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1935 Census - Heart's Delight

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by EVERETT BISHOP,1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. Please be patient as this is a large file.
Case, AlbertHead67
Case, CeciliaWife63

Foot, GeorgeHead41
Foot, ElizabethWife34
Foot, EdwardSon5
Foot, GeorgeSon4
Foot, Janet MaeDaughter1

Lockyer, GeorgeHead72

Sooley, FrancisHead25
Sooley, DorisWife22
Sooley, MargaretDaughter11

Green, WilliamHead42
Green, HildaWife35
Green, ClarenceSon12
Green, EdithDaughter11
Green, Nathaniel EarlSon2

Morgan, Rev. J. E.Head26

Harnum, JacobHead73
Harnum, ElizabethWife70

Sooley, Edward JohnHead45
Sooley. LizzieWife39
Sooley, AnnieDaughter18
Sooley,William EdwinSon13
Sooley, Vincent DonaldSon11
Sooley, Frederick ReginaldSon8

Crocker, OrestusHead60
Crocker, EmmieWife55
Crocker, HarrisonSon19
Crocker, JobSon14

Crocker, AnnaniasHead55
Crocker, LouisaWife52
Crocker, ReubenSon21

Crocker, Albert ArthurHead46
Crocker, DelilahWife38
Crocker, Baxter LloydSon15
Crocker, AnnieDaughter11

Crocker, JosephHead52
Crocker, ElsieWife44
Crocker, GeorgeSon16
Crocker, AliviaDaughter14
Crocker, VioletDaughter12

Crocker, GilbertHead56
Crocker, ElizabethWife52
Crocker, EloileSon29
Crocker, MildredDaughter18
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Crocker, MarionDaughter15

Legge, EdwardHead29
Legge, JessieMother70

Crocker, WalliceHead35
Crocker, OrphaWife33
Crocker, Lena MirtilDaughter12
Crocker, James HeberSon8

Crocker, SamuelHead62
Crocker, EmilyWife61
Crocker, ChesleySon24
Crocker, Alvin ClydeSon21
Crocker, Earl EdisonSon19

Crocker, EdmundHead54
Crocker, LauraWife51
Crocker, CarsonSon17
Crocker, Elizabeth HopeDaughter3

Crocker, MarcusHead44
Crocker, SusannaWife38
Crocker, GertrudeDaughter15

Jerrett, VictorHead48
Jerrett, Mary JaneWife44
Jerrett, FraserSon35(?)
Jerrett, Ina FlorenceDaughter15

Reid, EliHead44
Reid, CeciliaWife44
Reid, GretaDaughter18
Reid, MildredDaughter14
Reid, HaroldSon16
Reid, StanleySon10
Reid, GroverSon4
Crocker, SusannaMother-in-Law73

Crocker, John CharlesHead61
Crocker, JaneWife61
Crocker, MosesSon21
Crocker, Oswald K.Son19

Bryant, GarrettHead61
Bryant, AdaWife61

Sooley, EdmundHead70
Sooley, MariaWife69
Sooley, ReubenSon25
Sooley, Nellie MayDaughter22
Sooley, RaymondSon16

Sooley, Sydney JohnHead39
Sooley, Eliza AnnWife38
Sooley, GeorgeSon13
Sooley, PhilemonSon11
Sooley, LottieDaughter9
Sooley, NormanSon7
Sooley, AubreySon5
Sooley, LillianDaughter4
Sooley, HermanSon2
Sooley, ShirleyDaughter6 mo

Sooley, HerbertHead52
Sooley, DelilahWife49
Sooley, JonasSon18
Sooley, CharlesSon16
Sooley, RonaldSon10
Sooley, GrahamSon7

Sooley, IshmaelHead53
Sooley, MaryDaughter23
Sooley, MalcusSon19

Sooley, Japheth, jr.Head51
Sooley, Betsy Ann Wife47
Sooley, BlancheDaughter21
Sooley, Stewart Son18
Sooley, CurtisSon14

Sooley. Japheth, sr.Head69
Sooley, CatherineWife68
Sooley, GwendolynDaughter22
Sooley, NettieDaughter4

Sooley, ErnestHead44
Sooley, FannieWife44
Sooley, BernardSon15
Sooley, WilliamSon13
Sooley, MarionDaughter11
Sooley, DonaldSon9
Sooley, AlvenaDaughter2

