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Trinity Bay

Chapel Head, Norman's Cove - Anglican Cemetery

I just recently visited Norman's Cove, Trinity Bay, Nfld. During my stay there I visited the Ang. Cem. I recorded all the infomation on the headstones, I wanted to send you a copy of it so that others could benefit. I check NFGenWeb every day and know how good it is to be able to find info on someone in your family tree. The file has a list of all headstones in the cemetery. There were 4 unmarked graves there.

Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by BONITA WELLS (NEWHOOK), September 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

      In Loving Memory                                     Newhook
           Newhook                                    Husband     Wife

 Matilda            Robert J.                         Theodore    Matilda B.
1911-1996        1904-1970                            1920-1997     1920-

For All of us they did                               Ever remembered, ever Loved
their best,
May God grant them 
Eternal Rest

Newhook                                                Newhook
Silas                                            Emma E.   Thomas
Sept.12,1924                                     1900-     1898-1990
April 09,1998
Down the path of memory we                     Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep
will always walk with you.

R300716                                              White
Jerry S. White                                       Jerry Wenall
Seaman                                               Dec.23,1962 - Jan.8,1989
Rescue Tug WW2                                       Forever in our Hearts.
17 Aug. 1990
Age 66                                               Forever loved by Mom, Dad, 
																										 Brothers, sisters and girlfriend.

White                                                In Loving Memory
1960    Donald   1978                                Mother
                                                     Joanne Jane Thorne
At peace with nature and                             Born Sept.18,1886
        With God                                     Died Nov.1,1978
                                                     Eternal Rest grant unto her Lord

In Loving Memory                                     In Loving Memory of
Derek D. Smith                                       A dear Mother,Daughter,and Sister
Born.  June 20,1970                                  Judy E Murphy
Died.  Feb.7,1977                                    Sept.23,1945
                                                     A loved one sleeps here.

Lydia  Louise                                         Thorne
1905 - 1995                                           Wilfred   John
                                                      1905  -   1981
Not lost to memory                                    To live in the hearts
or to love, but safe in                               Of those we love,
our  Father's home above.                             Is not to die.
Erected by Family                                   Erected by wife Lydia and Family

Warren                                                           Newhook
1937  Charles E.  1990                                       In Loving Memory
In memory a daily thought                           Cleophas       Caroline
in heart a silent Sorrow.                           1920- 1989     1926- 1988 
                                                    Dec.3          May 23
                                                    Jan.29         April 21
                                                    We Shall Meet Again  

Newhook                                             (Wooden Cross) Ernest J. Newhook
Elizabeth                                            Recently passed away headstone
June 14,1913                                         Not erected yet
Aug. 13,1991
The Lord is my Shepherd.

Hunt                                                   Smith
1928     Deliah      1993                              Chad David
Wife And Mother                                                       
The Lord is my Shepherd                                Feb. 11,1986
I shall not want.                                      Mar.17,1987
In same plot as above,(Hunt)                           Asleep in the arms of Jesus
      Barbara B. Butt                                  Until we meet again.
      Aug. 23, 1949
       Feb. 19,1998

Newhook                               Newhook                          Newhook
In Loving Memory                      In Loving Memory                 1924    Harry    1987
Of                                    Of                               Your memory is in our
Jonas                                 Ida                              Keepsake, from which
July 17,1910- Jan.1,1992              Nov.8,1911- July 23,1986         We'll never part.God
Husband of Ida                        Wife of Jonas                    Has you in his keeping 
God be with you until we meet         God be with you until we meet    We have you in our Hearts.
Erected by Family                                                            
                                                                       Ever remembered by
                                                                       Wife Jane & Daughters

(Power married name)            Newhook                        In Loving Memory
Beatrice Newhook                John T.     Elsie B.           White
908- 1996                       1915- 1998                     Edith   (United) Lewis 
Ever remembered                 Down the path                  Maude  (Forever) Maxwell
Ever Loved.                     Of memory we                   Nov.9,1919       June 19,1915
                                Will always walk               June 15,1997
                                With you.                      May the roses continue to bloom

