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Avalon South Region ~ Torbay District

1945 Census

St. John's East pages 169-175

The information was transcribed by MARTIN BOLAND. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

169 Logy Bay11O$800S5Biddescombe, Geraldfather MM41Torbay RoadLogy BayNewfoundland English41RW613N NNNC of ETeamsterFreighting Teamster 2$25/week1250
  Logy Bay       Biddescombe, Rebecca JwifeF M36Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 36RW713N NNY C of EHousewifenone housewife    
  Logy Bay       Biddescombe, Victor RsonM S12St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 12RW5 Y6NNNC of ESchoolboy       
  Logy Bay       Biddescombe, Laura JdaughterF S11St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 11RW4 Y NN NC of ESchoolgirl       
  Logy Bay       Biddescombe, Gerald T.sonM S9St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish9 RW2 Y NNN C of ESchoolboy       
  Logy Bay       Biddescombe, Joseph JsonM S8St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish8  1 Y NNNC of ESchoolboy       
  Logy Bay       Biddescombe, Maxwell JsonM S3St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish3    N NN NC of E        
  Logy Bay       Biddescombe, Douglas IsonM S11 moSt. John's NewfoundlandEnglish 11/12   N N NNC of E        
  Logy Bay22O$1,000 S5Dowden, Thomas HHusbandMM74 St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish74RW 412N NNNC of E Farmerfarming farmer0 1900
  Logy Bay       Dowden, LucywifeFM 73TopsailLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish73 RW310N NNNC of EHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay33O$2,000 S4Kinsella, Patrick JfatherMM35 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish35RW 312N NNNRCFishermanfishing fisherman0 3500
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Mary PwifeF M25Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish25 RW615N NNNRCHousekeeper  Schoolgirl   
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Rebecca P.daughterF S2Logy Bay NewfoundlandEnglish 2   N NN NRC        
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Margaret Mdaughter FS6 moLogy Bay NewfoundlandEnglish 6/12   N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay44O$1,600 S5Kinsella, Patrick JfatherMM62 Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish62RW 613N NNNRCFishermanfishing fisherman0 1900
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Margaret MwifeF M58Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish58  213N NNN RCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Daniel J.sonM S30Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 30R613N NNNRCLabourerCouncil labourer8$0.55/hr960
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, James JsonM S21Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish21 RW613N NNNRCLabourerCouncil schoolboy4$0.55/hr1000
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Richard JsonM S18Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 18RW513N NNNRC   schoolboy0   
  Logy Bay55O$1,200 S3Dyer, John F.fatherMM40 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish40RW6 13N NNNRCFarmerfarming farmer0 960
  Logy Bay       Dyer, NorawifeFM 37Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish37RW 714N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Dyer, Steven FsonMS 12St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish12 RW5 Y10NNNRCSchoolboy      
  Logy Bay       Dyer, Alice JdaughterF S10Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish10 RW3 Y10NNNRCSchoolgirl      
  Logy Bay       Dyer, MichaelsonMS 8Logy Bay NewfoundlandIrish8 RW2 Y10NNNRC Schoolboy      
  Logy Bay       Dyer, John F.sonMS 7Logy Bay NewfoundlandIrish7RW 1 Y8NNNRCSchoolboy      
  Logy Bay       Dyer, Patrick F.sonM S5Logy Bay NewfoundlandIrish5    N NNN RC       
  Logy Bay       Dyer, JamessonMS 3St. John's NewfoundlandIrish3    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Dyer, MarydaughterFS 2Logy Bay NewfoundlandIrish2    N NNN RC       
  Logy Bay       Dyer, Margaret C.daughterF S1Logy Bay NewfoundlandIrish1    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay66O$200 S8Dyer, Michael L.husbandMM44 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish44RW8 15N NNNRCFarmerfarming farmer0  
  Logy Bay       Dyer, Mary A.wifeFM 38Torbay RoadLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish38 RW916N NNNRCHousewife       
  Logy Bay77O$200 S3Caddigan, Michael JfatherMM35 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish35RW4 12N NNYRCLabourerCouncil farmer20$0.55/hr600
  Logy Bay       Caddigan, AnnewifeFM 25Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish25 RW513N NNNRC Housekeeper      
  Logy Bay       Caddigan, MargaretdaughterF S6St. John's NewfoundlandIrish 6RW  N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Caddigan, MariedaughterF S3St. John's NewfoundlandIrish3    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Caddigan, WilliamsonM S1St. John's NewfoundlandIrish1    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay78RF  S3Kinsella, John JfatherMM29 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish29RW6 12N NNYRCDrillerdrilling farmer8$0.50/hr800
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Josephine MwifeF M27St. John'sMiddle CoveNewfoundlandIrish 27RW913N NNNRCHousewife      
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Margaret MdaughterF S5Middle Cove NewfoundlandIrish 5   N NNNRC        
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Joseph PsonM S4St. John's NewfoundlandIrish4    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Joan A.daughterF S2St. John's NewfoundlandIrish2    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, John B.sonM S1St. John's NewfoundlandIrish1    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay89O$1,000 S5Pine, George J.husbandMM28 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandFrench28R 411N NNNRCFarmerfarming farmer2$20/wk960
