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1936 Business Directory

Torbay North

The information was transcribed by TOM HYNES ~ 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Barron Francisfshrmn
Barron Jamesfshrmn
Barron Michaelfshrmn
Barron Thosfshrmn
Barron Wmfshrmn
Bradbury Geofshrmn
Bradbury Jacobfshrmn
Bradbury Jacob srfshrmn
Bradbury Jacob of Robtfshrmn
Bradbury Jasfshrmn
Bradbury Jas of Robtfshrmn
Bradbury Johnfshrmn
Bradbury John Tfarmer
Bradbury Leofshrmn
Bradbury Martinfshrmn
Bradbury Robtfshrmn
Bradbury Robtfshrmn
Bradbury Robt Cfshrmn
Bradbury Robt of Jfshrmn
Bradbury Thosfshrmn
Byrne Alexfshrmn
Byrne Alexfshrmn
Carrol Patkfshrmn
Clements Chaslab
Clements Leonardfshrmn
Clements Richardfshrmn
Codner Allanfshrmn
Codner Fordfshrmn
Codner Jasfshrmn
Codner Jessefshrmn
Codner Robt of Wfshrmn
Codner Wm of Cfshrmn
Cole Andrewfarmer
Cole Elifshrmn
Cole Henryfarmer
Cole Howardfarmer
Cole Jasfshrmn
Cole Peterfshrmn
Cole Samlfshrmn
Cole Thosfarmer
Cole Uriahfshrmn
Cole Uriah of Tfshrmn
Cole Wmfarmer
Cole Wm of Tfshrmn
Connors Johnfshrmn
Crowe Jasfarmer
Crowe Johnfshrmn
Crowe Thoslab
Crowe Wm jrfshrmn
Crowe Wmfshrmn
Cullen Davidfarmer
Cullen Jasfshrmn
Cullen Michaelfshrmn
Dodd Jasfarmer
Dodd Richardfarmer
Dodd Richardfarmer
Dodd Wmlab
Dodd Wm srfshrmn
Dunphy Chrisfshrmn
Dunphy Davidfshrmn
Dunphy Francisfshrmn
Dunphy Jas of Dfshrmn
Dunphy Jasfshrmn
Dunphy Michaelfshrmn
Dunphy Patkfshrmn
Dunphy Peterfshrmn
Ellard Jasfarmer
Ellard Peterfarmer
Eustace Francisfshrmn
Eustace Geofshrmn
Eustace Jasfshrmn
Eustace Jas of Jfshrmn
Eustace Richardfshrmn
Eustace Thos of Gfshrmn
Eustace Thos srfshrmn
Field Alfredfshrmn
Field Edwardfarmer
Field Georgefshrmn
Field Haroldfshrmn
Field Richard jrfarmer
Field Richardfshrmn
Field Samuelfshrmn
Field Wmfshrmn
Field Wm of Wmfshrmn
Finn Jasfarmer
Fitzpatrick Jasfshrmn
Fitzpatrick Johnfshrmn
Fitzpatrick Philipfarmer
Fitzpatrick Thosfarmer
Fleming Augustuslab
Fleming Edwardfshrmn
Fleming Samuellab
Fleming Thosfarmer
Gosse Albertfshrmn
Gosse Augustinefshrmn
Gosse Danielfshrmn
Gosse Davidfshrmn
Gosse Francisfshrmn
Gosse Isaacfshrmn
Gosse Jas of Tfshrmn
Gosse Jas of Patkfshrmn
Gosse Jas of Bfshrmn
Gosse Jas of Jasfshrmn
Gosse Jas of Wmfshrmn
Gosse John Ffarmer
Gosse John of Jasfshrmn
Gosse Josfshrmn
Gosse Linusfshrmn
Gosse Patkfshrmn
Gosse Peterbutcher
Gosse Raphaellab
Gosse Robtfshrmn
Gosse Stephenfshrmn
Gosse Saml Yfshrmn
Gosse Samlfshrmn
Gosse Thos srfshrmn
Gosse Thos of Sfshrmn
Gosse Thos of Wfshrmn
Gosse Thosfshrmn
Gosse Wm of Jasfshrmn
Gosse Wmfarmer
Hawco Vincentfshrmn
Hickey Jasfshrmn
Hickey Johnfshrmn
Hickey Richardfshrmn
Hickey Wmfshrmn
Howlett Jasshoemkr
Keating Patklab
Keating Thosfarmer
Keating Wmlab
Kelly Geofshrmn
Lacey Alexfshrmn
Lacey Alex of Jasfshrmn
Lacey Henryfarmer
Lacey Jas Tlab
Lacey Jas RCtchr
Lacey Jeremiahfarmer
Lacey Johnfshrmn
Lacey John of Jasfshrmn
Lacey Josfshrmn
Lacey Robtlab
Lacey Wmfshrmn
Lacey Wm of Jasfshrmn
McGuire Davidfarmer
McGuire Matthewfarmer
Manning Bernard of Cfshrmn
Manning Confshrmn
Manning Francisfshrmn
Manning Francis srfshrmn
