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Will of from Newfoundland will books volume 12 page 411 probate year 1923

Will of Mark O'Dell


This is the last Will and Testament of me Mark O'Dell.
I revoke all former wills and I give devise and bequeath all my property to my wife Ellie O'Dell and Stephen Hawco. The said Stephen Hawco is obliged to obey, cherish and support my wife as long as she remains in my name and be subject to her as her own child. If not obident he must forfit his share. My motor boat I give to my wife Ellie O'Dell and Stephen Hawco. A balance of eighty two dollars ($82.00) is to be paid on the said motor engine to Henry O'Dell and William Hawco. To Stephen Hawco and my wife Ellie O'Dell I give my dingy; Henry O'Dell and William Hawco using their own dingy between them. The old skiff I leave to my wife Ellie O'Dell, Stephen Hawco, William Hawco, and Henry O'Dell between them. I advise Stephen Hawco, William Hawco and Henry O'Dell to use the old trap boat as long as it stands. The trap berth I leave to my wife Ellie O'Dell. If Stephen Hawco, William Hawco and Henry O'Dell cannot agree I advise them to divide up the property between them, each taking his own equal part.

There is in the Bank of Nova Scotia Two hundred dollars ($200.00) belonging to Henry O'Dell; two hundred dollars ($200.00) belonging to William Hawco and one hundred and thirty two dollars ($132.00) belonging to James O'Dell, and three hundred and sixty eight dollars ($368.00) belonging to my wife Ellie O'Dell. There is a cask of gasoline oil which I leave to my wife Ellie O'Dell and Stephen Hawco. I leave to Stephen Hawco my four guns and my fox traps. I appoint my wife Ellie O'Dell and my cousin Stephen McDonald executors of this my will.

In witness thereof I have set my hand this twelfth day of January, One thousand nine hundred and twenty.
Mark O'Dell.
Witness Rvd Father Hesry,
Priest Missionary.
Richard Dooli.

William F. Lloyd
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

(Listed in the margin next to this will, the following)
Fiat July 14/23 Johnson J. Probate granted to Ellie O'Dell, July 16/23. Estate sworn at $4650.00

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