  Logy Bay       Pine, LaurawifeFM 27TorbayTorbayNewfoundlandEnglish27RW815N NNNRCHousewife  housemaid   
  Logy Bay910O$1,000 A3Murphy, Sarah A.motherFW32 BonavistaLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish32RW9 14N NNYRCHousewife  housewife   
  Logy Bay       Murphy, Michael J.sonM S10St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish10 RW3 Y NNN RCSchoolboy      
  Logy Bay       Murphy, Katherine AdaughterF S7St. John's NewfoundlandIrish 7RW  Y NN NRCSchoolgirl      
  Logy Bay       Murphy, Eileen E.daughterF S5St. John's NewfoundlandIrish5      NNNRC        
  Logy Bay       Murphy, Alice B.daughterF S2St. John's NewfoundlandIrish2      NNNRC        
  Logy Bay       Murphy Perpetua M.daughterF S1Logy Bay NewfoundlandIrish1      NNNRC        
170Logy Bay to Middle CoveLogy Bay911R $8.00A1Pendergast, Margaret PdaughterF S30Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish30 RW714N NNNRCHousekeeper  Housekeeper   
  Logy Bay       Pendergast, BridedaughterF S27Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish27 RW714N NNNRCUnemployed  Unemployed   
  Logy Bay       Pendergast, Matthew F.FatherM M68Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish 68RW815N NNN RC       
  Logy Bay1012O$2,000 S5Hatton, Fannie K FW73 Nova ScotiaSt. John'sNewfoundlandIrish73RW 311N NNNRCHousekeeper  Housewife   
  Logy Bay1113O$1,000 S4Murphy, James J.fatherMM41 Logy BaySt. John'sNewfoundlandIrish41RW 411N NNNRCFarmer Farming truck helper $24/wk $1,050
  Logy Bay       Murphy, MarymotherFM 39St. John'sSt. John'sNewfoundlandIrish39 RW916N NNNRCHousewife  Housewife   
  Logy Bay       Murphy, John M.sonMS 15St. John'sSt. John'sNewfoundlandIrish15 RW915N NNNRCUnemployed      
  Logy Bay1214O$1,000 S4Vickers, Elizabeth M.auntFW65 BrigusLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish65RW 613N NNNRCHousekeeper  Housewife   
  Logy Bay       Hedderson, Margaret MnieceF S14BrigusLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 14RW7 Y9NNN RCSchoolgirl      
  Logy Bay1315O$1,200 S8Dire, Patrick J.fatherMM44 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish44RW 512N NNNRCFarmer Farming Schoolgirl   
  Logy Bay       Dire, Jane MwifeFM 40Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish40 RW715N NNYRCHousewife  Farmer  $2,880
  Logy Bay       Lynch, Mary EdaughterF M17Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish17 RW714N NNYRCHousewife       
  Logy Bay       Dire, BridgetdaughterF S15St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish15 RW714N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Dire, Patrick J.sonMS 14Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish14 RW714N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Dire, Loretta A.daughterF S13St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 13RW6 Y9NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Dire, NelliedaughterFS 12St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish12 RW512Y9NNNRC        
  Logy Bay       Dire William FsonMS 8St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish8 RW2 Y9NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Dire, Anne M.daughterF S4St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish4    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Dire, JohnsonMS 4 moSt. John's NewfoundlandEnglish4 mo    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Lynch, William J.son in lawM M24TorbayTorbayNewfoundlandIrish24RW916N NNYRCFarmerFarming Schoolboy    
  Logy Bay1416O$1,600 S4Devereaux, John JfatherMM49 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench49RW4 9N NNNRCLabourer   Fireman $48/F$800
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Mary F.wifeF M49Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 49RW49N NNNRCHousewife      
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, James J.sonM S24Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 24RW711N NNNRCLabourer    $24/wk$1,000
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Philomena M.daughter FS21Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 21RW915N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay1517O$1,000 S4Caddigan, Steven J.husbandMM58 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish58RW 817N NNNRCFarmerfarming farmer $20/wk$480
  Logy Bay       Caddigan, Mary M.wifeF M53Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench53 RW914N NNNRC HousewifeHousewife      
  Logy Bay       Murren, John JnoneMS 22TorbayMt CashelNewfoundlandEnglish22 RW314N NNNRC Truck driverfreighting Schoolboy  $20/wk$800
  Logy Bay1618O$800 S4Kavanagh, Mary J.noneFW65 Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish65R3 8N NNNRCHousekeepernone     
  Logy Bay       Pietras, Angela M.motherF W25St. John'sSt. John'sNewfoundlandIrish 25RW814N NNYRCUnemployednone     
  Logy Bay       Pietras, Donald J.sonM S2Portugal Cove Rd NewfoundlandFrench     N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay1719O$500 S5Kinsella, Patrick R.husbandMM39 Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish39RW 512N NNYRCLabourerGeneral worker fishing $24/wk $900
  Logy Bay       Kinsella, Mary A.wifeF M35Middle CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish35 RW612N NNYRCHousewifenone      
  Logy Bay       Roche, Madeline M.sister in law FS21Middle CoveMiddle CoveNewfoundlandIrish 21RW814N NNYRCHousekeepernone unemployed    
  Logy Bay       Roche, Mary M.nieceFS 1 moLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish1 mo RW  N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay1820O$1,000 S Power, SadiemotherFW40 English Hr.Logy BayNewfoundlandScotch40RW 613N NNYRCHousekeepernone Housekeeper   
  Logy Bay       Power, William J.stepsonM S31Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish31 RW412N NNNRCLabourer  fishing $0.40/hr$900
  Logy Bay       Power, John JstepsonM S26Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish26 RW410N NNYRC Farmerfarming     