Smith                                        Newhook   (Same Plot)   Newhook 
W.James   Janet                              1889 Eliza 1976         In loving Memory
                                                                     Of our dear Father 
May 20,1906  (Wed)    Oct.4,1908                                     George
May 23,1987 (June 4) July 25,1989                                    1893- 1978
                       (1928)                                        Not lost to Memory
Ever remembered, ever loved.                                         Or to love,but safe
                                                                     In our Father's home Above.
                                                                     Erected by family
Newhook                                            Newhook
1919     Kenneth   1988                Levi (Mar.Aug.23,1928) Charity
Earth has no sorrow that               1903- 1991            1906-1995  
Heaven cannot heal.                       The Lord is my Shepherd 

Baby                              Butt                                      In Loving Memory of
Stephen Chad White                Eugene                                    Mildred White
Born and Died Dec.28,1973         Mar.23,1914- Sept.9,1987                  1912- 1983
So small,so sweet, so soon.       Gone from us but not forgotten            Safe in the arms of Jesus
Loved and remembered by,          Never will our memories fade.             Erected by Husband  
Mommy and Daddy                                                             and family.

Newhook                               In Loving memory                       Smith
In Loving Memory of                   William J. Newhook                     Norman
wife,mother,and grandmother.          Dec.24,1928- Feb.10,1993               Nov.18,1933
Hilda                                 Sleep our beloved brother.             Sept.18,1994
1925- 1982                            Erected by the family.                 Love and happy  
She lives with us in memory                                                  Memories last forever
and will forever more.
Remembered by the family.

In Loving Memory of   ( same plot)          In Loving Memory of
Our dear Mother                             Stephen E. White
Eliza S. White                              Died Feb.27,1967
Died Aug.1,1977                             Age 81 years
Age 88 years                                Look on my grave as you pass 
Dear mother you are not forgotten           by,as you are now,so once was I.
though on earth you are no more.            As I am now you must be,prepare
In the loving arms of Jesus, you are safe   Your death and follow me.
for ever more.                                           
For all of us she did her best,may God     Ever remembered by wife Eliza And family.
grant her Eternal Rest.                                                              
Remembered by her sons and daughters.

Newhook          (Same plot)       Reginald Newhook 
Tryphenia                          Private
1900- 1983                         Royal Nfld Regiment
Simply to thy cross                19th   Aug. 1980
I cling.                           Age 86
Erected by family.  

Norman White                         Newhook                        Samuel J. Newhook
Dec.4,1938                           Mother        (Same plot)      Seaman
April 18,1994                        Dora Louise                    Royal Navy WW1 
Loving husband of Gerda, cherished	 1902- 1994                     7th Feb.1981
Father of Jacquline & Michael.       Ever remembered                Age 88
Come true soldier march to glory     Ever Loved.
your battle here on earth is done.
Come true soldier march to Jesus
husband, father, brother,and son.

In Loving Memory of                 Hurbert Newhook                  Newhook
Rachael Smith                       Royal Navy WW2                   Clarence L.
Wife of Cecil Smith                 1920- 1992                       1933- 1992
Oct.16,1914                         Lest we forget.                  To well loved
Aug.3,1984                                                           To ever be forgotten.
Ever remembered,ever
loved by Cecil & family.

Barrett                                      Father                       Mother
Husband            Wife                              In Loving Memory of
Lloyd            Marion                      George T.                  Angelina
1917-1998        1916-                       Died Dec.22,1970           Died June 16,1971
The Lord is my Shepherd.                     Age 62 years               Age 59 years
                                             For all of us they did their best, 
																						 may God grant them Eternal Rest

In Loving Memory of                 Marked by a wooden Cross                 Reid
Gertude White                           Fredrick White                      Dorothy
1905- 1974                             ( no other info)                   Dec.6,1959- Dec.11,1991
The pearly gates were opened a                                            Forever in our Hearts
gentle voice said come, and with
farewells unspoken, she gently
entered home.
Erected by husband Fred and son
Fred and family.

