949
"A precious one from us is gone. The voice we loved is stilled A place is vacant in our home That never can be filled. Age 12 yrs. 6 months"
King Mary Hannah 1st wife of Matthias 1869 March 5th, 1911
"Aged 42 years. Sleep on forever. Sleep and take thy rest."
King Matthias
husband of Mary Hannah 1867 Sept 26th, 1945
"Aged 77 years and 10 months. Second wife Emaline"
King Emaline
second wife of Matthias 1886 Dec. 6th, 1942
Aged 56 years 8 months
King Bessie
wife of William John 1897 1980

King William John husband of Bessie 1898 1971

Name on Headstone Description of Error My Name
SQUIRES The data shows that Bela Squires died July 8, 1983. That is incorrect, as he had died in the early 40's.
William King
PRICE Under PRICE, W.C., the parents' name should be "son of Wilson and Florence", not William.
Dwight Price
TUCKER Headstone of Oliver M. Tucker should read son of Oliver and Janet instead of Jennifer. Elana Graham
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