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Trinity Bay Region ~ Upper Trinity South District

Chance Cove

The information in this Directory was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE GEROW, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Bright, Esau of JamesFisherman
Brace, George of ThomasFisherman
Brace, Albert of PhilipFisherman
Clark, John of JohnFisherman
Peddle, Abraham of GeoFisherman
Peddle, Wm of JohnFisherman
Peddle, John of JohnFisherman
Rowe, Benjamin of JamesFisherman
Rowe, Eli of BenjaminFisherman
Rowe, Wm of BenjaminFisherman
Smith, William of JacobFisherman
Smith, Hezekiah of WilliamFisherman
Smith, Jacob of WilliamFisherman
Smith, Robert of WilliamFisherman
Smith, Nathaniel of WilliamFisherman
Smith, Thomas of ManuelFisherman
Smith, Solomon of ThosFisherman
Smith, Manuel of ThosFisherman
Smith, Jacob of ThosFisherman
Smith, Stephen of ManuelFisherman
Smith, Manuel of StephenFisherman
Smith, Thos of StephenFisherman
Warren, Thos of JosephFisherman
Warren, Josiah of ThosFisherman

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Trinity South District