In Loving Memory of                     Newhook                       In Loving Memory of
Newhook                                Samaul James                   Eric R. Newhook
Joseph      Patience                   Feb.4,1919                     Died Sept.29,1980
1896-1995  1898-1977                   April 28,1991                  Age 59 years
Together Forever                       until the day breaks           Not lost in memory or to love
Ever remembered and sadly              And the shadow                 but safe in our father's home  
missed, The Newhook Family.            Flee away.                     Above. Ever remembered by
                                                                      Wife and family.

Cleophas Newhook       (Same plot)      Eliza E. Newhook
1900- 1978                              1901- 1995
Lifes work well done,now               We now rest in Peace.
comes  rest.

Newhook                             Newhook                                Newhook
In Loving Memory of                 Jacob           Charlotte              Husband           Wife
Florence M.                         1908- 1995      1914- 1997             Chesley G.        Anges
1938- 1988                          Love is Eternal.                     1920- 1996        1920- 
Gone to a garden where the                                                 We shall meet again.
roses never fade.
Erected by her husband & family.

Piercey                                          Thorne                          White
George M.       Martha                  Chesley Lewis  Pheobe Hilda              Richard M.
1898- 1974     1906- 1996               Sept.12,1911      April 23,1916          1927- 1996
In God's care.   rest.                  Oct.23,1997                              Forever in our hearts.
                                        Husband            Wife

Burton     (Same plot)     Burton                                   In Loving Memory of
In Loving Memory of        John L.                                  Gary Christopher Kinden
Joanna J.                  Oct.26,1914                              Born Sept.22,1974
Nov.16,1915                April 17,1987                            accidently drowned
Nov.15,1982                Forever in our hearts.                   Aug.22,1980
Ever remembered and        Erected by Irene, Cindy,                 Lord we give you our little Angel 
Ever loved.  Erected by    Sharon & families.                       Ever remembered by Mom,Dad,
Husband John.                                                       Brothers and sisters.

In Fondest Memory of                     In Loving Memory of               In Loving Memory 
Albert Newhook                           John Newhook                          Newhook
Loving husband, father, grandfather      Died Oct.2,1977               Emanuel         Sarah Ann 
and great grandfather.                   age 83 years                  1900- 1984      1908- 1996
Died April 26,1978                       Treasure him Lord in          Forever remembered
Age 73 years                             your garden of rest.          Forever loved.
The joys that we missed on life's        For in this world he was      Erected by the family.
highway. May be found in Gods            one of the best. 
garden of rest.                          Erected by the family.

In Loving Memory of    (Same plot)    In Loving Memory of                   Newhook
Robert Newhook                        Edith Newhook                         Benjamin
Died Sept.20,1968                     Died Jan.17,1981                      1888- 1968
Age 83 years, 11 months               Age 88 years                          Lucinda
Dear husband you are not forgotten    Dear Mother you are not forgotten     1915- 1995       
though on earth you are no more.      though on earth you are no more.      Forever with the Lord
Still in memory you are with us as    Still in memory you are with us as    Forever remembered
You always were before.               You always were before.               By the family.
Erected by wife Edith and family.     Erected by the family.

Thy will be done.               In Loving Memory of                        In Loving Memory of
In Loving memory of             A dear Mother                              Nathaniel   Newhook
Mary Ann Newhook                Mary Jane                                  Died April 19,1968
Died Sept. 4,1972               Died Jan.29,1979                           Age 66 years
Age 76 years.                   Age 73 years                               In tears we watched you sinking
For all of us she did her    In tears we watched you sinking               We watched you fade away.Our
best, may God grant her      We watched you fade away. Our hearts          hearts were almost broken,you
eternal rest.                were almost broken, you fought so hard        fought so hard to stay,but when
Erected by her husband       to stay, but when we saw you sleeping,        we saw you sleeping, so peace-  
and family.                  So peacefully free from pain. We could        fully free from pain. We could
                             not wish you back,to suffer that again.       not wish you back,to suffer that 
                             Ever remembered by family.                    again. 
                                                                           Erected by his wife Mary Jane
                                                                           And family.