  Logy Bay       Power, James JsonMS 21Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish21 RW29N NNYRCLabourerGeneral worker Unemployed  $0.40/hr$870
  Logy Bay       Power, Patrick JsonM S16Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish16 RW38N NNNRC Unemployed      
  Logy Bay       Power, Philip FsonMS 15Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish15 RW38N NNNRCUnemployed      
  Logy Bay1921O$1,000 S Devereaux, AndrewfatherMM55 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench55RW 614N NNNRCFarmerfarming Fisherman $21/wk$560
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Mary M.wifeF M48Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish48 RW613N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Mary M.daughterF S22Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench 22RW212N NNN RCUnemployed      
  Logy Bay2022O$1,000 S Devereaux, Michael F.fatherMM 49Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench49 RW412N NNNRCFarmerfarming Fisherman   
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Catherine F.wifeF M45Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish 45RW612N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Andrew J.sonM M27Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench27 RW614N NNNRCLabourerGeneral worker fishing  $35/F$840
  Logy Bay2123O$500 S Devereaux, Johanna J.grandmotherFW 77Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish77 RW1019N NNNRCHousekeepernone     
  Logy Bay       Fennessy, John J.grandsonM S17Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish17 RW414N NNNRCLabourerGeneral worker Unemployed  $0.40/hr$180
  Logy Bay2224O$500 S Devereaux, AndrewfatherMM48 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench48RW 814N NNNRCLabourer  fisherman $0.40/hr$960
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Ellen M.wifeF M49Logy Bay RdLogy BayNewfoundlandEnglish 49RW716N NNN RCHousewife      
171Logy Bay to Middle CoveLogy Bay       Rose, William Jstepson MS30Logy Bay RdLogy BayBritish English RW916N NNNRCStable manager  unemployed   960
  Logy Bay       Rose, Mary GstepdaughterF S29Logy Bay RdLogy BayBritishEnglish29 RW714N NNNRCWaitresshotel business unemployed   480
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Patrick JsonM S16St. John'sLogy BayBritishFrench16 RW816N NNNRCUnemployed  at school    
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Elizabeth S.daughter FS14St. John'sLogy BayBritishFrench 14RW  Y11NNNRCAt school       
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, John F.sonM S12Logy BayLogy BayBritishFrench12 RW  Y11NNNRCAt school      
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Bridget MdaughterF S11Logy BayLogy BayBritishFrench11 RW  Y11NNN RCAt school       
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Nora MdaughterF S9Logy Bay BritishFrench9 RW  Y11NNNRCAt school      
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Ellen G.daughterF S8Logy Bay BritishFrench8 RW  Y11NNNRCAt school       
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, PatrickfatherM W84Logy BayLogy BayBritishFrench82 R411N NNNRC Unemployed     72
  Logy Bay2325O$1,000 S6Kavanagh, Dennis (of James)fatherMM 41Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish51RW 614N NNYRCLabourergeneral worker labourer $13/wk 480
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, AnniewifeFM 41Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish41RW 914N NNNRCHousekeepernone housekeeper   
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Sophie M.daughterF S18Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish18 RW714N NNNRCChildsmaid  at school   194
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, James J.sonM S16Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish16 RW613N NNNRCUnemployed  at school    
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Teresa CdaughterF S15Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish15 RW614N NNNRCUnemployed      
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Frances CdaughterF S13Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish13 RW  Y9NNN RCAt school       
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Loretta M.daughterF S6Logy Bay BritishIrish6    Y9NNN RCAt school       
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, John J.son M S2Logy Bay BritishIrish2    Y NNNRC       
  Logy Bay2426O$1,000 S8Power, Steven J.fatherMM62 Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish62RW3 9N NNNRCFarmerfarming farmer  5475
  Logy Bay       Power, Ida M.wifeFM 53Torbay RoadLogy BayBritishEnglish53 RW918N NNNRCHousewifenone     
  Logy Bay       Power, John F.sonMS 29Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish29RW 817N NNNRCClerk  school teacher $100/mo 1200
  Logy Bay       Power, Perpetua AdaughterF S27Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish27 RW816N NNNRCBeauticiannone unemployed $40/mo480
  Logy Bay       Power, Augustine WsonM S25Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish25RW 514N NNYRCTruckdrivernone unemployed $0.55/hr 1440
  Logy Bay       Power, Mary J.daughterF S23Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish23 RW816N NNNRC Unemployed      
  Logy Bay       Power, Steven P.sonMS 21Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish21RW 816N NNNRCFarmerdairy farming at school $65/mo 780
  Logy Bay       Power, Kevin P.sonMS 19Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish19RW 916N NNNRCUnemployednone at school   
  Logy Bay       Power, Charles JsonMS 16Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish16RW 715N NNNRCUnemployednone at school   
  Logy Bay       Power, IsabelladaughterF S12Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish12 RW  Y9NNNRCAt schoolnone      
  Logy Bay       Power, MagdalenedaughterF S9Logy Bay BritishIrish9 RW  Y9NNNRC At schoolnone     
  Logy Bay2527O$1,000 S6Kavanagh, Dennis J.fatherMM71 Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish71RW 212N NNYRCFarmer farming farmer   