Manning Jasfshrmn
Manning Jessefshrmn
Manning Jeremiahfshrmn
Manning John of Rfshrmn
Manning John of Francisfshrmn
Manning John of Cfshrmn
Manning John of Pfshrmn
Manning John Bfshrmn
Manning John of Jasfshrmn
Manning John Flab
Manning Josfshrmn
Manning Martin of Rfarmer
Manning Martinfshrmn
Manning Mclfshrmn
Manning Patrick of Cfshrmn
Manning Patrick of Ffshrmn
Manning Patrick of Johnfshrmn
Manning Richardfarmer
Manning Samlfshrmn
Manning Thosfshrmn
Manning Vincentfarmer
Martin Mclfshrmn
Martin Patkfshrmn
Martin Patkfarmer
Molloy Jtxmn St John's
Molloy Martinfarmer
Molloy Robtfshrmn
Molloy Wmfshrmn
Moore Jas srfshrmn
Moore Jas jrfshrmn
Moore Johnfshrmn
Moore Mclfshrmn
Moore Vincentfshrmn
Morey Geoffreyblksmth
Morey Wmfshrmn
Murphy Alexfshrmn
Murphy Johnfarmer
Murphy Martinfarmer
Murphy Mclfshrmn
Murphy Sylvesterfshrmn
Murphy Thosfshrmn
Murphy Vincentfshrmn
Murphy Wmfshrmn
Nolan Jas jrfshrmn
Nolan Michaelfshrmn
Nolan Patkfshrmn
O'Toole Johnlab retd
O'Toole Terencefarmer
Power Augustuslab
Power Francisfshrmn
Power Patklab
Power Richardfshrmn
Quigley Timothylab
Reddy Francisfshrmn
Reddy Michaelfshrmn
Reddy Patkfarmer
Reddy Patkfshrmn
Reilly Chasfshrmn
Reilly Richardfarmer
Reilly Wmfshrmn
Rodgers Johnfshrmn
Rodgers Michaelcarp
Rodgers Peterfshrmn
Ryan Augustinefshrmn
Ryan Edwardfshrmn
Ryan Georgefshrmn
Ryan Josfarmer
Ryan Joslab
Ryan Johnfshrmn
Ryan Michaellab
Ryan Wmfshrmn
Shea Daniel srfarmer
Shea Daniel of Slab
Shea Mcl Jfshrmn
Shea Mcl of Sfshrmn
Shea Samuelfshrmn
Shea Saml of Samfshrmn
Shea Thosfshrmn
Tapper Alexfshrmn
Tapper Chas jrfshrmn
Tapper Chasfshrmn
Tapper Francisfshrmn
Tapper Geo of Jfshrmn
Tapper Geo of Cfshrmn
Tapper John Tfshrmn
Tapper Leofshrmn
Tapper Moguefshrmn
Tapper Robtfshrmn
Tapper Thos of Tfshrmn
Tapper Thosfshrmn rtd
Tapper Walterfarmer
Thistle Johnlab
Thorne Allanfshrmn
Thorne Arthurfarmer
Thorne Arthurlab
Thorne Edwinfshrmn
Thorne Elifshrmn
Thorne Gordonfshrmn
Thorne Haroldfshrmn
Thorne Hubertfshrmn
Thorne Hughfshrmn
Thorne Jasfshrmn
Thorne John of Rfshrmn
Thorne John of Jfshrmn
Thorne John of Henryfshrmn
Thorne Michaelfarmer
Thorne Nathfshrmn
Thorne Nath of Jfshrmn
Thorne Nath of Wmfshrmn
Thorne Peterfshrmn
Thorne Richard of Hfarmer
Thorne Richard srfarmer
Thorne Richardfshrmn
Thorne Richard of Johnfshrmn
Thorne Richard of Samlfshrmn
Thorne Richard of Wmfshrmn
Thorne Robtfshrmn
Thorne Samlfshrmn
Thorne Saml of Nathfshrmn
Thorne Stanleyfshrmn
Thorne Uriahfshrmn
Thorne Victorfshrmn
Thorne Walterfshrmn
Thorne Wmfarmer
Thorne Wm Hfshrmn
Thorne Wm Sfshrmn
Waterman Francisfshrmn
Waterman Geofarmer
Waterman John of Geofshrmn
White Geofshrmn
White Henryfshrmn
White Richardfarmer rtd
White Thosfarmer rtd
Whitten Johnfisherman
Whitten Robtfshrmn
Whitty Francisfshrmn
Whitty James srfshrmn
Whitty James jrfshrmn
Whitty John Tfshrmn
Whitty Johnfshrmn
Whitty Michaelfshrmn
Whitty Michael srlab
Whitty Patkfshrmn
Whitty Patkfshrmn
Whitty Timothyfshrmn
Whitty Wmfshrmn
Willar Alexfshrmn
Woodfine Albertlab
Woodfine Richardlab
Yeo Johnfarmer
Yeo Richardfshrmn

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