Sooley, CyrilHead37
Sooley, AnnieWife35
Sooley, IdaDaughter16
Sooley, ElsieDaughter13
Sooley, RobertSon12
Sooley, HildaDaughter9
Sooley, EldredSon6
Sooley, ElviraDaughter5

Crocker, Head47
Crocker, MinnieWife39
Crocker, JeanDaughter13
Crocker, LeonSon9
Crocker, RobertSon6
Crocker, CharlesSon2

Perry, RoyHead23
Perry, ClaraWife19

Crocker, RalphHead31
Crocker, SarahMother65
Crocker, Mary VictoriaSister25

Sooley, NoahHead44
Sooley, CharityWife40
Sooley, AgnesDaughter22
Sooley, ClaraDaughter13
Sooley, MadelineDaughter20
Sooley, FlorenceDaughter21
Sooley, PeninaDaughter10
Sooley, MatildaDaughter8
Sooley, LionelSon5
Sooley, NoahSon2

Sooley, GeorgeHead23
Sooley, ClaraWife21
Sooley, IvanSon2

Crocker, EdgarHead54
Crocker, Elizabeth Wife51
Crocker, AllanSon25
Crocker, WalterSon18
Crocker, Ethel MayDaughter15
Crocker, Hayward, same houseHead30
Crocker, GladysWife26
Crocker, WalterSon4

Crocker, EliasHead35
Crocker, Louise ?Wife28
Crocker, SterlingSon5

Crocker, ??Head??
Crocker, LornaDaughter5
Crocker, PhyllisDaughter2
Crocker, JohnFather73

Reid, BernardHead46
Reid, MiriamWife43
Reid, DorisDaughter2
Reid, Reginald GrahamSon4

Sooley, WilsonHead42
Sooley, StellaWife43
Sooley, LorraineDaughter17
Sooley, JamesSon16
Sooley, CrispusSon14
Sooley, EdithDaughter12
Sooley, VeraDaughter10
Sooley, EdmundSon8
Sooley, RichardSon5
Sooley, EricSon3

Reid, Stephen HenryHead40
Reid, AnnWife40
Reid, Beatrice VivianDaughter14
Reid, Lillian GertrudeDaughter12
Reid, Joan MarieDaughter9
Reid, Allan JosephSon5

Reid, JamesHead53
Reid, FlorenceWife48
Reid, RobertSon23
Reid, HectorSon18
Reid, LeviFather-in-Law77

Crocker, WilsonHead23
Crocker, Wife21
Crocker, Son4

Reid, Stephen Head72
Reid, GraceWife70

Reid, AlbertHead30
Reid, MaudeWife29
Reid, VeraDaughter9
Reid, CliffordSon8
Reid, MaryDaughter6
Reid, ErnestSon4

Reid, Joseph SamuelHead59
Reid, SelenaWife56
Reid, EldredHead27
Reid, ClaraWife25

Legge, AbsalomHead42
Legge, Martha JessieWife35
Legge, Edward GideonSon13
Legge, Edith PricellaDaughter11
Legge, John CharlesSon7
Legge, Stella BeatriceDaughter9
Legge, Alma PhoebeDaughter5
Legge, Stanley JamesSon5 mo
Legge, HannahMother78

Reid, ArchHead34
Reid, EthelWife35
Reid, Lewis JamesSon12
Reid, EldredSon8
Reid, NormanSon7
Reid, GordonSon3
Reid, HowardSon2
Reid, JuliaMother64

Smith, ArchibaldHead68
Smith, EmilyWife71

Sooley, JohnHead62
Sooley, Mary EmmaWife55

Smith, JacobHead42
Smith, ClaraWife38
Smith, WalterSon18
Smith, Alex RaymondSon8
Smith, Thomas Alva EdisonSon4

Sooley, FrederickHead32
Sooley, FlorenceWife25
Sooley, StellaDaughter6
Sooley, WendellSon4
Sooley, FrederickSon1

Jackson, AbelHead44
Jackson, LaviniaWife42
Jackson, CharlesSon18
Jackson, Jenny LenaDaughter2