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Bridget JwifeF M69Middle CoveLogy BayBritishIrish69 RW212N NNNRCHousewife  housewife   
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Frederick Fson M S23Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish23 RW713N NNYRCUnemployedservice schoolboy    
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Betty FdaughterF S27Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish27 RW814N NNYRC Air force  unemployed28  
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Denis F.sonM M30Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish30RW 815N NNYRCLabourer  unemployed $23/wk400
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Catherine F.daughter-in-law FM26St. John'sLogy BayBritishIrish 26RW815N NNNRCHousewife  unemployed    
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Catherine Agranddaughter FS3St. John's BritishIrish 3   N NN NRC        
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Denis F.grandsonM S7 moSt. John's BritishIrish7 mo   N NN NRC        
  Logy Bay2628O$200 S3Murphy, John J.fatherMM42 Logy BayLogy BayBritishIrish42RW2 9N NNNRCFiremanbakery trucking $22/wk1060
  Logy Bay       Murphy, JosephinewifeF M27St. John'sLogy BayBritishIrish27 RW310N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Murphy, EdwardsonMS 15St. John'sLogy BayBritishIrish15 RW314N NNNRCFarmerfarming   $35/mo420
  Logy Bay       Murphy, Ellen J.daughterF S12St. John'sLogy BayBritishIrish12 RW  Y9NNYRCAt school       
  Logy Bay       Murphy, John FsonMS 10St. John'sLogy BayBritishIrish10 RW  Y9NNNRC At school      
  Logy Bay       Murphy, Mary K.daughterF S7St. John's BritishIrish7 R  Y9NNNRCAt school       
  Logy Bay       Murphy, Raymond J.sonM S3St. John's BritishIrish3    Y9NNNRC       
  Logy Bay2729O$5,000 S8Cook, Albert GfatherMM32 St. John'sSt. John'sBritishEnglish32RW10 16N NNNC of EFarmer farming farmer  2000
  Logy Bay       Cook, Alice R.wifeFM 31St. John'sSt. John'sBritishEnglish31 RW1117N NNNC of EHousewife      
  Logy Bay       Cook, Janet M.daughterF S4St. John's BritishEnglish4    N NNNC of E        
  Logy Bay       Cook, Ian G.sonMS 2St. John's BritishEnglish2    N NNNC of E        
  Logy Bay2830O$800 S6Stokes, John J.fatherMM31 Logy BayLogy BayBritishEnglish31RW8 15N NNNRCMasonbuilding farmer  200
  Logy Bay       Stokes, Mary F.wifeFM 31Outer CoveOuter CoveBritishIrish31 RW612N NNNRCHousewife  housekeeper    
  Logy Bay       Stokes, Michael J.sonM S8St. John's BritishEnglish8RW   Y10NNNRC At school      
172Logy Bay to Middle CoveLogy Bay       Stokes, Walter J.son MS7St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish  RW14Y9NNNRCat school       
  Logy Bay       Stokes, Mary F.daughterF S5St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish     N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Stokes, Patricia A.daughterF S4St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish     N N NNRC       
  Logy Bay       Stokes, Joan E.daughterF S4St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish     N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Stokes, James F.sonMS 2St. John's NewfoundlandEnglish     N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay2931RF  S4Martin, AlbertfatherMM22 Logy BayMajor's PathNewfoundlandEnglish RW 513N NNNC of E Farmerfarming labourer20$75/wk300
  Logy Bay       Martin, Laura M.wifeF M43Major's PathMajor's PathNewfoundlandEnglish     N NNNC of EHousewife      150
  Logy Bay       Martin, AlbertsonMS 8Major's Path NewfoundlandEnglish     Y9NNNC of EAt school       
  Logy Bay3032O$600 S4Flannigan, Rebecca FW53 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish RW 312N NNNRCHousekeeper     330
  Logy Bay3133O$1,000 S5Cadigan, MichaelfatherMM57 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish RW 1016N NNNRCFishermanfishing fisherman  800
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, AgneswifeFM 47Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW714N NNNRCHousewife       
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Patrick J.sonM S24Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW714N NNN RCPainterpainting at school  $0.50/hr450
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Daniel J.sonM S21Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW814N NNNRCTruck drivernone at school  $0.60/hr1450
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Margaret N.daughterF S18Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW12 Y9NNNRCAt schoolnone at school    
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, ColemansonM S15Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW714N NNNRCLabourernone   $0.40/hr240
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Steven L.sonM S11Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW6 Y9NNNRCAt schoolnone      
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, NelliedaughterF S8Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW2 Y9NNN RCAt schoolnone      
  Logy Bay3234O$1,000 S5Flannigan, MichaelhusbandMM73 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish RW 614N NNNRCFarmerfarming fisherman  1000
  Logy Bay       Flannigan, EllenwifeF M72Middle CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW1419N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay3335O$1,000 S8Cadigan, Thomas J.fatherMM61 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish RW 217N NNNRCCarpenterbuilding carpenter  200
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Ellen A.wifeF M52Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW216N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Cadigan Paul W.sonMS 24Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW414N NNNRCUnemployednone at school    
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Joseph F. sonMS20Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW1018N NNYRCTruck driver none at school  1000
