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  Will of William Wescott from Newfoundland will books volume 4 page 140 probate year 1881


In re
         William Wescott deceased.

In the name of God Amen     I William Wescott on this eleventh day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy five being low in bodily health but of sound mind do make this my last will & testament     First I will & bequeath to God my soul.     Second.     I bequeath my body to decent Christian burial after and according to the rights of the Church of England in whose faith I lived and desire to die and through which I hope for a glorious resurrection to the life Immortal through Jesus Christ my Saviour & Redeemer.     Third. I bequeath to my two youngest sons (Silas, Samuel Wescott and Charles Richard Wescott) my dwelling house, situate on Lazy Bank and the one half of the garden situate in the rear of on the west side of said dwelling house.     Fourth I bequeath to my three eldest sons (Alexander John, George Thomas and William James Wescott) all and every such lands houses or appurtenances to which I may hereafter become legally entitled.     Fifth     I bequeath to my two daughters (Johanna and Sarah Jane Wescott) the one half of the garden situate in the rear or on the west side of the dwelling house aforesaid, situate in Lazy Bank in the island of Newfoundland.     Sixth.     That all and every of the afore said bequests shall be and continue to be held by my beloved wife Sarah Wescott during the term of her natural life and all my household furniture or other portable property shall in like manner continue in the possession of my wife Sarah Wescott     Seventh, That in the event of any of my sons or daughters dying before they come to the age of maturity, such portion of my estate as has been bequeathed to said son or daughter shall be inherited by my eldest surviving heir     Signed this eleventh day of October 1875.     William his X mark Wescott I do hereby appoint my wife Sarah Wescott to be my executors,     Thos. P. Withycombe,     Witness Thos. Woods.     Sarah A. Wescott     Alexr John his X mark Wescott-

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