Bryant. JacobHead71
Bryant, LouisaWife68
Bryant, AnnieDaughter16

Worthman, WilfredHead37
Worthman, AlicaWife35
Worthman, GladysDaughter10
Worthman, JoshuaSon8
Worthman, EugeneSon7
Worthman, SelenaMother-in-Law56

Reid, SolomonHead58
Reid, Harriet AnnWife58
Reid, Lilly MaeDaughter23
Reid, OttoSon25
Reid, Lizzie MaudDaughter18
Reid, HarrietDaughter11
Reid, GenevieveDaughter1

Crocker, IsaacHead51
Crocker, AliceWife40
Crocker, JesseSon14
Crocker, BlancheDaughter16
Crocker, GeorgeSon9

Harnum, AlbertHead28
Harnum, FannyWife27
Harnum, EdmundHead78

Harnum, JonasHead55
Harnum, TheresaWife53
Harnum, SterlingHead29
Harnum, LeonaWife26
Harnum, EdwinSon6

Sooley, RalphHead27
Sooley, ElsieWife28
Sooley, LeahDaughter6
Sooley, GretaDaughter5
Sooley, MaxwellSon2
Sooley, LloydSon5 mo

Worthman, JosephHead73
Worthman, DianaWife66
Worthman, NimshiHead25
Worthman, VioletWife20
Worthman, DorisDaughter1

Worthman, EdmundHead28
Worthman, EvelynWife22
Worthman, LucyDaughter3

Worthman, EleazerHead34
Worthman, BerthaWife26

Worthman, ChesleyHead47
Worthman, DelphineWife40
Worthman, PriscillaDaughter23
Worthman, William HarveySon20
Worthman, GretaDaughter18
Worthman, SadieDaughter14
Worthman, HerbertSon11
Worthman, SydneySon6
Worthman, Jane MayDaughter2
Worthman, PeterFather89

Worthman, JoshuaHead74
Worthman, RoseannaWife77
Cranford, MartinHead30
Cranford, AwildaWife31

Reid, StanleyHead26
Reid, LeahWife19
Reid, AdelinaDaughter2
Reid, GilbertSon 1 mo

Worthman, TheophilusHead38
Worthman, JessieWife36
Worthman, EdmundSon11
Worthman, VioletDaughter7
Worthman, AlfredaDaughter5
Worthman, MarcusSon3

Worthman, NathanHead41
Worthman, AaronBrother22
Worthman, MelvinNephew22

Worthman, EphriamHead46
Worthman, IdaWife41
Worthman, EvelynDaughter21
Worthman, DorahDaughter18
Worthman, RoselyDaughter14

Harnum, HezekiahHead64
Hranum, ElizabethWife64

Worthman, HenryHead72
Worthman, LaviniaWife66
Worthman, WilsonHead41
Worthman, AdelaideWife39
Worthman, DorisDaughter13
Worthman, ClariceDaughter14
Worthman, AnnieDaughter11
Worthman, Sarah LillyDaughter10
Worthman, MurtysDaughter6

Worthman, JemimaHead50
Worthman, ArthurSon21
Worthman, MargaretDaughter15
Worthman, SusieDaughter13

Crocker, AlbertHead73
Crocker, RoseannaWife67

Perry, AmbroseHead40
Perry, EvaWife41
Perry, GordonSon9
Perry, MatildaDaughter3

Harnum, AmbroseHead45
Harnum, IsabellaWife34
Harnum, ElwoodSon14
Harnum, RubyDaughter10
Harnum, George HedleySon8
Harnum, VidaDaughter5
Harnum, Annie VioletDaughter3

Bishop, Joseph WesleyHead52
Bishop, Ethel JaneWife45
Bishop, ArthurSon18

Bishop, SamuelHead58
Bishop, EmilyWife57
Bishop, AnnieDaughter23
Bishop, Robert JamesHead27
Bishop, EdnaWife26
Bishop, WilliamSon6
Bishop, VictorSon2

Bishop, EleazerHead59
Bishop, AnnieWife55
Downey, NewmanStep-son25
Bishop, FlorenceDaughter16
Bishop, JosephSon14

Brake, JohnHead41
Brake, VioletWife36
Brake, HettieDaughter9

Crocker, JosephHead64
Crocker, RebeccaWife57
Crocker, Charles HarveySon30
Crocker, WilliamAdopted Son11

