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Avalon South Region ~ Torbay District

1936 Business Directory

Torbay South

The information was transcribed by TOM HYNES ~ 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Bolger Davidfshrmn
Bolger Patkblksmth
Butler Jasfarmer
Butler Peter jrfarmer
Butler Peterfarmer
Cantwell Augustinelab
Cantwell Edwardfarmer
Cantwell Edw jrfarmer
Cantwell Edw srfarmer
Cantwell Edw of Efarmer
Cantwell Leofarmer
Cantwell Peterfarmer
Cantwell Peterlab
Cantwell Thoslab
Coady Augustinelab
Coady Denis sectnforemn
Coady Jamesfarmer
Coady Patkfarmer
Coady Thosfarmer
Coady Wmfarmer
Codner Albertfshrmn
Codner Chasfshrmn
Codner Eugenefshrmn
Codner Geofshrmn
Codner Geraldfshrmn
Codner Henryfshrmn
Codner John jrfshrmn
Codner Johnfshrmn
Codner Richardfshrmn
Codner Robtfshrmn
Codner Robtfshrmn
Codner Wmfshrmn
Codner Wm jrlab
Codner Wm Sfshrmn
Cole Robtinn kpr
Cullen Jasfshrmn
Cullen Michael jrlab
Cullen Michaellab
Cullen Nicholaslab
Cullen Patk jrfshrmn
Cullen Patkfshrmn
Cullen Richardfshrmn
Cullen Thoslab Corner Brook
Cullen Wmfarmer
Downs Mcllocal const
Doyle Michaelfarmer
Doyle Patk sectnforemn
Doyle Peterfarmer
Doyle Peter srfarmer
Druken Michaelfarmer
Druken Patrickfarmer
Duggan Jamesfarmer
Duggan Johnfarmer
Ellard Johnfarmer
Ellard Patrickfarmer
Ellard Peterfarmer
Fleming Edwardbarber
Fleming Jaslab
Fleming Michaelfarmer
Fleming Patkfarmer
Fleming Peteroiler
Gosse Chasfarmer
Gosse Jas of Afshrmn
Gosse John of Afshrmn
Gosse Johngro
Gosse Robtfarmer
Greene Rev J JPhD PP
Hickey Wmfshrmn
Jennings Lblksmth
Jennings Mclblksmth
Jennings Thos jrlab
Jennings Thosblksmth
Kelly Edwardfarmer
Kelly Michaelfarmer
Kelly Patkfarmer
Kelly Robtfarmer
Kelly Terencefarmer
Kinsella Edwlab rtd
Kinsella Mclfshrmn
Lacey Alexfshrmn
Larkin Michaelfarmer
Larkin Patk sectnforemn
Larkin Patk srfarmer rtd
Liddy W Hdruggist
Liddy's Hotel and Dance Pavilionprop Mrs W H Liddy
Lynch Jaslab
Lynch Johnlab
McGrath Denisfarmer
McGrath Jasfarmer
McGrath Jasfarmer
McGrath Johnfarmer
McGrath Johnfarmer
McGrath Mcl srfarmer
McGrath Mcl jrfarmer
McGrath Patkfarmer
McGrath Patk of Johnfarmer
McGrath Patk srfarmer
McGrath Thos of Pfarmer
McGrath Thosfarmer
McGrath Thosfarmer
McGrath Wmlab
Maher Jaschauff St John's
Mahon Johnfarmer
Mahon Patkfarmer
Mahon Wmfarmer
Malone Jasfarmer
Manning Bfshrmn
Manning John of Jfshrmn
Manning John srfarmer
Manning Patkfshrmn
Martin Davidfshrmn
Martin Jasfarmer
Martin Johncarp
Martin Linusfshrmn
Martin Mcllab
Martin Thoslab
Martin Wmfshrmn
Morey Gusfshrmn
Morey Geoffreyfarmer
Morey Geoffreylab
Morey Jasfarmer
Morey Robtfshrmn
Morey Walterfarmer
O'Brien Johnlab
O'Brien Joslab
O'Brien Matthewfshrmn
O'Brien Mclfarmer
O'Brien Oliverlab
O'Brien Patkfshrmn
O'Brien Wmlab
Power Edwardfarmer
Power Peterfarmer
Power Pierrefarmer
Quigley Gusfshrmn
Quigley Jasfarmer
Quigley Jasfarmer
Quigley Johnfarmer
Quigley Johnfarmer
Quigley Johnfarmer
Quigley Johnfshrmn
Quigley Nicholasfshrmn
Quigley Thosfarmer
Quigley Thosfshrmn
Reddy Jaslab
Roche Jasfarmer
Roche John jrfarmer
Roche Johnfarmer
Roche Johnfarmer
Roche Johnsurvyr rtd
Roche Nicholaslab
Roche Nicholasfarmer
Roche Stanleylab
Roche Thoschauff
Ryan Gusfshrmn
Ryan Martinfshrmn
Ryan Michaelcarp
Ryan Patk Jfarmer
Ryan Patkfarmer
Ryan Patkfshrmn
Shea Mcl srfshrmn
Stamp Johnlab
Thorne Chas jrfarmer
Thorne Chas srlab
Thorne Patkfshrmn
Tricco Chesleyfarmer
Waterman John jrfshrmn
Waterman Johnfshrmn
Waterman Richardfshrmn
Waterman Walterfshrmn
Whelan Johnlab
Whelan Lawrencefshrmn
White Edwardfarmer
White Johnfarmer
White Lawrence jrlab
White Lawrencefarmer
White Leolab
White Philiplab
White Stanleyfarmer
White Thosfshrmn
Whitty Jaslab rtd
Williams M jrfshrmn
Woodfine Geolab
Woodfine Robtfshrmn
Yeo Jasfshrmn

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