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Michael P. sonMS17Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW916N NNYRCTruck driver none at school  700
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Patrick J. sonMS14Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW714N NNNRCUnemployednone     
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Thomas J. sonMS12Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW5 Y10NNNRCAt schoolnone      
  Logy Bay3436O $1,000 S4Cadigan, James J.father MM58Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundland Irish RW513N NNNRCFarmerfarming    250
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Rebecca wifeFM54Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW513N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Patrick sonMS27Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW513N NNNRCLabourergeneral worker fisherman $0.55/hr240
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Thomas J. sonMS23Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW513N NNNRCLabourernone at school $0.55/hr440
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Francis J. sonMS21Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW614N NNNRCLabourernone at school $0.44/hr962
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, William J. sonMS18Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW614N NNNRCUnemployednone at school   
  Logy Bay       Dire, MichaelnephewMS 10St. John'sLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW3 Y9NNNRCAt school  housekeeper    
  Logy Bay3537O $600S4Roche, MargaretmotherF W69Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish  RW613N NNNRCHousekeepernone housekeeper   
  Logy Bay       Roche, Perpetua M. daughterFS24Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW613N NNNRCUnemployednone unemployed   
  Logy Bay       Roche, Michael grandsonMS14Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW613N NNNRCUnemployednone unemployed   
  Logy Bay       Roche, Richard sonMS32Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW714N NNNRCLabourernone fishing $0.55/hr800
  Logy Bay3638O $700S5Roche, James F.fatherM M41Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundland Irish RW211N NNNRCLabourernone fishing $0.44/hr960
  Logy Bay       Roche, Mary F. wifeFM36Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW612N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Roche, Patrickson MS9St. John'sLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW2 Y2NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Roche, Mary F. daughterFS8St. John'sLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW4 Y4NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Roche, Michaelson MS3St. John'sLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish    N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay3739O $500A3Roche, RichardfatherM W59Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundland Irish RW512N NNNRCFarmerfarming farmer   
  Logy Bay       Roche, Margaret F daughterFS32Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrish RW613N NNNRCHousekeepernone unemployed   
  Logy Bay3841O $1,000 S4Cadigan JamesfatherM M37Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundland Irish RW512N NNYRCLabourernone fishing $0.40/hr840
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Nora F. wifeFM28Outer CoveOuter Cove NewfoundlandIrish RW915N NNNRCHousewifenone unemployed   
173Logy Bay to Middle CoveLogy Bay       Cadigan, Mary A.daughterFS5Logy Bay  NewfoundlandIrishAll    Y0NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Patricia daughterFS4Logy Bay  NewfoundlandIrishAll   N NNNRC        
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Nora F. daughterFS2Logy Bay  NewfoundlandIrishAll   N NNNRC        
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, David J sonMS2 moLogy Bay  NewfoundlandIrishAll     NNNRC       
  Logy Bay3942O $1,000 S3Burke, JamesfatherM M55Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish AllRW716N N NNRCLabourerGeneral Work  Fisherman16$0.45/hr650
  Logy Bay       Burke, Annwife FM47Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundland IrishAllRW1016N NNNRCHousekeeperNone Housekeeper   
  Logy Bay       Burke, ColemanSon MS19Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundland IrishAllRW1418N NNNRCLabourerGeneral Work  Unemployed2$0.40/hr800
  Logy Bay       Burke, Mary DaughterFS17Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW1016N  NNNRCApprenticeBeautician at school   
  Logy Bay4043O $1,000 S8Kavanagh, Stevenfather MM28Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundland IrishAllRW614N  NNNRCFarmerFarming   $17/wk850
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Lucy M wifeFM27St. John'sSt. John's NewfoundlandIrishAllRW714N  NNNRCHousekeeperNone Unemployed   
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Michael sonMS5St. John's  NewfoundlandIrishAll   N NNNRC        
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Steven sonMS4St. John's  NewfoundlandIrishAll   N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Carol A. daughterFS2St. John's  NewfoundlandIrishAll   N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay       Kavanagh, Jerome sonMS6 moSt. John's  NewfoundlandIrishAll   N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay4144O 800S6Cadigan, Patrick J.fatherM M62Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish AllRW212N NNNRCLabourerGeneral Work  cod fishing16$0.55/hr900
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Elizabeth wifeFM52Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW312N  NNNRCHousewifeNone housewife   
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Annie J daughterFS24Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW1015N  NNNRCHousekeeperNone at school $20/mo240
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, William sonMS20Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW512N  NNNRCLabourerNone  at school $0.40/hr540