Harnum, EdmundHead65
Harnum, MaryWife65

Crocker, JamesHead65
Crocker, SarahWife45
Crocker, CharlesSon25
Crocker, HaroldSon16

Bishop, HaywardHead32
Bishop, BennetWife29
Bishop, Malcolm WilfredSon11
Bishop, JamesSon9
Bishop, WilliamSon7
Bishop, FlorenceDaughter6
Bishop, MargaretDaughter4
Bishop, LorraineDaughter2
Bishop, NellieDaughter 2 mo

Legge, MaryHead66
Legge, James WesleySon24
Legge, DonaldSon6

Green, RobertHead44
Green, DoraWife34
Green, EunaDaughter14
Green, Theresa BelleDaughter12
Green, HazelDaughter8
Harnum, ElizabethMother-in-Law57

Legge, WilliamHead26
Legge, MiriamWife25
Legge, VioletDaughter2
Legge, CorneliusHead78
Legge, SusannaWife71
Legge, RaymondHead33
Legge, TamarWife32

Fost, RoyHead21
Fost, GertrudeSister17
Fost, NellieSister14
Fost, MaudSister16
Fost, HenryGrandfather82

Fost, NewmanHead66
Fost, GadenSon26
Fost, SadieDaughter19
Fost, MaggieDaughter13

Legge, EnosHead37
Legge, Annie JaneWife34
Legge, HenleySon16

Legge, JohnHead74
Legge, LydiaWife71
Legge, AlexanderSon40

Fost, CharlesHead41
Fost, ElizabethWife39
Fost, ArthurSon20
Fost, JamesSon17
Fost, HedleySon14
Fost, HildaDaughter11
Fost, FrederickSon8
Fost, MildredDaughter6
Fost, Frances ??Daughter4

Fost, John ThomasHead77
Fost, MaryWife65
Fost, BenjaminSon18
Fost, John HenrySon12
Fost, Lilly PatriciaDaughter10
Fost, ClarenceSon20

Legge, LeonardHead32
Legge, CarrieWife37
Legge, EdithDaughter6

Andrews, EdithHead38
Legge, GretaDaughter15
Legge, MaryDaughter13
Legge, MarjorieDaughter8

Legge, ArthurHead45
Legge, EmmaWife42
Legge, JosephSon18
Legge, BessieDaughter14
Legge, Leah MayDaughter12
Legge, Sarah JaneDaughter9
Legge, ArthurSon6
Legge, GeorgeSon4
Legge, HildaDaughter1

Reid, Albert HenryHead35
Reid, CecileyWife33
Reid, AlvinaDaughter11
Reid, Annie AdaDaughter9
Reid, PhoebeDaughter7
Reid, VioletDaughter6
Reid, Hilda MayDaughter5
Reid, Albert StanleySon2
Reid, WendellSon 6 mo

Crocker, NaomiHead76
Crocker, EleckHead23
Crocker, AdeliaWife20

Crocker, JehuHead47
Crocker, Mary JaneWife43
Crocker, ArthurSon20
Crocker, JosephSon16
Crocker, StellaDaughter14

Andrews, JosephHead56
Andrews, JanetWife47
Andrews, Joseph MundenSon9

Andrews, EdmundHead30
Andrews, EdithWife29
Andrews, Wallice JohnSon2
Andrews, JohnHead58
Andrews, Annie M. Daughter25

Reid, Walter StephenHead43
Reid, LucyWife42

Hippern, JosephHead38
Hippern, PeninaWife32
Hippern, Harold ReidSon9
Hippern, Camilla MurielDaughter8
Hippern, Inez R.Daughter2

Reid, William JamesHead54
Reid, Rosa BellWife45
Reid, PriscillaDaughter18
Reid, MundenSon12
Reid, OrphaDaughter3

Sooley, SamuelHead48
Sooley, EugeneSon18

Sooley, BertramHead38
Sooley, Elizabeth AnnWife36
Sooley, Caleb MaxwellSon8
Sooley, Sarah P.Daughter2
Sooley, AllanSon 2 mo

Reid, NewtonHead48
Reid, ElizaWife46
Reid, GeraldSon22
Reid, BeulahDaughter15
Reid, AudreyDaughter11
Reid, EdwinSon9