In Loving Memory of                  Thorne             (Same plot)      In Loving Memory
Carl Smith                           1907   Robert James  1985           Edith Thorne
Dec.27,1926- Nov.30,1984             We bless the hours we had with      Sept.12,1910 
Gone to be with you God above.       you and leave the rest with God.    Nov.21,1996
There to share his wonderous love    Ever remembered and loved by        United forever.
No more sorrow,death nor pain        Wife and family.                    Her memory will
In Gods kingdom he shall reign.                                          Live in our hearts.
Sadly missed by wife Janet 
and family.

Smith       (Same plot)       Smith                          La Pointe
Alice Smith                   Nathaniel C.                   Marc
1904- 1986                    1896- 1992                     Apr.24,1969  - July 10,1986
Wife and Mother               The Lord is my                 We loved him so but Jesus
She died as she lived,        Shepherd                       knew best,he took him home
Trusting in God.                                             With him to rest.

Smith                         In Loving Memory of                     In Loving Memory of
Frank Wilbur Force            Susanna White                           Husband and Father
1915- 1992                    Beloved wife of Llewelyn                William Dena Smith 
Forever in our hearts.        Born July 9,1902, Died May 22,1977      Died Dec.8,1987
                              Ever remembered.                        Age 51 years
                                                                      May he walk and pause
                                                                      and marvel in the garden  
                                                                      of his God.

In Loving Memory of   (same plot)               In Loving Memory of          In Loving Memory of
Thurza   Newhook    Charles Newhook             Philip G Thorne
Born Nov.27,1893                                Born June 27, 1891           1909- 1978
Died Oct.2,1974                                 Died Feb. 22, 1986           Father let thy grace be
Nothing in my hand I bring,                  Our loved one sleeps here.      Give that we may meet in 
Simply to thy cross I cling.                Ever remembered by his family.   Heaven.
Erected by husband and family.                                               Erected by wife Bessie and
                                                                             Son Melvin and family.

In Loving Memory of                In Loving Memory of                  Smith
Stephen Fabian                     Our Dear Son                         In Loving Memory of
Darling child of George and        Billy Thorne                         Derrick G.
Millie Thorne.                     June 30,1951- Oct.4,1973             April 4,1952- Dec.16,1997
Jan 16- Mar22,1968                 Beyond the gate our dear son         Ever remembered and loved by
To sweet to stay, God took him     finds happiness and rest. And        Mom Janet sons Derrick & Carl,
home to show the way.              there is comfort in the thought      Brothers and Sisters.
                                   that a loving God knows best.
                                   Erected by Mom & Dad

In Loving Memory of   (Same plot)   Julia Smith                     Warren  
A dear Husband and Father           Wooden cross                    In Memory of 
William F. Smith                    Aug.2,1890-Apr. 5,1987          Nathanial
Aug.2,1890- Dec.19.1979                                             1905- 1984
Peacefully sleeping beneath the sod
Now the spirit dwells with God.  

Newhook                                    Newhook                               Newhook
Joshua F.       Anges J.            James              Glaary S (?)       Wm J.       Maria E.
1898- 1967      1904- 1972          Sept.26,1905       Jan.21,1911        1903-1967   1905-1971
The Lord is my Shepherd             Apr.12,1966        July 9,1997        Together forever.
I shall not want .                  Forever with the Lord                 Ever remembered, ever
                                                                          Loved and sadly missed
                                                                          By daughter Nellie Smith
                                                                          and family.
In Loving Memory of                  Wilfred Warren
Mother                               Royal Navy WW2
Lydia Warren                         1919- 1981
Wife of Joshua Warren                Lest we forget
Died July 17,1967
Age 83 years
The call was sudden the
shock severe. To part with
one we loved so dear.

© Bonita Wells (Newhook) and Stephen Baker

Trinity South District