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Coleman sonMS19Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW414N  NNYRCLabourerNone  at school $0.40/hr900
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Margaret daughterFS16Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW414N  NNNRCHousekeeperNone at school $10/mo10
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, Alice daughterFS13Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW3 Y9NNNRCat schoolNone      
  Logy Bay4245O 1000S8Malone, PatrickfatherM M54Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish AllRW512N NNYRCFiremanfiring cod fishing $0.55/hr960
  Logy Bay       Malone, Nellie wifeFM44Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW612N  NNYRCHousewifeNone     
  Logy Bay       Malone, Mary J. daughterFS20Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW1015N  NNNRCDomestic servant Housekeeping at school $15/mo 90
  Logy Bay       Malone, Margaret daughterFS17Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW1016N  NNNRCDomestic servant Housekeeping at school $10/mo 20
  Logy Bay       Malone, Jamesson MS14Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundland IrishAllRW816N NNNRCFarmerFarming at school   
  Logy Bay       Malone, Elizabeth J daughterFS12Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW6 Y9NNNRCat schoolNone      
  Logy Bay       Malone, William J. sonMS7Logy Bay  NewfoundlandIrishAll 2  Y9NNNRCat school None     
  Logy Bay4346RF  A2Roche, Michael P.fatherM M22Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundland IrishAll RW714N  NNYRCLabourerNone  at school4$0.55/hr825
  Logy Bay       Roche, Theresa F wifeFM22Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW714N  NNNRCHousewifeNone     
  Logy Bay       Roche, Alice P. daughterFS4Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAll   N NNNRC       
  Logy Bay4447O 500S3Burke, Michael MW 70Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish AllRW1016N NNNRCLabourer  fisherman32$0.55/hr400
  Logy Bay4548O 600S4Cadigan, Coleman V.father M M29Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish AllRW714N NNNRCLabourer  fisherman $0.40/hr840
  Logy Bay       Cadigan, A. Marie wifeFM23Logy BayLogy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAllRW515N NNNRCHousekeeper  at school   
    Logy Bay             Cadigan, Rebecca L. daughter F S 5 mo St. John's   Newfoundland Irish All       N   N N N RC              
    Outer Cove 46 49 O 1000 S 5 Houston, William J. husband M M 36 Outer Cove Outer Cove Newfoundland Irish All RW 6 13 N   N N N RC Fisherman Cod fishing   fisherman     1000
    Outer Cove             Houston, Ellen M. wife F M 29 Outer Cove Torbay Newfoundland Irish All RW 7 14 N   N N Y RC Housewife     housekeeping      
    Outer Cove             Houston, Anna M. daughter F S 4 Outer Cove   Newfoundland Irish All       N   N N N RC              
    Outer Cove             Houston, David J. son M S 1 Outer Cove   Newfoundland Irish All       N   N N N RC              
  Outer Cove       Houston, David JasfatherM M77Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW613N NNNRCUnemployed  Unemployed   
  Outer Cove       Houston, ElizabethmotherF M70Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW412N NNNRCUnemployed  Housewife   
  Outer Cove4750O1000 S8Coady, James J.fatherMM45 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW6 13N NNNRCFisherman  Fisherman16 550
  Outer Cove       Coady, BrigetwifeFM 40Logy BayOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW612N NNNRCHousewife  Housewife   
  Outer Cove       Coady, Richard J.sonM S17Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW1016N NNNRCTinsmithinstalling at school  $0.49/hr960
  Outer Cove       Coady, Patrick J.sonM S15Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW613N NNNRCUnemployed      
  Outer Cove       Coady, JohnsonMS 14Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW8 Y NNNRCat school       
  Outer Cove       Coady, Margaret M.daughterF S11Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW4 Y NN NRCat school       
  Outer Cove       Coady, EdwardsonMS 5Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrishAll RW  N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Coady James F.sonMS 2Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
173 Outer Cove4851O600 S8Boland, WilliamfatherMm57 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW 615N NNNRCLabourerCod Fishing Fisherman12$0.40/hr630
174 Outer Cove       Boland, Elizabethwifef m52Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglish AllRW614N NNNRCHousewifenone housewife   
  Outer Cove       Boland, Laurence P.sonm s27Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglish AllRW1118N NNNRCFishermancod fishing at school   300
  Outer Cove       Boland, James J.sonms 25Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglishAll RW1017N NNNRCTimekeepernone at school4  770
  Outer Cove       Boland, Thomas J.sonms 16Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglishAll RW916N NNNRCUnemployednone      
  Outer Cove       Boland, Dennis Jsonms 13Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglishAll RW6 Y9NNNRCAt schoolnone      
  Outer Cove       Boland, William Jsonms 8Outer Cove NewfoundlandEnglishAll RW2 Y9NNNRCAt schoolnone     
  Outer Cove       Boland, Katherinedaughterf s23Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglish AllRW1017N NNNRCManufacturerfactory worker at school  $10/wk120
  Outer Cove       Boland, Marydaughterfs 21Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglishAll RW1017N NNNRCUnemployednone at school    
  Outer Cove       Boland, Johannadaughterf s19Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglish AllRW1017N NNNRCManufacturerfactory worker at school  $8/wk 
  Outer Cove       Nugent, BridgetnonefW 75Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglishAll RW 4 12 N   N N N RC Unemployed none   housekeeper     40