Traverse, LeamonHead24
Traverse, Clara JaneWife25
Traverse, Kenneth LeviSon3
Traverse, Lloyd JamesSon 9 mo

Wiseman, JamesHead71
Wiseman, PrecillaDaughter34
Wiseman, ClarenceHead21
Wiseman, MaisieWife21
Wiseman, GordonSon 9 mo

Bryant, JamesHead65
Bryant, SarahWife63

Hiscock, Harold RobertHead39
Hiscock, MerabWife35
Hiscock, Harold JamesSon10

Wiseman, JohnHead55
Wiseman, BerthaWife27
Wiseman, ViolaDaughter7
Wiseman, EwartSon4
Wiseman, WarrenSon2

Hobbs, AsenathHead60

Harnum, Hedley EnosHead56
Harnum, Violet AtkinsonWife45
Harnum, WendellSon15
Harnum, KathelineDaughter13
Reid, Lilly AnnMother-in-Law66

Decker, WilfredHead38
Decker, W MaudeWife31
Decker, LornaDaughter7
Decker, E. FrancesDaughter2
Hewitt, Ida MayTeacher??22

Vivian, AaronHead65
Vivian, EmmaWife59
Vivian, StanleySon26
Vivian, SelbySon23
Vivian, RobertSon21
Vivian, EileenDaughter16
Vivian, EthelDaughter13

Reid, Frederick EllisHead50
Reid, Hilda KathelineWife38
Reid, Dorothy JaneDaughter16
Reid, Frederick JohnSon15
Reid, James GordonSon14
Reid, Ellis GeorgeSon12
Reid, Rona LorraineDaughter10
Reid, Joyce ClaudineDaughter9
Reid, Audrey RuthDaughter7
Reid, Ivy MaudeDaughter5
Reid, Shirley HannahDaughter3

Harnum, KennethHead42
Harnum, Jessie MayWife36
Harnum, MendelSon11
Harnum, Elizabeth MaryDaughter8
Harnum, David MonroeSon5
Harnum, MarilynDaughter1

Fost, ElizaHead70
Fost, WilliamSon20

Harnum, JonasHead25
Harnum, MillieWife24
Harnum, SelwynSon4

Bishop, MaryHead53
Bishop, PearlDaughter30
Bishop, StanleySon5
Bishop, AllanSon3
Bishop, JamesSon9

Legge, FrederickHead37
Legge, AdeliaWife37
Legge, FrederickSon14
Legge, WilliamSon7
Bishop, LeahMother-in-Law73

Worthman, SamuelHead34
Worthman Clara MayWife27

Wiltshire, AlbertHead49
Wiltshire PrecillaWife46
Wiltshire, SelinaDaughter26
Wiltshire, SusieDaughter19
Wiltshire, JennieDaughter12

Legge, Roy Head30
Legge, MyraWife26
Legge, NewtonSon4
Legge, HelenDaughter3
Legge, MildredDaughter 16 mo

Legge, LeslieHead38
Legge, MildredWife36
Legge, AllenbySon13

Legge, JasperHead51
Legge, JaelWife43
Legge, AnnieDaughter17
Legge, InaDaughter15
Legge, JaneDaughter13
Legge, LewisSon7
Legge, CalebSon4

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
JACKSON Jackson, Jenny Lena (2)should be Jackson, Jennie Velina (2). This was my mother b. 2/28/1933 Pat Stewart
SOOLEY The Wilson Sooley family has incorrect infomation. It should be: Sooley, Wilson Head 42; Sooley, Delilah Wife 43; Sooley, Cora Daughter 17; Sooley, James Son 16; Sooley, Crispus Son 14; Sooley, Edith Daughter 12; Sooley, Vera Daughter 10; Sooley, Edmund Son 8; Sooley, Richard Son 5; Sooley, Douglas Son 3. My mother was Cora Sooley and my grandmother was Delilah. I also had an Uncle Doug not included in the data. Mary Simms
SOOLEY I find some error from 1)Robert Sooley should be Hobart Sooley (Son of Cyril Sooley) 2) Elvira Sooley should be Evelyn Sooley (Daughter of Cyril Sooley). Jennifer Sooley

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