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1898 McAlpine's Directory


The information was transcribed by PAT JENKINS ~ August 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
A Complete Business Directory of Newfoundland, and a Business Directory of Subscribers; also an Appendix of Useful Information, with Indexes, Etc. Entered according to the Act of the Legislature of Newfoundland, in the year 1898, by The McAlpine Directory Co., at the Colonial Secretary's Office.
PUBLISHED by The McAlpine Directory Co., ST. JOHN, N.B., HALIFAX, N.S. CANADA
ST. JOHN'S, N.F.: BOWDEN & COMPANY, Printers, 1898;
(Pages) 788 thru 790 ST. JOHN'S DISTRICT (EAST AND WEST).
Ayre & Sons, St John's - Only place to buy the wonderful Aeolian, which places the best music within reach of all.
Brown Johnfisherman
Brown Wmdo
Barron Michaeldo
Bradbury Robertdo
Bradbury Thomasdo
Bradbury Jacob srdo
Bradbury Jacob jrdo
Bradbury John srdo
Bradbury John jrdo
Bradbury Georgedo
Byrne Jamesdo
Butler Richarddo
Butler Wm (Richarddo
Butler Wm (Wmdo
Butler Johndo
Brine Oliverfarmer
Bulger Johnblacksmith
Bn(u)lger Daviddo
Bulger Michaeldo
Clarke Rev Michl, PP, rom cath
Cullen Patrick srfisherman
Cullen Edwarddo
Cullen Jamesdo
Cullen Patrick jrdo
Cullen Patrickdo
Cullen Michael srdo
Cullen Michael jrdo
Cullen Wmdo
Cole Thomas jrdo
Cole John srdo
Cole Uriahdo
Cole Peterdo
Cole Thomas srdo
Cole Jamesdo
Codner Thomasdo
Codner Charlesdo
Codner Johndo
Codner Wm jrfisherman
Codner Richarddo
Codner Wmdo
Codner Robert srdo
Codner Uriahdo
Codner Wm srfarmer
Codner Robert jrfisherman
Clements Richarddo
Clements Jamesdo
Cullen Wm srfarmer
Cullen Michaeldo
Cullen Wm jrfisherman
Crow Richarddo
Crow Thomasdo
Crow Wmdo
Cole John jrdo
Cullen Richarddo
Cullen Mosesdo
Cantwell Edwardfarmer
Clements Richarddo
Clements Jamesdo
Cullen Wm srfarmer
Cullen Michaeldo
Cullen Wm jrfisherman
Crow Richarddo
Crow Thomasdo
Crow Wmdo
Cole John jrdo
Cullen Richarddo
Cullen Mosesdo
Cantwell Edwardfarmer
Cantwell Peter srdo
Cantewell Peter jrdo
Coady Timothyfisherman
Coady Michaeldo
Coady Wmblacksmith
Coady Denisfarmer
Donavan Jamesdo
Donavan Johndo
Duggan Jamesdo
Duggan Wmdo
Downs Michaelfisherman
Downs Jamesdo
Downs Thomasdo
Downs Patrickdo
Downs Johndo
Downs Patrickdo
Doyle Nicholasfarmer
Doyle Peterdo
Dunphy David srdo
Dunphy David jrdo
Dunphy Patrickfisherman
Dunphy Michaeldo
Dodd Peterdo
Dodd Wmdo
Dodd Thomasdo
Dodd Johndo
Dunn Michaeldo
Doody Johndo
Doyle Patrickfarmer
Doyle Michaelfisherman
Ellard Johnfarmer
Ellard Peterfisherman
Eustace Thomasdo
Eustace Jamesdo
Eustace Georgedo
Eustace Alfredfishz(e)rman
Fitzpatrick Wmfarmer
Fitzpatrick Fredrickfisherman
Fitzpatrick Philipfarmer
Field Richard srfisherman
Field Wmdo
Field Samuel jrdo
Field Richard jrdo
Field Samuel srfarmer
Field Georgedo
Fleming Lawrencefisherman
Fleming Samueldo
Fleming Patrickdo
Fleming Thomasdo
Finn Michaeldo
Fleming Patrickdo
Fleming Patrickdo
Fleming Patrickdo
Fleming Lawrencedo
Fleming Edwardfarmer
Fleming Jamesdo
Fleming Wmblacksmith
Fleming Michaelfarmer
Fleming Peterdo
Goss Alfred srfisherman
Goss John (Alfreddo
Goss Daviddo
Goss Thomas (Alfreddo
Goss James jrdo
Goss Alfred jrdo
Goss James srdo
Goss John srdo
Goss Wm (Jamesdo
Goss Patrickdo
Goss John (Wmdo
Goss Wm (Johnfarmer
Goss Linisfisherman
Goss Jessedo
Goss John (Samldo
Goss Stephendo
Goss Peterdo
Goss Samuel (Wmdo
Goss Thomas sr (Wmdo
Goss Edwarddo
Goss Samuel (Peterdo
Goss Georgedo