    Outer Cove 49 52 O 1000 s 9 Boland, Laurence   M S 74 Outer Cove Outer Cove Newfoundland English All   3 10 N   N N N RC Farmer farming          
    Outer Cove 50 53 O 1000 s 8 Hickey, Martin father m m 33 Outer Cove Outer Cove Newfoundland English All RW 7 14 N   N N Y RC Truck driver none   trucking   $0.66/hr 1200
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Margaretwifefm 31Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW914N NNNRCHousewifenone      
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Catherine M.DaughterF S4St. John's NewfoundlandIrish AllN  N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Mary P.daughterf s2St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove5154O1000 s7Hickey, James J.fathermw61 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW8 16N NNNRCLabourerNone fisherman $0.50/hr1200
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Catherine Fdaughterf s26Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW714N NNYRCUnemployedNone housekeeper   
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Perpetua M.daughterf s24Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW815N NNNRCHousekeeperNone unemployed   
  Outer Cove       Hickey, James J.sonms 19Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW715N NNNRCLabourerNone at school  $0.40/hr900
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Peter P.sonms 18Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW716N NNNRCLabourerNone at school  $0.40/hr420
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Monica A.granddaughterf s6 mo St. John's NewfoundlandIrish All   N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Whelan, John J.nonem s41Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW815N NNYRCLabourerNone farmer $0.40/hr560
  Outer Cove5255O1000 s4Hickey, Patrick J.fathermm36 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW6 14N NNYRCLabourerNone fishing $0.40/hr225
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Elizabeth G.wifef m26Portugal coveTorbayNewfoundlandEnglish AllRW814N NNYRCHousewifeNone unemployed   
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Joseph J.sonm s6St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll RW1 Y9NNNRC At schoolNone     
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Annie Mdaughterf s4St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NN NRC        
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Thomas M.sonm s3Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Hickey, Patrick J.sonm s1St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove5356O1200 s5Croak, William B.husbandmm27 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW6 13N NNNRCWelder welding fishing $0.75/hr1800
  Outer Cove       Croak, Alicewifefm 22Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW916N NNNRCHousewifenone at school    
  Outer Cove5457O1000 A7Doran, Mary F.motherfw72Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW7 14N NNNRCHousekeepernone housewife  40
  Outer Cove       Doran, Thomas J.sonm s28Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW1217N NNNRCLabourernone fishing $0.40/hr800
  Outer Cove5558O1100 s5Doran, Michael F.fathermm34 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW9 15N NNNRCFishermancod fishing fisherman  575
  Outer Cove       Doran, Mary J.wifefm 32Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrishAll RW814N NNNRCHousewife  unemployed    
  Outer Cove       Doran, J. Francissonms 7St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRCat school  unemployed    
  Outer Cove       Doran, Catherine Pdaughterf s5Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrish All   Y9NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Doran, Mary M.daughterf s4St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NN NRC        
  Outer Cove       Doran, Margaret M.daughterf s3Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrish All   N NN NRC        
  Outer Cove       Doran, Steven Tsonms 1Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove5659O600 s8O'Donnell, Mary F.motherfw49 Tilt CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglishAll  1522N NNNRCHousekeeper      
  Outer Cove       Patey, Mary Gdaughterf s20St. John'sOuter Cove NewfoundlandIrish AllRW1419N NNYRCHousekeeper  at school    
  Outer Cove       O'Donnell, Richard J.sonm s19Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW110N NNN RC Labourer      600
  Outer Cove       O'Donnell, Anniedaughterf s15Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW614N NNNRCUnemployed  fishing   
  Outer Cove       Surette, Mildred F.granddaughter fs1St. John's NewfoundlandFrench All   N N NNRC       
  Outer Cove5760O500 s5Fox, Patrickfathermw75Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW2 17N NNNRCFarmerfarming fisherman   
  Outer Cove       Fox, William F.sonms 29Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW514N NNNRCLabourernone fishing $0.40/hr$280
  Outer Cove       Fox, Dennis J.sonms 26Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW1016N NNNRCUS Armysoldier at school    
  Outer Cove       Fox, J. Marydaughterf s24Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW1016N NNNRCHousekeepernone at school    
  Logy Bay5861O1000 s5Devereaux, James J.fathermm52 Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrenchAllRW6 13N NNNRCLabourernone Fireman $0.40/hr720
174 Logy Bay       Devereaux, Katherine Mwifef m48Outer CoveLogy BayNewfoundlandIrish AllRW714N NNN RCHousewifenone housewife   
175 Logy Bay       Devereaux, Elizabeth Mdaughterf s24Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench AllRW816N NNNRCUnemployednone at school    
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, MariedaughterF s23Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrenchAll RW614N NNNRCUnemployednone at school    
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Brigid F.daughterf s22Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench AllRW714N NNNRCUnemployednone at school    
