NLGenWeb 1894 Directory Data

Trinity Bay Region ~ Upper Trinity North District

Delby's Cove


The information in this Directory was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE GEROW, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Clark, Alexander planter
Clark, Thomas Henry Fisherman
Gardener, Jacob Fisherman
McGrath, Edward Fisherman
McGrath, John Fisherman
Wiseman, Job Fisherman
Wiseman, Stephen Fisherman
Day, Charles of Charles Fisherman
Elford, William of Charles Fisherman
Green, John of James Fisherman
George, Walter trader
George, Edward Fisherman
George, Albert general dealer
Herman, Joseph of William Fisherman
Harnem, Alex of Joseph Fisherman
Higdon, John of William Fisherman
Moore, John of Edward Fisherman
Moore, Thomas of Edward Fisherman
Moore, William of Edward Fisherman
Moore, Edward of Edward Fisherman
Moore, Walter of Edward Fisherman
Moore, Edward sr Fisherman
Moore, Martin of Thomas Fisherman
Moore, Allan of Martin Fisherman
Moore, Victor of Martin Fisherman
March, Robert of Robert Fisherman
Newhook, George of James Fisherman
Newhook, Edward of James Fisherman
Newhook, John of James Fisherman
Newhook, Samuel of William Fisherman
Newhook, George of William Fisherman
Newhook, Thomas of James Fisherman
Newhook, Leander of Thos Fisherman
Newel, George Fisherman
Newel, John of Robert Fisherman
Newel, Joseph of Robert Fisherman
Pretty, Thomas of George Fisherman
Pretty, George sr Fisherman
Pretty, Robert of James Fisherman
Pretty, Peter of James Fisherman
Pretty, William of James Fisherman
Pretty, George of William Fisherman
Pretty, Samuel of Robert Fisherman
Pretty, John of Robert Fisherman
Pretty, Robert of John Fisherman
Pretty, Samuel of John Fisherman
Pretty, Hezekiah of Robert Fisherman
Pretty, Aubrey of Hezekiah Fisherman
Pretty, Samuel of Joseph Fisherman
Pretty, Robert of Samuel Fisherman
Pretty, Thomas of William Fisherman
Pretty, Jacob of John Fisherman
Pretty, Joseph of John Fisherman
Pretty, Samuel of John Fisherman
Pretty, Robert Sr. Fisherman
Pretty, Samuel of Robert Fisherman
Pretty, Eli of John Fisherman
Pretty, Rev H
Pinsent, John of John Fisherman
Pinsent, Thomas of John Fisherman
Pinsent, William of John Fisherman
Pinsent, Samuel of John Fisherman
Reid, Elijah of William Fisherman
Reid, Levi of Reuben Fisherman
Reid, William of William Fisherman
Reid, Owen of Reuben Fisherman
Reid, Moses of Owen Fisherman
Reid, Albert of Reuben Fisherman
Reid, Joshua of Thomas Fisherman
Reid, Eugene of Joshua Fisherman
Reid, Alfred of Joshua Fisherman
Reid, Samuel of Moses Fisherman
Reid, Samuel of Reuben Fisherman
Reid, Stephen of Thomas Fisherman
Reid, Thomas of Stephen Fisherman
Reid, Noah of Thomas Fisherman
Smith, James of George Fisherman
Smith, William of George Fisherman
Smith, Charles of John Fisherman
Smith, William of John Fisherman
Smith, Samuel of William Fisherman
Smith, John of Robert Fisherman
Smith, Robert of John Fisherman
Smith, Simeon of John Fisherman
Smith, Nathaniel of John Fisherman
Smith, Thomas of John Fisherman
Smith, Jacob of Joseph Fisherman
Smith, Issac of Joseph Fisherman
Smith, Joseph of Joseph Fisherman
Smith, George of Joseph Fisherman
Smith, Henry of Joseph Fisherman
Smith, Thomas of Martin Fisherman
Smith, Albert of Martin Fisherman
Smith, William of Martin Fisherman
Smith, Silas of Martin Fisherman
Smith, Martin of John Fisherman
Smith, Moses of Benjamin Fisherman
Smith, Eliel of Benjamin Fisherman
Smith, John T of Benjamin Fisherman
Smith, Jacob of Benjamin Fisherman
Smith, Wilson of Moses Fisherman
Smith, Eleazer of Moses Fisherman
Williams, Josiah of William Fisherman


Name in Directory Description of Error My Name
  1894 Directory for Delbys Cove appears to be incorrect. I believe that all the names after WISEMAN, Stephen may be the 1894 Directory for Dildo in the Upper Trinity South District. Just cross reference it with the 1898 directory for Dildo and Delbys Cove. In 1871 there were only 5 names listed for Delbys Cove, 1894 has aprox. 100 names and then in 1898 has only 8 names. Terry Reid

1998 Debbie Gerow & NL GenWeb