Goss Thomas jr (Wmdo
Goss John (Linisdo
Goss Wm (Wmroad inspector
Hickey Davidfisherman
Hickey Henrydo
Hickey Michaeldo
Howlett Michaeldo
Howlett Johndo
Hickey Matthewcooper
Keating Patrickfisherman
Kinsella Jasdo
Kinsella Edwarddo
Kirwin Jasdo
Kirwin Geofferydo
Keating Thosdo
Kelly Jasfarmer
Kelly Wmfisherman
Lacey Johndo
Lacey Henrydo
Manning John (Wmfarmer
Manning Martinfisherman
Manning Richarddo
Manning Johndo
Manning Corneliusdo
Manning Patrickdo
Manning Bryando
Manning John Fdo
Manning Michaeldo
Manning John (Thosdo
Mau(n)ning Jessedo
Martin Peter jrdo
Martin Patrickdo
Martin Wmdo
Martin Jasdo
Martin Peter srdo
Martin Michaelfarmer
Martin Isaacfisherman
Martin Chasdo
Martin Thosdo
Martin Christopherdo
Manning Francisfarmer
Morey Geoffreyfisherman
Morey Patrickdo
Morey Wmdo
Murphy Thosdo
Malone Michaeldo
Murphy Mauricepoliceman
Martin Johnfisherman
Molloy Thosdo
Molloy Michaeldo
Molloy Robtdo
Molloy Patkdo
Murphy Jasdo
Murphy Martindo
McGrath Michaeldo
McGrath Thos srdo
McGrath Patrick (Thosdo
McGrath Thosdo
McGrath Jas srdo
McGrath Denisdo
McGrath Johndo
McGrath Thos jrdo
McGrath Patk (Patkfarmer
McGrath Jas jrdo
McGuire Jas (Johnfisherman
McGuire Danieldo
McGuire Matthewdo
McGuire Jas (Martindo
McDonald Thosdo
Neill Jasfarmer
Neill Thosdo
Neill Patrickdo
Neill Johndo
Nowlan Patkdo
O'Toole Michaelfarmer
O'Toole Terencedo
Pearl Thosfisherman
Power Patrickdo
Power Johndo
Power Patk srdo
Power Patk jrdo
Power Jas (Patkdo
Power Peter srdo
Power Wmdo
Power Patkdo
Power Michaeldo
Power Mosesdo
Power Patkdo
Power Jas Johndo
Power Peter jrdo
Quigley Bryanfarmer
Quigley Johndo
Quigley Patkdo
Quigley Timothyfisherman
Ready Richarddo
Ready Michaeldo
Ready Patk (Patkdo
Ready Patk(Richddo
Roach Nicholas srdo
Roach Johndo
Roach Matthewfarmer
Roach Michaeldo
Roach Wmdo
Roach Thosdo
Roach Peterdo
Roach Jasdo
Roach Nicholas jrdo
Ryan Jas (Richardfisherman
Ryan Richard jrdo
Ryan Jas srdo
Ryan Patk jrdo
Ryan Michaeldo
Ryan Jas jrdo
Ryan Martindo
Ryan Jas (Martindo
Ryan Richard srdo
Ryan Patk srfisherman
Ryan Johndo
Ryan Patk (Johnfarmer
Ryan Patk (Martindo
Ryan Peterdo
Reddy Patkdo
Reddy Michaeldo
Reddy Jasdo
Reddy Thosfisherman
Rodgers Martindo
Rodgers Jasdo
Rodgers Peterdo
Rodgers Michaeldo
Reilly Michaelfarmer
Ryan Martinfisherman
Ryan Wmdo
Ryan Patk (Martindo
Ryan Josephdo
Ryan Patk (Wmdo
Ryan Patk (Patkdo
Shea Michael (Edwdo
Shea Daniel (Edwardfarmer
Shea Daniel ( Michaelfisherman
Shea Edwarddo
Shea Samueldo
Shea Josephdo
Shea Michael (Michaeldo
Tapper Richarddo
Tapper Chas (Geodo
Tapper Thosdo
Tapper Johndo
Tapper Samueldo
Tapper Chas (Wmdo
Tapper Robtdo
Tapper Geodo
Thorne Patkdo
Thorne Jas Wmdo
Thorne Wmdo
Thorne Samueldo
Thorne Nathanieldo
Thorne Wm Wdo
Thorne Elido
Thorne Uriahdo
Thorne Wm (Nathdo
Thorne Henrydo
Thorne Richarddo
Thorne Johndo
Thorne Peterdo
Thorne Wmdo
Thorne Jas (Wmdo
Thorne Wm (Jasdo
Thorne Wm (Johndo
Thorne John (Henrydo
Thorne John (Johndo
White Wmfarmer
White Thosfisherman
White Richddo
Woodfine Johndo
Woodfine Wmdo
Woodfine Thosdo
Whitty Michaeldo
Whelan John srdo
Whelan Matthewdo
Whelan John jrdo
Whelan Lawrencedo
Whitty Jasdo
Walsh Edwdo
Walsh Wmdo
Walsh Martindo
Walsh Thosdo
White Josephdo
White Lawrencedo
White Christopherdo
White Jasdo
White Nicholasdo
White Thosdo
White Johndo
Whitty Jasdo
Whitty Timothydo
Whitty Patkdo
Waterman Johndo
Whitten Johndo
Whelan Patkdo
Yoe Philipdo
Yoe Johndo

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