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Will of Robert J. Parsons Senior from Newfoundland will books volume 4 page 301 probate year 1884

In re
          Robert J. Parsons deceased.

1st November 1880.     I, the undersigned, in the name of God, make This my will     I give to my unmarried daughters Mary Ann and Emma all my dwelling house and premises on Military Road, No. 69, with all its household furniture; to have, live in, hold and enjoy, jointly in common, whilst they remain together unmarried.     But if at any time either of them should contract legal marriage, then my remaining unmarried daughter shall live in and enjoy the same-the said premises and furniture for her own use and benefit unless she should think proper to let the same or any part thereof for her better benefit and comfort;     but on no account shall the said house and premises be sold or mortgaged.     If the remaining unmarried daughter however should contract marriage, then the said house and premises shall be forthwith sold, and the proceeds divided equally between the whole of my daughters living share and share alike, Eliza, Mary Ann, Emma and Willena whilst they live; and if either of them should die, her share shall be divided among the surviving daughters.     My Printing office- Press, Types &c. I bequeath to my daughters Mary Ann and Emma to be disposed of to the best advantage for their support.     All of which I desire my executors to see fulfilled and justly carried out and I appoint as my executors Robert J. Parsons and Mary Ann and Emma Parsons my son and daughters.     Robt. J. Parsons, Witness, Emma Parsons, Mary Ann Parsons.

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D. M. Browning

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