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Trinity Bay - Upper Trinity Bay South District

Norman's Cove - Anglican Cemetery (across from Anglican Church)

Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by BONITA WELLS (NEWHOOK), September 1999. Major revisions were added in April 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Minnie Newhook58 yrs 5 mosMay 16,1904Nov. 02,1962Daughter of William Ruben Crann (Trinny Cove) & Dora Smith (Normanís Cove). Wife of William James Newhook (Normanís Cove)
William James Newhook
March 07,1901March 28,1978Son of Emanuel Newhook (Normanís Cove) & Elizabeth Thorne (Normanís Cove) Husband of Minnie Crann.

Susan Marie Newhook
Feb. 26,1957Sept. 5,1963Daughter of Douglas Newhook (Normanís Cove) & Hilda Hefford (New Harbour)

Uriah George Newhook4 Months19371937

Virtue Newhook
Aug. 9,1893Apr. 18, 1938Wife of George Newhook

Charles Newhook87 yearsFeb. 21, 1875Feb. 14, 1962Husband of Catherine
Catherine Newhook82 years
Feb. 07, 1958Wife of Charles,Headstone erected by Levi and Robert

Jacob Newhook
Nov. 01, 1882Nov. 20, 1940
Freda Newhook
Dec. 13, 1918Aug. 06, 1932Daughter of Jacob

Charolette Newhook34 years
Nov. 11, 1934Beloved wife of Reginald

Beatrice Newhook5 yrs 3 mos1934May 22, 1939Beloved daughter of Frank & Anges Newhook

Hubert Newhook
Sept. 16, 1882Apr. 24, 1961Beloved husband of Tryphena
Tryphena Newhook
July 13, 1882June 21, 1950Beloved wife of Hurbert

Wallace G. F. Newhook
Mar. 17, 1950 Apr. 20,1951Darling son of Chesley & Anges

Sarah A. Newhook89 yearsAug. 10, 1860July 25, 1949Erected by Cleoaphas

Absalom Newhook
Apr. 21,1966Apr. 25,1966

Eliza Matilda Newhook28 yearsMar. 29, 1911Mar. 30,1939

William Jacob Newhook
1948Mar. 25, 1953Son of Jacob & Lottie

Martha Newhook52 yrs 5 mosFeb. 01, 1888May 29, 1940Beloved wife of Benjamin

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Trinity South District