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Margaret M.daughter fs20Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench AllRW1018N NNYRCSchoolteachernone at school  $50/mo700
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Alice P.daughterf s19Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrench AllRW916N NNYRCSchoolteachernone at school  $45/mo90
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, Patrick J.sonm s16Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrenchAll RW  Y9NNY RCat schoolnone at school    
  Logy Bay       Devereaux, John S.sonm s13Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandFrenchAll RW  Y10NNY RCat schoolnone at school    
  Outer Cove5962O1000 s8Boland, James J.fathermm59 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW8 15N NNNRCLabourerforeman fisherman $0.55/hr650
  Outer Cove       Boland, Brigid Jwifef m48Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW714N NNNRChousewife  housewife   
  Outer Cove       Boland, John J.sonms 25Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW815N NNYRCEx-army  fisherman   
  Outer Cove       Boland, Francis Lsonm s24Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW714N NNYRCSailormerchant service at school    
  Outer Cove       Boland, Kevin P.sonms 17Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW714N NNNRClabourercouncil work at school  $0.55/hr 
  Outer Cove       Boland, Mary A.daughterf s18Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW1018N NNY RCunemployednone at school    
  Outer Cove       Boland, Martin A.sonm s16Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW714N NNNRClabourercouncil work unemployed  $0.55/hr 
  Outer Cove       Boland, William V.sonm s15Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW715N NNNRCunemployednone      
  Outer Cove       Boland, Anthonysonms 13Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW  Y10NNN RCat schoolnone      
  Outer Cove       Boland, Katherinedaughter-in-law Fw21TorbayTorbayNewfoundlandEnglish AllRW916N NNNRChousekeepernone at school    
  Outer Cove       Boland, Gerald J.grandsonm s3 moSt. John's NewfoundlandIrish All   N NN NRC        
  Outer Cove6063O600 S5Smart, Ellen M.motherfw34 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW10 17N NNNRChousekeepernone housekeeping   
  Outer Cove       Smart, Helen P.daughterf s7St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll RW  Y10NNN RCat school       
  Outer Cove       Smart, Michael J.sonm s4St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Smart, Martin D.sonm s3St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Smart, Brigid M.daughterf s2Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Smart, Thomas P.sonm s1St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Smart, James J.stepsonm s23Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW512N NNN RCtruck drivernone at school  $0.60/hr1000
  Outer Cove       Smart, William J.stepsonm s19Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW714N NNN RChousekeepernone at school  $0.40/hr840
  Outer Cove       Smart, Marystepdaughterf s18Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW916N NNNRCunemployednone at school    
  Outer Cove6164O2000 S8Power, John J.fathermm41Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW7 14N NNNRCfarmerfarming farmer  1500
  Outer Cove       Power, Marywifefm 31Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW714N N NNRC housewifefarming unemployed   
  Outer Cove       Power, Katherinedaughterf s7St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll RW  Y10NNN RCat schoolfarming      
  Outer Cove       Power, James J.sonms 6St. John's NewfoundlandIrishAll RW  Y9NNNRCat school       
  Outer Cove       Power, Anniedaughterf s5Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrishAll    Y10NNNRCat school       
  Outer Cove       Power, Nicholas J.sonm s4Outer Cove NewfoundlandIrishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove       Keating, Bernardnonem s50Fox HarbourOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglish AllRW714N NNNRCfarmerfarming farmer   
  Outer Cove6265O600 S7Walsh, Jamesfathermm27Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandEnglishAllRW8 15N NNNRClabourernone fisherman $0.45/hr800
  Outer Cove       Walsh, Mary P.wifefm 25Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrishAll RW1017N NNNRChousewifenone at school    
  Outer Cove       Walsh, James Fsonms 2St. John's NewfoundlandEnglishAll    N NNNRC       
  Outer Cove6366O200 S3Kelly, Martin mw74Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW3 14N NNNRCfarmerfarming blacksmith   
  Outer Cove6467O600 S3Griffen, Katherine F.motherfw41 Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAllRW 413N NNNRChousekeepernone housewife  100
  Outer Cove       Griffen, Michael D.sonm s18Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW815N NNYRChousekeepermess hall at school   720
  Outer Cove       Griffen, Annie T.daughterf s17Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW915N NNYRCunemployednone at school    
  Outer Cove       Griffen, John Fsonms 15Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrishAll RW512N NNNRCfarmerfarming   $7/wk364
  Outer Cove       Griffen, Mary E.daughterf s10Outer CoveOuter CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW  Y9NNNRCat schoolnone      
  Middle Cove6568O700 S8Roche, David J.fathermm29Logy BayLogy BayNewfoundlandIrishAllRW7 14N NNYRCdrillerrock blasting fisherman $0.50/hr960
  Middle Cove       Roche, Mary M.wifef m28Middle CoveMiddle CoveNewfoundlandIrish AllRW916N NNNRChousewifehousekeeping      
  Middle Cove       Roche, John J.sonm s7Logy Bay NewfoundlandIrishAll    Y10NNNRCat schoolnone      
  Middle Cove       Roche, Helen M.daughterf s6Logy Bay NewfoundlandIrish All   N NNNRCat school       

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